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  1. LoL. Problem is having negotiated the above deal, (your numbers are close, but i did better than that!!) i am now on the other side....and certainly would not be doing a deal at £100K+ Yes i am sure a nice bright Red MAXI would look lovely
  2. The Kits were sold at the Stadium....i personally had to buy the stock.
  3. I will check both the number and detail. But basically 2 contracts/section One part is for kit Supply with JD brand And the other is for shirt sponsorship by a JD company. The not being able to sell kit at stadium is also a myth
  4. All major parts are priced separately, though some advertsing was original done just to lift the look of the stadium...such as big banners etc
  5. I would be very difficult for SMISA to sell out due to the way their Asset Lock is worded, which also applies to the cash they currently raise.....
  6. The minutes of one agm get accepted at the next one normally. That is standard practise
  7. Well you might get one of them......[emoji6]
  8. Not a Public body. The only minutes that are in theory public are any taken on poll votes at AGMs. Other minutes are of board meetings but are mearly for the board to read and approve at next meeting The members can of course change the rules or the board decide to release more than is statutory in the rules
  9. Most will normally have a meeting summary posted rather than the verbatum minutes as these will/may contain info not for public distribution at the time
  10. Your a member you can propose it as something you want to happen and there agm can vote on it....i assume
  11. It is important to read the SMISA constitution particularly as they have now incorporated an "asset lock" into it. Which in my opinion limits the scope of what members can vote on to do with the £2 pm floating fund. In order to move asset locked cash out of an organisation you need to match one of 4 categories of reason for moving the cash. This is certainly the case with CICs and the asset lock reg used here is taken from that comp structure although possibly slighlty tweaked. Will be interesting to see what members and regulations think if a Club e.g a limited company in theory designed to make a profit and with shareholders not involved in SMISA asks for or recieves money not directly for an obvious community type project like the wheelchair platform that is currently controlled by a body with an "asset lock" rule
  12. That is minutes of SMISA meetings not Club ones.
  13. You own a Share in SMISA which owns the shares in thr Club
  14. You actually as a member own a single share in SMISA IIRC
  15. Hey it aint the "memorial" anything just yet!!
  16. Top of the stair turn left through the double doors first on your right
  17. Was looked at before and was definitely a possibility. The issue was around ma5ch scheduling in that in the spl you could have a game planned for sat and so car park booked for use on sunday only to find tv does a switch with only a few weeks notice. We took on a Boat Jumble Sale twice a season which was less risky and it earned well for the Club doing nothing but sweating the asset. Tv scheduling not such an issue now !!
  18. Indeed...nothing to do with retail merch
  19. The Club it is noted in the Club accounts. IIRC to be repaid in this financial year.
  20. I think it could make a significant contribution to the staffing set up costs but think, for what i had in mind when i did the sums, shareholders would need to invest also for some of the capital spend needed
  21. For what it is worth i think the Club should do everything possible to finance the development of a permanet trading facilty at the stadium. I think investment needs made now (even if it is at the expense of football performance...though not relegation) to build a my greater revenue for use later.
  22. There are some big issues with this. I looked at it in detail in my time and without the board being willing to invest in building a permanent stadium facilty i could not get the numbers to work in the short term. The question is if this board is both willing and able to stand the short term loss of the investment for the long term benefit of a full time meetings and conf facilty. For other reasons there would also need to be quite a bit of capital spend to make the kitchens able to work for this kind of operation
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