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  1. This is my last post on this account! I did say that before Danny left the club, I naively assumed if Danny left Tommy would be going with him. Oh well... It's been emotional ;)
  2. Spot on. Let's get behind our manager.
  3. My new account will be TopCat, look out for him ;)
  4. Well I don't. Danny is a nice guy in public and because he won a cup he is a club legend. However, he was well paid to do a job in his time here and he leaves with his reputation intact. There are plenty of ex players who will tell you a story about being stabbed in the back by Danny, right back to John Potter and Gareth Wardlaw, right up to Lee Mair and 3 seasons worth in between. Forgive me if i lack sympathy now it's apparently happened to him. He's history, let's move on and look forward.
  5. You don't know he's been stabbed in the back at all. Anyway, if he has, who cares? It's a big bad world out there. Danny will get a new job, he and we move on. Tommy Craig is our new manager, let's all get behind him and our club.
  6. A McPherson-esque appointment! ;) I think this will work. I predict a 25 year record high finish for us next season (above 8th).
  7. I think Danny left because a couple of important relationship break downs and his failure in the transfer market more than on pitch performance. I imagine the board couldn't trust him to rebuild this summer after the mess he made of it last year, and their lack of trust is completely justified. Now we have a new man with the final say on transfers and some fresh ideas on the coaching side.
  8. It's definitely growing on me. We will get fresh coaching ideas and contacts from Teale and Goodwin. We will retain and perhaps enhance our relationship with Newcastle United, along from benefitting from Tommy's large network. I think we could be onto something here
  9. It's like the shop steward becoming the manager no? The captain's meant to represent the players interest to the management and coaching staff. Alas it's a minor detail, if Thommo does get the armband then fair enough.
  10. Surprised Goodwin's been named as a coach. Would have thought that was a conflict of interest with him being captain too.
  11. Let's all get behind our new manager! Best of luck TC.
  12. Could be Craig as caretaker to sort out the contracts while the Board look for a replacement.
  13. Yeah, perhaps. But then I can't see the BoD wanting to employ Jack Ross after bonus gate. Therefore, unless Murray is willing to give his current assistant up I think we can rule him out as a candidate.
  14. I think the most telling thing about today's events is what never happened. Most of us knew or strongly suspected Danny was leaving at the end of the season, so that news wasn't a big surprise. The most surprising news was that Tommy Craig is still at the club. This was an assistant apparently picked by Danny. To me that signifies one of two things. One is that Tommy is about to take over. I think that's pretty unlikely, he's more of a coach than a manager and there's never been any rumours that he's after the main job in his 3 years here. The second more likely explanation is that Tommy is going to remain as assistant to the new manager. This could mean that the BoD have earmarked Murray, but won't accept Jack Ross (his assistant) coming with him due to his history with the BoD, bonus gate et all. Therefore Murray comes to us, TC continues as assistant as a condition of his employment and acts as the very experienced sounding board, Jack Ross gets the Dumbarton job. Alternatively, maybe they're intent on an internal promotion. Teale, Thompson maybe even Longwell, and they want an experienced coach like Tommy to be the tutor for a manager in his first ever senior coaching job. Thirdly, and most intriguingly, John Collins and Tommy Craig have a relationship that goes back to Johns playing days at Celtic. Tommy has been Johns assistant at both of Collins managerial roles (Hibs and Charleroi). Perhaps the reason Tommy's still here is actually because he just happens to be the new managers chosen and trusted assistant. Anyway, the only conclusion I can draw from all this is that it certainly won't be Barry f**king Ferguson!
  15. The last time we had a poll like this on here, the name of the eventual manager wasn't even mentioned, and the site was alot quieter then than it is now apparently! http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/29411-new-manager/page-2 Would it be a big shock if that happened again? I don't think so. I just hope whoever it is, that the decision is made this week, or early next week at the latest. No matter who the BoD pick there will be some fans (probably alot of fans) not happy, but hopefully we all get behind him no matter who it is or where he comes from.
  16. 12 noon tomorrow guys, see you all there.. ;)
  17. Funny how the same people who've been championing Danny's League Cup win are asking what Collins has done in management I'm sure many people have referred to Alex Ferguson as a 'knob'. Being a nice guy isn't a required skill for being a good manager.
  18. I think those odds are more up to date...
  19. I keep hearing John Collins too. Could certainly do far worse.
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