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  1. Do you know the person from W7 who posted on twitter that GLS was a weapon pass it on. Some of these young guys need to grow up, or just f**k off. Posting personal abuse while hiding behind a keyboard is just pathetic. If he’s got a grievance then grow a pair and contact GLS personally and then enter into some dialogue like any sensible fan would do. All this negative publicity does neither the fans or the club any good.
  2. class of 76-77

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    You do realise that Gus never actually used the cinema comment in relation to our supporters, he was quoting what Bobby Williamson said to the Killie fans while he was manager there.
  3. class of 76-77

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    He failed at what with us ? League championship title Bells cup win, semi finals of the Scottish cup league cup final and kept the club in the top flight, and this after years in the wilderness of doing sweet f**k all. But you carry on with your agenda against the man if it makes you happy.
  4. class of 76-77

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    On what basis do you make this assumption given that the man hasn’t actually started in his new role at the club. It appears that you’ve already made your mind up about him failing before he’s even taken on the task.
  5. class of 76-77

    Gordon Parks / Sunday Mail

    Nail on the head. In any line of work or business you need to have managers with good personal and man management skills. It’s common knowledge that Stubbs and his yapping dug Jackson had neither.
  6. class of 76-77

    Gordon Parks / Sunday Mail

    Gordon Parks doesn’t have the intellect required to be a wind up merchant. He’s thick as mince and a failed pro footballer. Anyone employed to write articles for the old firm based west of Scotland gutter press, should be ignored. In Summary he’s a bellend no mark.
  7. class of 76-77

    Stubbs can go now

    Stop it, talking sense like this doesn’t fit in with Somner 9’s agenda.
  8. class of 76-77

    Stubbs can go now

    You would have been rejoicing had Jack Ross been sacked after the first 6 games of his tenure. You didn’t want him appointed in the first place, and you didn’t want to give him any time to fix the omnishambles left behind by his predecessor Alex Rae.
  9. class of 76-77

    Stubbs can go now

    I’d say It could be McIntyre Gary Caldwell or Jim Goodwin lined up to take the seat at the helm, should Stubbs be given the boot this week. McIntyre & Dodds would be a good fit imho as they have achieved a very decent level of success with a smaller club. Albeit one with a sugar daddy in Mr McGregor.
  10. class of 76-77


    I find it astonishing that our chairman seems to have overlooked the utter shambles that Stubbs left in his wake at Rotherham. He’s now repeating the same mistakes with a striking similarity with us. There is no doubt that he’s completely useless at managing football clubs, and that he should go back to work in the media before he completely ruins our club.
  11. class of 76-77

    Transfer Window Countdown

    It’s his belief that St Mirren will do no further business in this window.
  12. class of 76-77


    He’ll be lucky to survive the next 3 games imho.
  13. class of 76-77

    Transfer Window Countdown

    None in Stubbs out hopefully.
  14. class of 76-77

    Speculation Thread

    You won’t have long to wait Gerry
  15. class of 76-77

    Stubbs can go now

    The expected response of a hypocrite. Thanks for playing champ.