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  1. First Blind actress in a soap passes away aged 44 after long illness RIP
  2. My 40/1 on us being relegated is looking good. Until that board goes we are on a downward spiral
  3. Cheapest option as usual is what our board does best
  4. New Manager here by Friday on a 16 month contract followed by 4 quick signings all on season long deals 3 players out,
  5. Should have joined Chelsea a few year back be off to join Beckham in America
  6. What chance of a player when no manager....We dont do the right thing its the cheap thing our board do best
  7. Teale has had his chance 1 win in 4 and 2 red cards not contract winning material in my book lets get an appointment within a few days and get rid of these shit players masquerading as forwards
  8. Get them tae fck and sign 1 good one
  9. Dundee 4 Saints 0 No reason to see a change happening with our squad
  10. Not much you can say about the decisions Well got what we needed 3 points thats all that matters. Teale has had his chance all down to the board now to get a decision right for once.
  11. Will board announce a short list ?? I hope so but doubt it
  12. Sorry i am not into this Teales chance starts next week pish we have the same 3 points on offer as we had today. He has no experience today just as he will have none next week get his arse off the seat and give it to someone deserving he has had an imput all season and has imputted hee haw. I saw no change today from the rest of the season we cannot defend end of until that is addressed we aint beating no one
  13. Will the next manager have the balls to get rid of Cheesy or will it be in his contract he has to start every week Damage limitation lets have 10 at the back
  14. Coaching gig with Collins at Paradise
  15. Longwell and Teale will not bring the crowds back its a cheap nasty option and hopefully Sundays result will end this,,,We tried young manager from lower level its time to open the wallet Mr Chairman new Manager and squad needed if we want to stay in this league.
  16. Sorry Gary but anyone but Teale no more cheap options miracle workers please apply
  17. No thanks pay off more than adequate never let his name be mentioned again
  18. Get him to fck as well he is a problem not a solution Fresh blood & ideas needed
  19. He's a disgrace and an embarrasment sack him before he heads home next Saturday to lick the Cltic boards arses
  20. Son is 18 and he stopped using his Season Ticket after 2 games said Tommy should have went with Danny and he would take us down pish i said turns out he was right never seen us as poor i will not be back until he goes
  21. Be there tomorrow for more pain,,,, 0-0 crowd 2055
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