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    WeeBud reacted to Reynard in Supporters Bar - Should A Religious Organisation Be A Funder?   
    Possibly. I,m not sure how many organisations other than a church would want to book a party at 10 in the morning on a Sunday all the same. Surely better to get some wedge in than none at all?
    If the church were holding services at prime times they would either be hunted out altogether or would be charged the premium rate.
    ON aside note, I was chinned by Jehovahs Witnesses the other week. After all the usual questioning from them I asked them if they still held their jamboree at McDiarmid in Perth during the summer. They told me they were looking for a new venue this year as McDiarmid is having work done on it or something. Naturally I fished out the club phone number and told them to give them a shout.
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    WeeBud reacted to gordonjbell in Supporters Bar - Should A Religious Organisation Be A Funder?   
    st mirren is for people of all faiths, creeds, races and religions to come along and moan about
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    WeeBud reacted to TsuMirren in Supporters Bar - Should A Religious Organisation Be A Funder?   
    Utter nonsense!
    We go on about the Old Firm not embracing either side of that particular divide then we have someone, who claims to be a Saints fan, demanding that we do exactly the same thing.
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    WeeBud reacted to Stuart Dickson in Supporters Bar - Should A Religious Organisation Be A Funder?   
    The church is a member of the local community and 10000hours is supposed to be a community project. I wouldn't feel comfortable with the idea that the members had excluded a group because of their religious beliefs.
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    WeeBud reacted to Stuart Dickson in Smisa - Where Are They In All This ?   
    I'd agree with that Rick but as I've said before 10000hours isn't some faceless organisation - it's all of us. If the PR is poor then its a job you would expect one of the members to step up to do.
    I've given the example before but another membership organisation I was involved with was Motherwell AC. When I joined the committee they had a paltry 6 track and field athletes and the desire was to boost numbers. Law and District overshadowed the club and always had press coverage so I had a go at writing copy for the local press. I wasn't very good but the effort brought in a few new members - one of whom happened to be the owner of The BIG Partnership - one of Scotlands largest PR companies. Within 12 months we had over 150 member athletes and we were getting half page articles in The Sun and The Record.
    If the common feeling is that 10000hours PR is shit why hasnt one of the members stepped forward? Maybe we won't get as lucky as I did but there are plenty of journalists among the group that could do the job.
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    WeeBud reacted to Griff in Speculation Thread   
    Andy Dorman would be the final piece of the jigsaw
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    WeeBud reacted to BoWSaint in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    I am under the impression that my tenner a month is essentially money spent, rather than invested i.e. I don't expect to ever get my tenner back. And I am fine with this. In the future years, if everything is going fantastic for TTH then I guess a situation could arise where we could vote in a sort of cash back scheme but I would probably vote in favour of my share just going into the club. Whatever happens, it is a tenner a month and I can live without it without any real change in lifestyle so the risk to me and my family is minimal.
    I am not overly suspicious of the funders supplying the £1m to get this rolling but I would be interested to hear what kind of percentage interest they have agreed upon so we could try to get some more accurate predictions on when this loan will be paid off and what the payment structure will be e.g. is there a minimum monthly payment. The sooner the funding gap is bridged and this loan is paid off, then we will start to see what can be done with a thriving CiC.
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    WeeBud reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in 87 Club   
    Fully respect people who go self employed and stick with it and hopefully get the rewards for all the hard work. Tried it for a year and a half and in that time never had an overdraft , all bills were paid on time, however had very little money in my own pocket the wife got that for us to just about tick over. Then was offered work offshore where I have stayed to this day. Being self employed taught me a lot in a short space of time.
    Div is 100% correct in tendering , a lot of the time it leads to brown envelopes and corruption as greed is never far away. Have seen it going on but farcical is these individuals think their so smart that no one else can see what’s going on. Have seen a few fall from great heights.
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    WeeBud reacted to St. Sid in 87 Club   
    More fool you then. A £500K budget would get you a lot of friends, and its friends that provide value. Competitive tendering doesn't work and framework agreements offer even less value. All you do is push up the cost of the sale as all the bidders bung that on to their price as well as your own internal costs fannying around making your selection. You need to make friends with suppliers you like - once they are friends and know that there is a relationship there it will allow them to be keener with their pricing.
    When it all goes pete tong for you, you will be looking to get help form people that you have not treated as your friend. People that will know that you will happilly end the relationship to save a couple of quid. That's not the best way to manage your business relationships. Trusted partners and long term relationships is what works. I've sold to many people over the years and the ones that last longest in their roles are the ones that build tight, trusting relationships with their suppliers.
    Tendering may make you feel important, it may make you feel as if you hold all the aces...in reality it makes you a fool wasting everyones money - mainly from the budget you are responsible for. I'd sack you for it.
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    WeeBud reacted to RickMcD in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    Honestly, somner9, as someone who has always had some sympathy with your views and some of your questions, I think enough is enough and I really feel that for the good of St.Mirren you want to give it a rest. I'm still a bit uncomfortable with some aspects of the set-up and I'm unhappy that a few directors appear to have been treated a bit shabbily but there appears to be virtually total agreement that the CIC/ Co-Op is the best route for St.Mirren so for goodness sake let's get bloody well on with it.
    I worked in investment markets for years and a golden rule with any form of equity investment is, if you can't afford to lose the money then don't do it. £10 or so a month over two years isn't a fortune and I imagine most fans attitude would be that they can afford it and they don't care a toss whether they see a return, provided St.Mirren FC benefits. £3,000 is a bit more to lose but I'm sure the guys putting it up will be equally realistic.
    What has to be set in tablets of stone is that St.Mirren FC cannot be sold once the club is in the fans ownership. That has been stated over and over again so I assume it is true and can never change.
    Those who are too uncomfortable to proceed should keep their hands in their pockets and I think it's time for the good of St.Mirren they keep their mouths shut. We've heard all the arguments ad nauseam. It's put up or shut up.
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    WeeBud reacted to davidg in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    I didn't back the original CIC as I wasn't happy with the proposed structure of the CIC board where the majority vote could fall to corporate, community & RA but I'm OK with the new set up of one member one vote.
    Haven't pledged yet but I'm waiting on 87 club details from RA to see what that's all about before I make up my mind what membership to take.
    Never want our club to fall into the wrong hands and the new structure for voting is fair so I'll get behind it.
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    WeeBud reacted to bud77 in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    I'm aware of that Div but some people are focussing on minutiae of the bid, probably in an attempt to try and de-rail it. Things like bar income could easily be discussed and resolved by a members meeting once 10000 hours is up and running. Looking at the bigger picture the main issues for joining the CiC for myself are
    The chance to try and help safeguard a sustainable future and protect the club from future predatory interest.
    The chance to have a say on major issues about how Saint Mirren are run as a club, not the day to day running but things like how the club interact with the community, the match day experience and how the facilities could be used by the general public.
    The chance to have a real say in how the club votes at SFA/SPL meetings.Other threads are going on about how the club might possibly vote regarding rangers yet here we are with a great chance to be the ones deciding how the club votes
    Iinstead of being fans with laptops we would be fans with voices.
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    WeeBud reacted to bud77 in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    I for one disagree, while it would be good to have the vacant space used and generating income the bar is an insignificant part of this bid for me and I just think a lot of the talk about this is purely mud slinging in the hope that some of it sticks. The most important thing to me is that St Mirren football club would be in the hands of the people who profess to love it most - the fans, which is the main reason I signed up a long, long time ago to try and help safeguard a sustainable future for the club. As for the bar itself, if it's there I'll use it, if it's not I'll continue to go to the pub before and after games.
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    WeeBud reacted to rea in Question For 10000Hrs   
    your welcome
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    WeeBud reacted to Drew in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    I logged on to read this thread in the hope of learning a bit more about the substance of the CiC initiative with a view to informing my decision as to whether to sign up.
    Instead, I'm subjected to yet another thread being spammed with shite. This is becoming tedious in the extreme.
    It seems to me that naughty children are sometimes best ignored. When you've exhausted all reasonable attempts to negotiate, cajole, and compromise, then what is left? Well, as I don't subscribe to physical chastisement (though reading through some of this, my resolve is being tested to the limit), then it seems to me that ignoring the behaviour is the only option remaining. After all, some poeple, on being afforded a platform, promptly proceed to tear the arse right out of it. I think we have one such scenario on our hands here.
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    WeeBud reacted to Gruffalo in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    But you don’t ask questions. You subscribe to tittle and tattle and post about mundane issues.
    Last week you made a big play about being allegedly carpeted by the “Club”. Rather than post “facts” on the alleged carpeting you post youtube excerpts from Dads Army.
    When Reg Breadly wanted control of the club. SG had the balls to stand up and say ( paraphrase) No this guys is a crook because ……bla bla. The club should avoid him like the plague. A channel 4 documentary prove that SG was correct and the club had a lucky escape. Now that was a “smoking gun”
    Your gripes this week are about who gets the hundreds of pounds of profit from the club bar and whether the punters whilst supping their pint realise the 10p profit from that pint is not going direct to the club.
    Then we have the issue with regards what will happen to the club if/when it has a cash-flow issue. In recent times the clubs cash-flow issues have never been resolved by the shareholders, they have been resolved by the willingness of members of the board giving short term loans to the club. Those loans would have been paid back with interest to those parties when the cash-flow issue was resolved. In the future I suspect a similar scenario will prevail. In business if you have a short term cash flow issue you approach the bank, a business angel, colleagues, friends and you ask them for money to tide you over. They ask how much, how long and whats in it for me !. You agree a deal and move on. If you don’t pay it back you go back to renegotiate, if they say no, its game over. Simple!
    If you have a killer of a question then we all want to hear it.
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    WeeBud reacted to pozbaird in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    Fair enough. Excuse me then for not paying the slightest bit of notice to anything you have to say on the matter.
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    WeeBud reacted to Reynard in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    If I was Atkinson I'd have told you to get to f**k a long time ago instead of indulging you.
    You have no interest at all in hearing "answers". You are simply at it. You could have contacted the guy directly, he has been open with that on here but you have chosen not to. Whatever it is thats chewing you up inside over this, isn't manifesting itself in a particularly pretty way.
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    WeeBud reacted to div in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    Somner9 is asking questions, and arichard is attempting to answer them. I don't see what the problem is here ?
    A couple of pages back people were moaning because Richard wasn't answering questions on here and now we have people moaning because he is !
    Some people in here could start a fight in an empty room !
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    WeeBud reacted to 10000hours in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    If Somner or you feel I am attacking anyone then I apologize.
    That is certainly not my intention, i thought my above email was just answering the questions he posed.
    I dont think I am being aggressive and I am certainly not using any vulgar or rude langauge, I am just trying to address Somners points and trying to get past what he is saying the "many" believe in order to deal with his own questions where we can actually know what "he" believes
    Again Apologies if this is being seen as and attack and demeaning it is mearly a response to his line of questioning which is what the Forum is about
    As I have said many times both publically, privately and indeed i think on this forum I have no problem, at all, if folk do not want to be involved my aim is to make sure that everyone has as much information and chance to have their questions answered so that they can make up their minds as an informed decision, rather than based or rumour, assumption or misinformation.
    Nothing more than that
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    WeeBud reacted to 10000hours in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    Above has been explained at the meetings on the forums and if you check back you will see I even invited you, publically, to come and meet to discuss such matters as this if you search back on the forum.
    To deal with your points in the one post.
    We have the pricing to fit out the void. It is no where near the price you suggest. The money to do this comes from a number of the community partners.
    In return the community partners get to use the void and the rest of the stadium on an ammortized basis, while the Club gets to use the void for its additional use.
    As has been said many times if the CIC uses the void to earn money it gets to keep it.
    If the Club uses the void to earn money it keeps it
    And if it is ajoint effort then the money is split correctly.
    Once the Cost of the fit out has been ammortized the CIC will then pay a full commercial rent to the Club for the space. This is a well established commercial procedure that a normal landlord may undertake when renting an unfurnished space to a tennent which the tennant then improves in exchange for an initial peppercorn rent.
    All of this detail has been put out in various forms before do you feel it has now all been "disclosed"
    As for the other points you make I am not sure I understand what you mean by "helluva lot more outgoings" if you could tell me what you mean I will comment
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    WeeBud reacted to div in The 10000Hours Numbers Explained   
    Plenty of good questions coming out which I will pass on to 10000Hours.
    My question is, why don't people ask 10000Hours themselves about things they are concerned about ?
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    WeeBud reacted to St. Sid in 10000Hours Sign Up Night This Thursday April 19Th   
    I don't think many people will take that offer up either. Not so much for the reason you cite, which I think is actually a very good point and respect for that position. I think they will add to their existing support of the club with either the monthly membership and a few will opt for the 87 club membership. Most will view it as a new share issue with additional benefits.
    When we needed cash back when we were in trouble and we had the initial Q&A sessions set up by the eventual SMiSA guys one of the first questions asked when SG explianed the seriousness of the financial situation was "Can we buy shares?". The financial situation is different; however securing the long term future of the club is the prize for this investment. Fan ownership, community benefits, supporters bar, etc are all very welcome bonuses. Pretty sure for most fans the investment will be about safeguarding the future of the club. When Tony Fitzpatrick said similar tonight it was a room full of nodding heads.
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    WeeBud reacted to Bud the Baker in 10000Hours Sign Up Night This Thursday April 19Th   
    It all seems pretty clear to me - the consortium's new selling price is £1.75M. Social funding will provide £1M and the deal will go ahead if the CIC can deliver the other £750k within 2 years from a combination of donations (SMiSA), the 87 club, monthly subscriptions and money generated by the void.
    There obviously exists a protocol for dividing up the monies generated by the void between the community partners, the club and the CIC but I'm sure the details will have to remain cofidential.
    I've always been a sceptic and will not be joining the CIC but I would like to express my thanks to div & 10000hours for taking the time to explain it all to me - you're a pair of gentlemen and I hope my reservations turn out to be unfounded and that the CIC is a success!
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    WeeBud reacted to Stuart Dickson in Club Sale. Developments "very Soon"   
    Kombi - To relate this back to the juvenile football club stuff that I do - we take regularly subs from the kids at £5 per week. It sounds a lot but by the time you take in the training pitch let at £80 per week, the match pitch let at £32 per fortnight, and the referee fees - me, and others within the club still have to dig deep into our own pockets to keep the club going. We could raise the subs but we know there are families out there who can't afford it, so instead we do regular newsletters asking for donations, run sponsored events, approach local businesses for help, badger supermarkets to let us do some bag packing in store and we run events like our Sportsmans Dinner and Summer Ball. This month we're back asking for more money for a "Hotshots" thing that Motherwell FC are helping us with and we've been asking for those who can to collect those Daily Record vouchers to help fund some kit. It's a thankless task for those involved and I'm sure that many times over we've been less than subtle when trying to rouse yet more support from the same people but the bottom line is that every penny of it going back into the club to give more than 300 kids a place to train and play football and every single one of them has a new home kit, an away kit, and a training kit all supplied by the club.
    10000hours is slightly different. This isn't a bottomless pit. Once 10000hours is up and running properly it will start to generate income on top of the member subscriptions but right now they are where the kids football club are at in that they need more money. They've tried the recruitment drive and that's stalled. They tried grants and funding but they didn't get the full amount they needed. So of course the next natural step is to go back to those who have pledged to see if they would be willing to dig a bit deeper. The e-mail may well be clumsily worded but a wee read around this forum will show that REA isn't alone in being guilty of that.
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