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  1. Excuse my ignorance but what’s the difference between ‘Restricted view’ & ‘Full view’? Are they arsey about where you sit? ie can I get a restricted view ticket and sit wherever?
  2. sm74

    Tony Watt

    Pretty sure he’s already played for a maximum number of clubs this season.
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s only on there for games that are also being covered live on radio and they just sync them up, don’t think they put on English commentary specially for Alba.
  4. Probably a bit of a stretch but Eboue Kouassi from Celtic would be ideal kind of player we need. Doubt they’d want him to drop down a level though, probably more likely to go to a Thistle or St Johnstone if he’s to stay in Scotland.
  5. Would definitely take him but expect both he and Morton would be looking for more than his worth.
  6. Decent signing that, especially given their injury situation in centre mid.
  7. I have a sneaky suspicion that, as long as we get close to the 1000 mark, i.e. over 800 then they will open it up. Think it might just be a tactic to try and sell season tickets. I'm sure I've read before that the main stand isn't suitable for segregation though.
  8. Of the Ayr lot I'd only take Devlin and Forrest, doubt we'd be able to get either of them though. I'd imagine Devlin would have suitors elsewhere, think Thistle offered him a deal last summer. Forrest came through the youth system so there'd be a fee involved there.
  9. I've heard similar stories as above. Apparently he would walk about the training ground with his earphones in and possibly had very little respect from the players. Supposedly players would chat back and argue with him but there's no chance they'd do that with Rae.
  10. Will get one course and tickets to the rearranged game, pay bar though.
  11. Higher stands maybe kept the snow out a wee bit better.
  12. Said in Hospitality that he was targeting the Alloa game.
  13. The cold had f**k all to do with the postponement.
  14. Went off injured against Thistle, presume that's what he means.
  15. Bit harsh, aye he was shit but it's not exactly his fault. Best of luck to the lad.
  16. I've always thought the section nearest the family stand is blocked off for youth players. Seems to be down as the same for the Raith game as well. Just presumed the mixed section was at the other end of the Main stand. Could be wrong though.
  17. What will annoy me (and what will most likely be the case) is if the West stand is segregated meaning we get half the services. Would be mental saying we can sit side by side in the Main and South stands but can't in the West. Probably not particularly well put but you get the point.
  18. Just signed an extension til the end of the season.
  19. Hibs must have had 3 or more internationals, can think of McGinn and Cummings off hand.
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