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  1. 18 minutes to see whose defence is shitest!
  2. Exactly. Now I don't want them to all be Saints fans, but when representing our club they should be showing respect. If not, they don't get the chance to disrespect it a second time. Same goes for everyone associated with the club. We are fast becoming a shambles and a laughing stock.
  3. Enough been said about the game. I agree that Morgan was the only one who looked like he gave a shit today. Another thing I need to ask....what is the role of the ball boys? 3-1 down at home heading into the last 15. Ball goes out for our throw in and our keeper, after a few seconds delay, obviously waiting on the ball being retrieved, has to head off the park into the corner of the stadium to get the ball himself whilst every single ball boy was sitting on their butts! Now I know this did not effect the game today as we were never going to get back into it, but this is the norm these daysw. Unless the ball bounces at their feet, they do not make any effort to retrieve it and players waste time chasing after it. Yet another thing that needs sorted.
  4. For a change, Saints actually won against the 'Wee' team!! They won 2-1 at Cliftonhill and then a Somner hat-trick set up a 5-0 2nd leg win at Love Street.
  5. Superb match last night. Both players looked out on their feet at times, but still battled back. One of the best tennis finals I have seen in many a year. Just imagine how the top tier of mens tennis would look had Delpo not got injured after winning that US open all those years ago. He would surely have been one o the main men, if not the very top. But well done Andy. Back to back Olympic titles. Two Olympics, Two Wimbledons how's about a second US and a second Davis Cup just to cap off a great year!!
  6. 2-0! And we think we'll score four!!!
  7. Seen many strange twists and turns over the years in the grand tours, but the Maillot Jaune and current champion, running up a mountain takes the prize for most surreal event!
  8. Youngster who has impressed in the few times I saw him last season in the 20s
  9. Live feed here:- http://abff.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=970&Itemid=440〈=ru
  10. Stewart and McAllister are both still listed on the os as u20s.
  11. Clarkson confirmed. 1 year deal.
  12. probably because he didn't play many games. About half a dozen .......and he was shite!
  13. is he not more of a holding player than attacking. Not really what we need with Quinn and now Hutton.
  14. Was just about to ask about Wilks as well. Thought Howieson would have done well in the middle just behind the forwards. Not a winger. But we'll never know. Cuddihy as well better in the middle not at rb.
  15. It was a very young team yesterday. As mentioned above several players missing for various reasons.
  16. Stevie Mallans main problem is that he is being asked to hold together a midfield that has no real leader at present. He is not a leader, he is not a 'solid' midfielder. He is only really going to reach his full potential playing in a team with a solid base in the middle and an encouraging leader guiding him through matches and giving him the protection to do what he does.
  17. Of course it was. David Cameron was the squaddie who didn't do too much a few seasons before!
  18. Never mind midfielders, since our millenium championship season when Yards and Basher hit 19 + 16 respectively, only four players of any position have scored more than 13 in a single campaign. David Cameron, 19, in 2002/03 John Sutton, 17, in 05/06 Michael Higdon 14 in 10/11 Then Thommo with 16 in the three consecutive seasons.
  19. Thompson wasn't much better! As mentioned above Goodwin and the youngsters at least showed a bit of effort.
  20. Morgan's on loan to the treatment table. Think he meant McLear and Cuddihy.
  21. Impressed by the Ross County cup winning strip.......a true winner from JD/Carbrini Here is their cup winning goalscorer Alex Schalk who's picture will be all over the world press..... A great advert for Carbrini's quality and quality control!!!
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