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  1. And if we're going for fan friendly, let's keep this seasons home kit and just change the away....then next year change the home etc.... Never gonna happen I know, but good idea!
  2. Definitely a for sale sign up at the waste ground. Saw it on Monday whilst at the u20 game. Always thought the club could have developed it into parking for matchdays and make it first come first served nominal fee.
  3. Howieson is a much better player just behind the frontman than he is when stuck out on a wing. Had a bit of a free role today across the middle and did really well. Barry Cuddihy also stood out in a central role rather than hung out to dry at rb as he was in the top team. Never a rb.
  4. All over 2-1. Another good win for the boys.
  5. Lead restored. Throw in from Stewart controlled by Gow who made space and finished nicely from the edge of the box in off the underside of the bar. 2-1 the real Saints.
  6. Shocking penalty decision makes it 1-1. Blatant dive after the Fakes player lost the ball.
  7. Battle of the Saints at the 2021 and the good saints take an early lead Barry Cuddihy finishing a good move with a nice finish.
  8. And coming through behind them the likes of McAllister and O'Keefe who look promising as well, but another couple of years to see them as first team squad regulars.
  9. Irvine to rb. Baird and Kelly in the middle. Stewart at lb. Sorted!
  10. As I say, Had turned away and just caught the stamp, then it all kicked off. Our whole team did well. Agnew really came onto a game in the second half, ran the midfield comfortably. A few of the youngsters have a decent future if they keep their focus and continue to develop. All good for the club as we go forward.
  11. The United boy playing wide left whined the whole game. Think it was him who stood on Saints player (Had turned away never saw who it was on the ground)right at the end and started the rammy. Must admit, when I saw the big lad Souttar at the back I thought he looked like a big lumbering guy who would be a bit cumbersome and just boot the ball up the park at every opportunity, but he showed some pretty nice touches and was confident on the ball. with good guidance he could develop into an excellent CH, big strong and solid.
  12. Half time v Dundee United. 1-0 Gow penalty. Playing well.
  13. He always had a bit of a soft spot for us. I've had many conversations with him about the Saints and he was always quite knowledgeable about goings on down St Mirren Park.
  14. South stand? Doubt you'd get any tickets there. Maybe main stand?
  15. From all accounts it was Murray who forced Ridgers into the move. He may want to come back under a new man and prove his worth. I hope so as Langfield needs a wee spot on the sidelines to give him a shake! No experienced keeper should lose a goal from a cross that bounces inside his six yard box. Should be claimed every time. As for the free kick....well struck, but dead centre at arm height...yet Langfield was no where near it!
  16. Billy Mehmet only scored 39 times for Saints in his five seasons. 2005/06 - 2 2006/07 - 4 2007/08 - 8 2008/09 - 12 2009/10 - 13
  17. As long as we don't end up mourning all day and mourning all night. But Oh what a circus we have becone!
  18. Yeah, I arranged to work the Friday and Sunday night so I was not working fri/Sat or Sat/Sun and would be ok to go.
  19. I have no issue with the Friday night. I also like night games, my issue is the change in date more than a week after the announcement. People like to make plans early to get good deals on flights etc. I had to change a shift to get the weekend off, and then they change it to the Friday for no apparent reason? Announce the Friday at the time....no problem.
  20. So! Nine days after the fixture is announced, clearly stating that it would be played 9th/10th of January, the clubs decide to play it on the 8th!! How many people have arranged transport to get to the game from a distance? How many, like myself, have had to try to change shifts so they get the weekend off, and now find themselves working the Friday night and having a fully free weekend! Why can't they make any changes at the time the fixtures come out. This does not even appear to be for the sake of TV? I'm not knocking the attempt to add some fun to games or even the Friday night date, just the timescale of the announcement from the initial dates being published.
  21. Definitely 1983-84. The badge is the one from the strips of 1981-84. Alex Miller, Bobby Cousar and Eamonn O'Neil were only ever at the club together for that season. Miller arrived in October 83 the two players left at the end of that season.
  22. So sorry. Forgot St Mirren is now a two tier supporter organisation. Those that are entitled to speak cos they are super fans and those that for reasons unbeknown to even superb persons like yourself cannot make every single game! Just goes to prove that some of us have actually got a life and family unlike sad bastards like you!
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