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  1. Gives the BoD time to make a decision!!
  2. Tottie Beck made his debut un a 2-0 defeat to Airdrie. So never scored!
  3. Both signed July 2002. Hendries final signings.
  4. Charlie McGrath, 1967-68! Played one top team game as a trialist. Scored the winner v Queens Park. Never signed. Only man with a 100% scoring record in the stripes?
  5. Better than what we have in terms of presence but not a long term solution.
  6. Antonio Guerao Mayoral!! Made such an impression that few will actually remember his full name!! AKA Tonet!
  7. Being the pedant I am I had to check and 14th September 1993!! Tuesday night. 4-3 Saints.
  8. Was that a midweek game? We won 4-3? First time I ever saw us win at EEP
  9. Ridgers Naismith Tess Plummer Kelly Osbourne McLean McGinn Caldwell Thompson Wylde
  10. And to show how on the ball he is when questioned about who was in front of him and taking his place, he said Lewis Morgan!!! That explains why Lewis is getting a game every week then?!!
  11. He also added that Lewis Morgan was to be his replacement.........that's why Lewis has been playing every week!!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU2XnEba_LI Raphael with Pink Floyd
  13. Agree. Keep the Accies full backs pinned in their own area with Wylde and Teale on the wings getting forward all the time. Ball and Marwood hopefully get the breaks they didn't get on Saturday and start banging them in. If the back four remain tight we don't need a sitting midfielder, allowing McGinn and McLean to have free range in the middle.
  14. Now thirty and by the looks of what I could find his high point probably was the Blackburn Rovers under 18's!! no thanks!
  15. The home kit. Got a pic of the goal for those that couldn't make it
  16. Kieran Hughes is away, so just the two keepers.
  17. BUt the thing is...Carbrini can do ordinary Nice simple designs. Even the stupid logos on the sleeves don't look as offensive as they do on ours the last couple of years!
  18. Surely we should be looking for players that already play our style, not looking to get players to 'adapt'.
  19. SBS

    Grant Adam

    One song hardly makes him a bigot!!
  20. They are still claiming them despite being renamed THE Rangers. Surely new club means no history!The SFA are still saying that if they retain the history they will be liable to lose some of the titles etc if found guilty of the dual contract stuff, which Green and McCoist say will never happen!!!
  21. Rumours flying about that it is game over!! Sevco is to be liquidated and McCoist etc have gone. SFL have also removed Rangers from their Div three table!!! http://www.scottishfootballleague.com/football/third/table/ They have also removed them from the Ramsdens Cup:- http://www.scottishfootballleague.com/football/challenge-cup/fixtures/
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