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  1. He's looking good so far. Thought he might lose some time in the TT yesterday, but did well. 
    Still got work to do over the next couple of days. Valverde is not too far behind and with the likes of Uran, Qunitana and Kruijswijk within five minutes, he needs to be on his toes for any breaks in the mountains.

    I'm sure his team will be well up for it. 

    If he can hold on it will be the first time ever all three Grand Tours have been won by different riders from the same country in the same year. 
    France have held all three with different riders, but Lauren Fignon(Tour) and Eric Caritoux(Vuelta) won in 1983 and Bernard Hinault won the Giro in 1984.

    Belgium held all three in 1964 but Jacques Anquetil won two (Tour + Giro) with Raymond Poulidor winning the Vuelta.

    So come on Simon Yates. Let's make history!


  2. Just now, linwood buddie said:

    Maybe not then.

    Only other keeper I know of is the young boy Muir.  As mentioned was on the bench last week as Rodgers was ineligible as per his loan agreement.

    Think if Rodgers is going to be out for a while we need to cancel the loan and get someone else in. Can't rely on an 18 year old. Need someone who will push Sammy and keep him on form. 

  3. I'm glad their injuries have finally been confirmed to all the doubters. As much as both are fans favourites including mines, their current fitness status justifies the decision pre-season to move them both on. 
    Reilly's contract withdrawal for me was also a correct decision. The contract was either good enough or he was holding out for another move. I know his Mrs was expecting their first child around the time, though the length of time the offer was on the table was more than enough to come to a decision, even through his agent.
    Alfie Jones and Lee Hodson have been evident of how difficult it is to seal a deal for a player in this window of the required ability. Hodsons name was linked away back at teh start of July and Alfie has already confirmed his deal had been in the works for weeks before signing. Players change their minds, clubs change their minds and sometimes cost outweighs both. 
    The window closes next week and we still have time to get another couple in. Deadline day always throws a few surprises. John Sutton and Charlie Adam 2005 anyone?
    Charlie Adam been told he can leave Stoke! Sutton gave up football altogether!

  4. 1 hour ago, john scott said:

    This is more of a post connected with saints photos but was watching something i recorded from weeks ago. It was called 'Stuck On You' and was the story of the Panini sticker albums. Was a good watch. Someone on there was saying how they almost filled an album but not quite. He held it up for the camera and the only missing sticker was the saints crest from a late seventies/early eighties team? Did notice Jim Clunie was manager at the time but haven't been arsed to look it up. Ironic really as my 1st ever knowledge of St Mirren was as that team in black and white on the very back page of my albums. Always stood out to me. Used to cut out the crests from NUFC and saints stickers and stick them on light switches as a lad.

    This is the one he was missing -  Panini 79


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