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  1. Many many worse!
    Off the top of my head Hammarby, cup final 2010, many defeats to lower league teams on the 80s.
    Going further back we have lost to non league teams before.
    All these games were later in the season when the team was "a team"
    Last night shows that we are not gelled yet and there is still some work to do.
    The league season is still a couple of weeks away. That is when I will judge.

  2. Indeed. I heard Facebook is saying Twitter said that on Instagram someone ITK was on Snapchat where a mate Whatsapp’ed him to say that Horace the Spider on a Spectrum 48 told him that it was Mbappe and Charlie Miller.
    Not sure about that Mbappe. Not proven at the top flight of Scottish football or English non league!

  3. I had the privilege and pleasure of having a chat with Lewis after the Morton game when we were presented with the Championship Trophy whilst my wife had her picture taken with him.I said to him that he had made thousands of fans so happy with his fantastic displays for us and he thanked me most sincerely.He just appeared to be such a well spoken intelligent young man and is blessed with superb talent a player who can dribble and score goals with either foot. I have to say that in over sixty years of supporting Saints he is to me one of the finest players to wear the black and white stripes.
    I posted at the time that I met him in the club shop before that game and he was buying a top and some other stuff. I made a joke about times being hard and him having to buy his own strip. His reply was that he was just giving back to the club for all they had done for him.
    As you say. A well grounded young man who In years to come I will be proud to say got his break at St Mirren and it was a pleasure to watch him play.
    His career will depend on his dreams. If he dreams big he will achieve big.
    I will watch with interest.

  4. As a player I think he spent too much time believing he was destined to be something in the modelling world. Didn't really put full effort into his football.
    But fair play to him. He had found his calling. Shows how slow and backward the Scottish authorities are that they didn't recognise the potential and keep him in his homeland.

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