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  1. It seems like an incredible stat but it isn’t really. Other than Ian Ferguson I can’t think of another player who went to Rangers either. In fact, I’d say you’d need to go back to McAvennie to West Ham, to find a Saints player who went to any club of any note.
    Cue some smart arse now providing any number of examples to ridicule the above statement! 

  2. One of my neighbours phoned the council to complain that the usual suspect roads don't appear to have been gritted and was informed that the council was now off until 4th January, hence the seeming non-action in terms of gritting the roads.
    Sums them up really.
    I thought services like gritting and road safety were always a 24hr/365 service.
    No wonder this country grinds to a halt in winter.

  3. Whoah! Wait a minute. How reliable are these stats? According to the stats .....
    Sun. 30 Jan 1994 : St Mirren 0 - 3 Dumbarton 
     .... [they then ran over to Dumbarton that night? ] ......
    Sun. 30 Jan 1994 : Dumbarton 3 - 3 St.Mirren
    Sat. 05 Feb 1994 : St Mirren  0 - 3 Dumbarton 
    Then there's Sat. 30 Jan 1993 when we played each other 4 times, home and away, on the one day.  :blink:
    Was that the day we had the Subbuteo league? 

    Soccerbase only have accurate dates from about 97-98th or there abouts.
    If you look back at the 50s or 60s all dates are jan 30th or something like that.
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