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    Challenge Cup

    SCOTTISH Challenge Cup Featuring WELSH, IRISH and NORTHERN IRISH clubs and two second round matches played in ENGLAND! Truly an international competition. Interesting to note that Dumbarton, one of the oldest clubs in Scotland, today played their very first competitive match against a non Scottish Club. TBH I had not really thought about Saints v 'foreign' opposition. The late seventies/early eighties spoiled us with the ASC and Europe.
  2. 1993/94! Managed seven on the trot. 13/11/1993 – Clydebank League 1-0 30/11/1993 – Hamilton League 1-0 03/01/1994 – Falkirk League 3-1 11/01/1994 – Airdrie League 3-0 18/01/1994 – Morton League 5-1 25/01/1994 – Ayr United League 3-1 29/01/1994 – Montrose Scottish Cup 2-0
  3. Pedestrian from start to finish. But objective was to reach the next round. Job done.
  4. Wasn't even born in 1967! Started going in 78 and only missed a handful of games since. My great grandfather used to give me his progs from the early 70s. Best thing about my Tuesday visits as a youngster! That's what got me interested in them. A few years ago I was given the chance to get a full set from the championship season in 67-68. Just decided to fill in the missing few seasons and it went from there!
  5. With Morgan away on international duty I'd start O'Keefe on the left on Saturday. Good touch. Good pace. And two good feet.
  6. Gotta agree here. I have every home programme since 1967 plus several hundred aways. if that makes me sad....I'm happy!!
  7. Wonder if he'll target the Giro to complete the set if he does win this.
  8. Did well in that last 500. Thought he had gone too soon when Chavez came right back at him, but another wee acceleration and left him trailing. Barring a crash it's Froomes to lose now.
  9. Yeah, my knees a bit sore and all this standing and sitting is not good either! Where are the days where we had no reason to get to our feet during games!!
  10. To think...not that long ago, McMullan was keeping Morgan out of our team!!!
  11. You forgot Hardie. Saints legend! [emoji53]
  12. Yeah the 4-2 game was the Scanlon one. The United game was postponed a couple of times. Think it was due to be played a month earlier or something. If I remember we were 2-0 up at half time, the Clarke 'goal' was a cracker, but the half time whistle went just as it crossed the line!!
  13. Was the Stevie Clarke 'goal' not in the 4-0 game. December 83?
  14. and spelt correctly on the sooper dooper big screen!
  15. I hope that's just a sample layout and the boards actually run in order.
  16. SBS

    Andy Ryan

    Yup it was that same game. Aber got sent off in the aftermath of the penalty being awarded after a set to with Stevie Kirk who was also sent off. Speirs had waited a long time to take the kick ........ And missed!
  17. Or you could get a kicking from both sets of fans!!!
  18. He's just been warming up to win the Sprint on the Champs tomorrow!![emoji13]
  19. It looks like we are the team 5-0 up the way they are stroking the ball about as if they had all the time in the world, only to completely f**k it up and give it straight to a Thistle man!
  20. No fight, no urgency, no leaders, no game plan!
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