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  1. Maybe this has been doen before if so appologies. Budvar was mentioned in the "General Discussion" today and so had me thinking of a nice chilled beer. Here is a tip if you have never tried drinking you're fav beer this way. Let the water run in the inside and out side of you're glass. Give the glass a shake ( not dry ) Now put in freezer. This can be done 30min before drinking or even the night before. When ready put chilled beer in frosted glass for the ultimate beer ! ! Top Five Beers 1/ Zywiec....Polish beer can be bought in Cafe Beir in the City Merchant, must be tried. 2/ Budvar....Readly avalible everywhere and never to be confused with the American chemically made pish. 3/ Longbrow..... ( hope it's spelt right ) For me the best of the German beers 4/ Carlsberg Export....Must be the Export as it's far better than local brewed Carlsberg......Anyone tried there very powerful blow you're head off Elephant beer, wow it's a strong one ! 5/ Tennants.... Yes our very own lager can be drank all night for that happy none headache feeling and for that alone is in my top five. What's you're fav ?
  2. Sid, Did you ever go to the Friershall at the back ? I was the guy spinning the records, Indi night on a Sunday ....Ah these were the days ! Re Radiohead Yes DongaTon. Palbo Honey, that's the one. I will agree it's a good album, creep is a clasic.
  3. Donga Ton / Becksy I wrote Honey , if that's what it's called is a good album, not great but good. But the s***e that has come from Radiohead after that is just weird noises that have the music press going ho ha......... Feck off it's total pish. Beatles and Elvis, both of whom have sold millions and millions more than the pish i have just wrote about , how can you compare them to Radiohead Anyway boys we have all got diffrent tastes, ehrmmm , Have you two har your ear's checked out lately. If not go soon
  4. I should "SHOUT" at you for getting a Lulu record ..you make me wana shout..... ahaaaa ! Now in singing the bloddy s***e ! !
  5. Reidy 87, Stellers Wheel.....is that right Anyway have you seen the Feegie Park album cover, what a clasic,i used to look at that for hours while listening to "Stuck in the middles with you" and "star" In fact there were many good tracks on that album. Listen, remember that record shop boys , up the west end , all dark and rocky ! I bought many an album there from just hearing it bast out the speakers. I also bought a great badge in there. It had a ships ancher attached to a W, he he he he ! They don't make them like that anymore Re Radiohead, i like the album Honey and can understand where it is coming from. But after that album
  6. The most over hyped peace of shit music must be Radiohead , every album in the past 5 is an experment too far. A fasion faze for dope heads..gee cool man ! ! I have over 800 cd's but can honestly say i have only one bad album. Kenny G.. Yoch any buddies want it there welcome
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