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  1. Stu, you are right. It would be appreciated if 10000hours answered the questions as loads of forum members could come on here and claim they know they answers when they don't. So many questions at the meetings and online have been dodged it's unbelievable.
  2. With the CIC missing another deadline rumour has it that 1 or more of the selling consortium is on the verge of pulling out
  3. Some questions. Is it true that the church group have pulled out? Is it true that the selling consortium must take up the £10k membership for 1 year and they have no intention of renewing this membership? Is it true that the Kibble have been refused the funding to build the 'Members Bar' in the Main Stand? Is it true Richard has not put a 6 figure sum into St Mirren as many have stated? Is it true that the CIC have now missed 4 deadlines to complete the deal? Is there any chance of this going through?
  4. It will and thank God it looks like it's a non starter....
  5. The current BOD are tired, they want out. Well why don't they step down then? All they want is their pay off, why else have they been snapping up shares left right and centre? Here is the real alternative. Do not support the CIC, have a fresh BOD's voted in. Build the members bar and continue to run a tight ship at St Mirren Football Club.
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