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  1. It's easy enough for supporters clubs to get a bad reputation, seen it happen in the past. Don't want the same happening to this one because of the effort the members and in particular Fraser has went to build it up from scratch again. Only takes a couple of rumours for things to spread and get out of control. Not having a go at anyone in this thread, if fellow Saints fans were being threatened its bang out of order and the culprits should be named and shamed.
  2. Tbh i don't know why the Bankhouse house been brought up. Most of us got the early train. On the way home we got split up, some of us left on the 17:00 train so can't speak for the others behaviour on that one but I know for a fact the members on that bus wouldn't threaten any other Saints fan or want to make other fans no matter the age feel unwelcome. Just look at the player of the year do. The members have worked really hard to run a respectable bus, any behaviour mentioned certainly wouldn't be tolerated on a bus or indeed on public transport because everyone knows fine well it's the buses reputation that gets damaged.
  3. Maybe. I reckon the Premiership team that finishes in the playoffs should take care of the championship club. Fancied Morton but their legs have gone. Could be a worthwhile risk. Lots of potential at Dundee. More potential in Paisley obviously [emoji16].
  4. Yep I won't doubt that for a second. JR is very highly regarded in Scottish Football and the media have been raving about him. It's nice to get plaudits but that can back fire on us when more attractive jobs come up. If you were in charge of Dundee would JR at the very least be entering your thoughts as a replacement for the tramp?
  5. Dundee have sacked Hartley. Is there a chance they might try and tempt our manager to Dens Park? We managed to get him from Alloa after only a short spell. Just now Dundee are in a more attractive position, they see to go for young and upcoming managers who play a certain style of football. I obviously hope not, would be a huge blow but with the job he has done in the last few months, if he keeps it up there will be bigger clubs sniffing around him sooner or later.
  6. Maybe. He was the one that consistently impressed me in the live debates during the last referendum but he wasn't put under pressure. I'd say he is still by far a much better politician than the Dug and Ruth, although that isn't that difficult.
  7. https://greens.scot/blog/patrick-s-open-reply-to-tory-msp-s-anti-independence-letter More Patrick Harvie, less Salmond in the next Indyref.
  8. Brown was one of the first over after Stellious was halved on the touchline, think Brown accused him of trying to get the Celtic player sent off, seen Stellious point down to his leg as if he had a mark on it.
  9. Yep judging him with his own team and the performances and results are picking up. If we can play like this right through till the end of the season we won't be relegated.
  10. True. Although sometimes it's better for young players to be taken out the firing line but in this case JR had no other alternative but to play him due to the lack of options we had at the time.
  11. We look much better without Storie in the team. I think Mallan has played well in his own right, it could be argued though that McGinn is making him look better than he is because McGinn is such a good player, but i'd disagree with that. As TC said Mallan has played some killer passes to set up goals recently.
  12. The wee man was f**king brilliant today. Rolled up his sleeves and done plenty of the dirty work required but played a beautiful pass in for Sutton to score the first and nearly scored a belter himself. Well played [emoji122]
  13. I'm sure that will warm the cockles of his heart, he probably doesn't even know who she is. Tories are going to rule the UK for at least the next 10 years.
  14. Knowing Tony he'll be trying to sell them his book
  15. Need to start the game off at 100mph, get in their faces, get them camped in their half, put them under sever pressure. We need to start where we left off from Sunday, which is why I'd probably go with the same players that finished the game. Starting Storie then bringing on someone like Morgan when we go a goal down is thinking too negative for me. We need to take the game to Ayr, 4-4-2 with McGinn and Mallan in the middle, Magennis/Smith on the right with Morgan on the left and Sutton-Loy up front. We need a Jack Ross/Hugh Murray/Billy Mehmet v Falkirk type performance from everyone, so the fans will need to do their bit from the first whistle too.
  16. Ok we can agree to disagree on that point, that mostly comes down to the league structure at the time. Maybe a better way for me to phrase it then is we have never been in the 3rd tier. Still the worst season in decades, probably since 1967 but we still have a slim chance of getting out this mess. Yep we can't keep letting managers build their own team then bin them months later for someone else to try and win games with the old managers team. I think JR should have focused on making us hard to beat first and foremost and build it from there. We are still conceding too many goals and we don't really look good enough to score 3 every week to have a chance of winning league games.
  17. As am I but we were expecting Hibs to take care of Ayr a couple of weeks ago. They were taken to extra time last night by Clyde (they couldn't beat Clyde or Queens Park over 4 games) and seem to have picked up a few knocks, Dumbarton are strong at home but we can't take anything for granted. Can't focus too much on Ayr, if we aren't winning it doesn't matter what they do but they have signed a decent striker now which they have been crying out for all season. Just need to hope he won't make the difference to them.
  18. If we are relegated you'd be thankful that the club reward the manager with a long term contract? Look what happened with Tom Hendrie and his 5 year deal. I am not calling for Jack Ross to be sacked first and foremost, he should be given time to build his own team and to let them gel. Now he was appointed at the start of October and since then Ayr have only won 2 league games and yet we are still 7 points behind them. We are still needing to score 3 goals to win games, something which we haven't been capable of for most of the season. We scored 3 last week against a part time team but have managed to concede 4 in the last 2 games against Dumbarton and East Fife. We better hope the new signings gel in pretty quick because if the gap between us and Ayr is any bigger after our game at Somerset Park we can pretty much kiss this league goodbye and say hello to League One for the first time in our history.
  19. Can't sack Jack Ross, we need to give our manager time for a change but it doesn't mean he can get a free ride. Sacking him before the end of the season or in October after he has signed a whole new team up would continue the crap cycle we are in.
  20. Needing to score 3 goals to win every week means we are only going in 1 direction. One of the first things any new manager in a relegation battle does is tighten the defence up, we are still gifting teams goals.
  21. I didn't think he was the right man at the time, I felt we needed someone with experience and a knack making teams hard to beat, basically Gus but i understood a high percentage of fans would have been against him from the start. Gus till the Summer to stabilise us with the view of appointing someone like Ross would have been my approach but getting rid of Ross now is pretty pointless. Can't keep chucking managers. I think we underestimated just how vital Brian Caldwell was.
  22. He better get used to it for the next few months. Hopefully we can punt Clarkson, trick Airdrie into keeping Hutton permanently, persuade Langfield to retire so we can sign another keeper and we'll be doing well.
  23. Conor? Fergie? Isma might be a bit too blatant
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