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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to 17/03/13 in The Family Stand - Open Letter to the Board   
    We wouldve been relegated last season if we never gave the bigots the stand.
    Do you think we wouldve survived without Hladky & Popescu in the team?
    Unfortunately that's why we need to do it
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to bazil85 in The Family Stand - Open Letter to the Board   
    Is there really any need? Subject has been done to death, board have clarified on several occasions it won't change until we have enough St Mirren fans to fill these empty seats, we'll own the club in a few years can review then if we wish. 
    Side note, have Aberdeen, Hibs or Hearts ever sold out their one stand allocation? 
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Kemp in Robbie Nielson   
    Things Robbie Nielson says you need to be a Premier League team:
    Things Dundee United have:
    Get it right up ye ya shite talking tangerine fud! 
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to saintargyll in Our Strip. What Next?   

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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to RussellV1 in Our Strip. What Next?   
    Must do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to RussellV1 in Our Strip. What Next?   
    That’s Dunfermline’s top from 4 years ago
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Eric Arthur Blair in Our Strip. What Next?   
    Kudos for your photo manipulation skills but both of those are horrendous.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to LargsBud in Interstadia ticketing website   
    The amount of zoomers crying on FB and Twitter about having to queue or having to sit on a different seat is embarrassing. 
    Closing dead on 4pm is a valid complaint but the others aren't.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in Free Buses To Dundee   
    Well I made a c-u-n-t of that 
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Sweeper07 in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    Given that the Police are claiming that there have been a number of incidents that paint the club in a bad light, I suspect GS was trying to show the Police and authorities that he was willing to condemn these kind of things and point out the damage it does to the clubs reputation.
    I am not saying he worded this well … but generally he does handle things well. The real issue is if we have "fans" who are acting like thugs. Get them tae fcuk. It spoils it for everyone who goes home and away to our matches. . . 
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Mr Optimistic in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    You are trying your best to deflect what is the real problem here. Everyone knows we have minority of wee fannies turning up at home and away games completely smashed out their face and bringing attention to themselves and those round about them. Anyone with half a brain would realise there are huge legal implications in releasing CCTV especially if under 18's are involved. 
    I have no idea why the club would say this incident with the Dundee United fan happened if it did not and I am confident they will have some sort of CCTV which backs up what Police, Stewards and perhaps Ambulance or first aid staff (if they were the ones lifting the patient out the studium) say. 
    I imagine the board have been forced to give a statement after the broadcast and written press got on the story through social media. Are you seriously suggesting the club have just made this up? Why?
    I assume you will agree spitting and throwing coins at an injured Dundee United fan is the lowest of the low and that if it is proved a St Mirren supporter did this they should be in court and banned from every football ground for life.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Sonny in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    It is not always easy to identify people in a crowd via CCTV. Resolution can be poor when images are blown up. Wide angle lenses will see the whole crowd and alert general problems. Telephoto lenses may pick out an individual but is limited in the number of people in a screen shot. People wear hats and scarves and turn their head around.
    Often Pick posts crowd images of Away games - I can usually identify myself knowing my seat and what I am wearing but no-one would ever identify me with an enlargement and that is using a camera with a higher resolution than most CCTV cameras.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to St.Ricky in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    I don't know why people find it difficult to credit W7 with improving the matchday atmosphere through the noise and colour they bring to our own and other grounds we visit.  A number of us have actively supported the group. Maybe also the players.  I hope they thrive and prosper.  This doesn't provide a mandate to ignore requests from the board,  stewards or police, each of whom have duties of care. It doesn't extend to fighting with opposing supporters. The remedy is simple and in the hands of those in W7. Behave and respect the rules.  Let other supporters suffer the approbrium they deserve for not doing so and let others look to th  club and our fans as an example of good practice at games,  travelling and online. As to the lad himself. He seems keen but misguided.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to oaksoft in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    Maybe I am and maybe I'm not but this guy seems to attract a lot of repeated attention from authorities at the club and from the Police followed by protracted Twitter blasts from him about being targetted. You wanted facts and those are the facts from his own mouth. I've also seen the way he talked to Gordon Scott on Twitter and IMO he came across as a petulant 12 year old throwing the mother of all tantrums. This is not a person I'm willing to stand up for and defend if the authorities are putting some heat on him.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to oaksoft in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    What kind of numpty asks a question and then answers it immediately themselves.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to St.Ricky in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    SP... That's part of the problem.  I already said that I don't know the lad. What I do see is what others see.  Real or not are the tweets and other social media coverage of the boy and W7. These don't paint a pretty picture. Very 1960's Angry Young Men,  railing against authority. Nothing new.  I'll get stick for mentioning this but myself and others put our hands in our pockets to support Josh in his crowdfundibg so we can't be said to be against either him or the W7 Group.  Time to grow up and stop kicking against authority.  Would be nice to get back to us all just supporting the team Come on Saints.  Come on W7.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to St.Ricky in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    I don't know Josh but he certainly seems to be building exactly the wrong kind of reputation for himself. 
    Seems a pity to me but I don't think he would welcome that comment. 
    The club have rules.  Society has rules.  Break them and you suffer the consequences.  Same for me.  Same for others. 
    But don't cry about it like spoiled children. 
    Temper tantrums like a 2 year old. 
    Get back to what you guys do well with the drum,  singing and flags. 
    Then you will have everybody's backing. 
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to oaksoft in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    I said it on the last thread on this utter pish, but when you f**k about with authority you can't complain when they start giving you more attention.
    That is precisely what is happening.
    Hope the W7 are enjoying the attention.
    It'll only end one way and that will be bans on certain individuals.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to oaksoft in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    I wouldn't ban him just yet but he would be left in no doubt that any more incidents and he'd be gone permanently.
    It would fall on deaf ears I suspect but I would certainly give him a final warning.
    We just don't need fans like this IMO.
    He's not as important as he thinks he is but when you have a guy with a chip on his shoulders, it's difficult to get them to see anything past their own personal interests.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to oaksoft in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    It doesn't sound llike a conspiracy theory. It sounds like more misdirected victimisation TBH.
    Josh knows what he is doing and is no doubt relishing in the notoriety he is building up for himself.
    Meanwhile real life goes on......
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to gstretchuk in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    This is a thread about one wee guy and his inability to grow up and follow the rules like the rest of us. He is loving the publicity and all the fellow wee guys following his one man crusade....if i were club i'd ban him and lets move on..
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Ally in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    There was a big rammy between Motherwell and St Mirren fans after the first home game of the season in the middle of the road as you approach the train station.

    No idea who was involved, but it was a bunch of young guys on both sides. It seems to be a 'problem' match at the moment, so it's little wonder there's a bigger police presence at those particular games.

    Standing on seats isn't the most heinous of crimes, but if you've been told not to and then repeatedly continue to do so.... well you're then just being a bit of a fanny. To then claim victimisation on that basis is laughable.

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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to St.Ricky in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    Exactly. The Twitter comment where an individual seems to be pleased to have been involved in the rammy tends to support the point that the police are right to monitor things closely.
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to St.Ricky in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    One high profile W7 individual appears to claim / acknowledge on Twitter being involved in trouble at the station. 
    What is it these guys don't get about unnaceptable behaviour?
    Stick to the singing and flag waving in the ground.. That's great. 
    The other stuff is just juvenile. 
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    Jolly_Boy_John_87 reacted to Thorizaar in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    It's been stated that there was fighting before that game. Might explain increased police presence being necessary?
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