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  1. Any relation to the Horne we had on the books a few years back, who made the "dodgy" comments about Neil Lennon and was suspended/sacked?
  2. They left the club a shambles on the park and a mess off of it. Most of the harm on the club self inflicted on the club by that Board. They got their money back, walked away and now it's the fans left to potentially have to bail out the club financially. What should we be eternally grateful to them for exactly?
  3. According to some, his time was clearly up. Laughable.
  4. No need for us to give up time slots. The dome is hardly fully booked.
  5. Summer football not for me. No inclination to go to the football on a Saturday afternoon in June. Would rather we did away with the league cup and played league games during the week Aug-Oct, and Mar-may. Therefore meaning we could have a winter break.
  6. All of which was true for Mcginn and McLean at one point in time. We decided when to sell them both, and still bungled the deals.
  7. A season ticket gets you an allocated seat for every home game. That's no problem. For me the problem comes with allocated seating for patg customers. You get a ticket for an allocated seat. Sometimes for the worst seats in the ground, ie Front row M1. This despite the fact we have crowds of 2500. So you go and sit in a better vantage point, only for another patg supporter to rock up with their ticket for that exact seat at 2.59 and ask you to move out their seat. Non allocated patg tickets please.
  8. Perfectly reasonable for those affected to ask for a partial refund on their season ticket purchase, if they don't want to move. Can't believe folk are having a go at fans annoyed at being punted from their seats. I imagine the reaction would be much worse on here if the board gave up the entire west stand to visiting fans and rehoused season ticket holders in the south and main stands for the game.
  9. How can it take a month to put the proper goals back together? The dome has come down every single winter. Surely they know by now how to repair the goals and what parts are needed.
  10. Linwood much better in my opinion. Plus 2 extra bodies get a game each week.
  11. No mention of his footballing ability in there though, which is all most people criticised? Plenty of other players have had worse abuse on here than McAusland.
  12. What's it called if the abused player isn't a St. Mirren fan?
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