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  1. Tbh what do you expect? You "know" the real reason Danny was let go, but you can't say why. Everyone should just take your word for it? Like Mykey said, if you aren't willing to say what you "know", then why allude to such a thing in the first place.
  2. The gamble failed spectacularly. We were a stable top flight club with Danny in charge. The board were too cheap to sack Danny, which led to the ludicrous situation of us releasing the manager that finished 8th in the top flight from his contract. Since then we have gone through two managers and soon to be a third. Quite an expensive mistake. But you reap what you sow I suppose.
  3. Embarrassing. We are playing hoofball badly. What a shambles.
  4. I just hope...regardless of results, that Murray continues to stand on the edge of his technical area. That's what makes a manager.
  5. Aye clearly that's what I meant. (if I wasn't on my phone I'd insert the roll eyes face) Right so the game makes 10 quid a week. And the game has been going for what 2 years roughly? I'm sure we can all do the math. How many balls, pumps and gloves do we need? I was merely suggesting we do something with the kitty, such as invest in the stockmarket or...have a night out like it was originally collected for.
  6. I hope Murray ends this season more like Danny, than Mr Craig.
  7. What's the point in the kitty? Genuinely. Must be hundreds of quid in there. Last night out was over 2 years ago. Nobody can agree on when to have the next one.
  8. Best team selection so far of the Murray era. Hopefully delivers 3 pts!
  9. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some more deflections then!
  10. And its been uphill ever since. Great decision.
  11. There has been nothing in the first 2 games to suggest that we are a better team with Goodwin sat on the bench for 90 mins.
  12. Concerning that Murray thinks we dominated that match. Would have been better off just admitting he got it wrong today. Learn from your mistakes and such. I hope Mallan was carrying a niggle of some sort to explain his absence! At least 1 of Goodwin and Thompson should be on the pitch. We looked and played like a team of wee boys 1st half. No leaders.
  13. Hope we work on set pieces this week. Not just penalties. Felt we wasted every corner/free kick we had. Too close to the keeper every time. Plenty of positives for sure, shame the fixtures fell as they did, going there with an incomplete squad. Don't think rangers are all that. How Hibs lost 6-2 I'll never know.
  14. Thompson will play 20-25 games this season if fit, and no doubt will score his fair share. However when we play 451 and are surrendering possession of the ball, he should not start/play. Away at Ibrox, Easter Road for example we should go with the youngsters up front. Perhaps this was forced on Murray due to the timing of this game and transfers still to occur. When we are at home against lesser teams, and can dominate the ball Thompson will score plenty.
  15. Yeah I've read that as well. Hope Jim does adapt his game and play 25 odd games. Don't want him or Thompson to leave under a cloud or poor season. Murray indicated that Jim has accepted this and has been great in training. Though admitted that the real test will come during the season if Jim perhaps hasn't featured in 4/5 weeks.
  16. They only had positives to say about Goodwin to be fair And hi attitude. Just that he will not play 36 league games a season. He will play 20-25 at best due to age etc. And that he must realise he is not the same player he was 2-3 years ago. His legs have gone and he has to change the way he plays, and reads the game. If he can do that he will contribute.
  17. So we can all agree he said "ticked all the boxes". Excellent.
  18. Wasn't naming names. Said Langfield ticked all the boxes of the profile ie player/coach that club wanted, but didn't confirm specifically. He said they are very wary over the goalkeeper player/coach. Has to be the right person, as can't have someone taking the huff about not playing yet be the coach of the other keepers.
  19. Glad it's looking like the situation will end with us getting some compensation. Facing a Hibs midfield featuring John McGinn doesn't strike much fear into me. He doesn't score many goals and became something of a one trick pony with his shimmy/spin on the ball. He chucked it last season and feel we will be better off without him this season. He is no Kenny McLean, that's for sure.
  20. Sorry guys, can't accept the invite this week on such short notice.
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