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  1. I think that's the team most of us would like to see, because it's our strongest 11. With Guy and Parkin struggling we really should go back to the 451 that served us well last term. Its also good to have the pace of Imrie and Guy in reserve for later on.
  2. There’s still plenty of time left in the transfer window and Danny is hopeful of concluding some business in the next week or so: “I’m actively looking at this minute in time. There’s nothing going out but I’m certainly looking at one, possibly two. We’re looking at Dummett to come back but that’s out of our hands at this minute in time and we’re waiting on Newcastle. We very much want the player back. I’m also looking at another striker, whose name I won’t reveal, so I’m hopeful of knowing within a day or two of knowing whether that’s going to come fruition. It’s not the Polish lad, it’s a different player.”
  3. Early on in the season he wasn't delivering, and rightfully wasn't getting picked. But since the Dundee game, when given the chance he has produced! He scored against Dundee and Inverness, and changed the game in our favour against Killie. Yet much of the criticism he is getting is because he is getting picked ahead of Carey, despite the positive impact he has been making.
  4. Parkin has had far more game time than I thought he would get. He is a back up for Thompson and should be our 3rd or 4th choice striker. If he expected any different then the guy suffers from delusions of grandeur!!
  5. I think the only way that Danny would be having a closer look at an attacker is because this guy could have the potential to change a game single handedly. In the SPL to have a guy with real pace, cannot be underestimated! Danny said himself at the Q and A night that bolstering the defence is the priority. So Danny must see this guy as a potential coup!
  6. The absence of Graham Carey and Dougie Imrie (until recently) from the vast majority of highlights, shows just how poor they have been this season. Carey is in danger of not even making match day squads once McGowan is fit again. Great work putting the video together btw
  7. Seems like a pretty decent set of accounts pre Rangers absence...and hopefully the semi final (and final) will offset some of the inevitable shortfall. Also the sale of Kenny McLean, should provide a substantial windfall as well. The pleasing thing is that since we survived the initial armageddon and the fact that we only offer 2 year contracts mean that those players on wages given before the rangers crisis, will be expiring. Although we may not be able to replace them with the same level of quality, and the standard of player may diminish, St Mirren should be relatively safe.
  8. Well done guys! League Cup semi and 8 pts off top whilst playing total garbage! Im not complaing!
  9. i will wait a few days in the hope that a statement is released distancing St Mirren / 10000hrs from this attempted con! if there isn't, i will cancel!
  10. No No No Yes If St Mirren's finances are so heavily dependent on the Sky deal and Sevco 5088 remaining in the SPL, then to be honest im disgusted, and isn't going to change my answers. If No to Newco means administration or worse for St Mirren then so be it.
  11. The timing of this is unfortunate. I wont be filling in a direct debit form, whilst there is still a possibility of Rangers remaining an Spl club. Yes, you could argue that if the CIC is successful then the fans can dictate how St Mirren vote. But sadly we would need another 4 clubs to do the same, and can anybody say with any certainty that will happen. Do i want to have a voice in a club that plays in a league devoid of any sporting integrity and acknowledgement of its fans wishes...no thanks.
  12. will the level of fans support for the CIC hinge on how next wednesday's SPL vote go? say rangers are given a relatively free pass back into the league, regardless of CVA or newco, and it is done with the St Mirren's boards blessing (for lack of a better word). Would this change people's opinions on whether or not too buy in? If the above does come to pass, I'd find it hard to justify investing my own money into the club, who are happy to participate in a sham of a league.
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