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  1. Summer football, no thanks. Certainly not Saturday 3pm kick offs. Maybe if we were to play matches as midweek 7.45 kick offs. My preference would be to have more games played between July-October, and March-May. Let us have a winter break and minimal matches during November, December January.
  2. In order to get compensation from another club does McGinn not have to be offered an improved contract by Saints and turn it down?
  3. Which was apparently on Twitter in March. Where are you getting the "vast vast majority" wanted him gone in the summer?
  4. You want a source for me saying "I think the majority wanted a new 1 year deal for Lennon in the summer"? It's just how I remember the talk being on the threads at the time. I'd love a source from yourself on the "vast vast majority" wanting him let go in the summer though.
  5. No no, I'm quite sure that was a quote...you wanted relegation "on his CV". At the risk of quoting you again, "read the threads if you like".
  6. Oh yeah...that was when you wanted relegation on Lennon's CV and not someone else to take us down was it not?We then finished 8th. Safe with 4 games to go. And the "vast vast majority" did not want him gone in the summer. In fact, I think the majority favoured a new 1 year deal for Lennon.
  7. Game at the pitz was a totally separate list to the game at the dome.
  8. Hahaha keep going. Are you trying to convince others or yourself of this tale? The club has plummeted since he left and every player has regressed since he left.
  9. Very strange. Something clearly happened behind the scenes.
  10. You could do the same with any of the back 4 and midfield. Every single one of them. An embarrassment.
  11. Remember the dark days of the Lennon era...top league status,scoring goals, clean sheets, Home wins, 8th place finishes, a national trophy. f**ked us right up indeed. But thanks to Stewart, Tommy and fans like TopCat who helped show him the door, it'll be years before we suffer that again. Gone are the dark days, hallelujah.
  12. Great result for the assistant manager pulling the strings...or is it the senior players picking the team? Danny only does media interviews remember.
  13. And that he would rather be in our position than County or Motherwell.He also guaranteed an 8th place finish at worst.
  14. If One of our centre halfs has been assigned Scott McDonald as his man at set pieces then Teale and Longwell should be sacked immediately.
  15. Yes...but McAuland is 5 yards off of his man. That is farcical at any level.
  16. The header McManus missed. McAusland is literally 5 yards off of him at least.
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