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  1. Thistle play county twice, and Motherwell once before the split. Id rather Thistle got their act together and pulled themselves away from us by beating those around us.
  2. And we could lose 19 games without him now. Doesn't change the fact we are poorer without him in the side. And going by today's match, nobody stepped up to try and fill the void.
  3. You should've seen the goals they used the week before! Bit of a joke.
  4. Hahahaha This was the very argument you used as a basis for wanting Lennon sacked.
  5. Tbh it's more about the principle than the player. Having your best player pinched on deadline day, with hours to go. And Aberdeen haven't had to pay over the odds to get him. Is the youth set up really worth it, if the best players we produce leave for developmental fees at most? Are we destined to repeat this charade with messers McGinn, Mallon, Naismith and Kelly?
  6. Well thats a different argument. All we have to go on is our chairman saying he was offered the best contract St Mirren could afford. I assume that would have been an improvement on his previous deal.
  7. If McLean was offered a new deal, rejected it, and signed for someone else then we would be due compensation. He couldn't leave and we get nothing.
  8. If Kenny McLean rejected in the summer the best contract St Mirren can afford to give him, with assurances that any bid deemed acceptable by the club would be accepted. That's beyond the boards control. We move on, and will see Kenny McLean's new club at a tribunal for compensation. However to agree basically to a release clause of such low value, which doesn't take into account his form, market value now, the time of the bid, his importance to our team and our league position is farcical IMO.
  9. Our Board also rated him at that amount by shaking hands on a gentleman's agreement at that value. He will make Aberdeen a healthy profit I am sure.
  10. McGinn to Dundee United distinctly possible. They just banked over 2 million. Take McGinn for a couple of hundred thousand, sell him for 7 figures in a year or two.
  11. January is meant to be a seller's market where you have to pay over the odds for the player you want to buy. Except where Saints are involved! What a joke we are.
  12. The fees for Armstrong and Andreu are enough to make you weep.
  13. They also said that Kenny fulfilled his side of the agreement with his performances this season. Unless our players are contractually obliged to play well that is. (which would mean we could punt a fair few for breach of contract)
  14. What a deadline day for Motherwell and County.
  15. Tremendous backs to the wall performance. Was like a black and white wall on the edge of the box at times. Goody and cheesy returning everything from whence it came. They were in their element with no space in behind them and not being asked to play out the ball. However...we cannot play like that every week, and it's when we push up the field and attack they struggle. Ridgers was terrible tonight. Goody and cheesy were just that good. Judging by Longwell's reaction to 1 particular flap at a cross I wouldn't be surprised if Kello returned. McGinn needs a wee spell on the bench just to rediscover his form. I doubt we have the squad to do that though.
  16. Is he the permanent manager or just continuing as caretaker until the end of the season?
  17. Taking the fans for mugs. Sooner they leave the better.
  18. Dave said he would sort it tonight. Should be simple enough for him to see who needs swapped in and out.
  19. Surely it's the same 16 who accepted the game of Jan 7th not 17th Dec. As we had 16 accepts for that game before it was cancelled.
  20. Sportscene Guy tweeted he saw the footage and there is contact.
  21. Appears the club are already seeking talks with the SFA over decisions. According to Jonathan Sutherland on Twitter.
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