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  1. Time one more. All is return when to safe. BE SEASON MUST 2019/20 COMPLETED.
  2. Mental when you realise they were actually thrown a lifeline by the authorities. By rights, after dissolution and re-starting, they should have been placed in the queue with the others like Spartans, Edinburgh City, East Kilbride etc who had all been applying to the seniors for years at that point. In essence, the newly formed iteration jumped the queue and were fast-tracked in to the senior setup, so really, the fans and those who run RFC should be grateful.
  3. Disagree. It's now time for them to draw a line under it all at the EGM next week and move forward. Clubs have voted to end the lower leagues. Clubs have voted to give SPFL power to end top tier if it's determined that we cannot play on. Clubs have decided there is no want amongst them for reconstruction at present. So it's time to end it. Investigations, leading to investigations is just treading water. I also see a lot of folk going on about German football definitely restarting and English football potentially resuming so why can't we? We need to stop comparing ourselves to them. Both of those leagues can survive indefinitely with no fans as the massive worldwide TV deals provide them a majority of their flow of revenue. They can also afford to drop tens of thousands of pounds per match to ensure the players and staff are constantly being tested. Neither of these are the case in Scottish football so it isn't going to be feasible.
  4. Looking forward to purchasing my season ticket for the super Saints for the 20/21 season next week. 😁
  5. Not that hard. 😉 The third and last Icelandic player to play for us.
  6. Imagine having so little of a life to try this hard to troll folk. And yet even with time on your hands to think of good bait, one to rile everyone up... it's still so f**king obvious that everyone just thinks you're a saddo.
  7. Yup, no issues with buying one. I've already got ST money set aside anyway.
  8. And yet somehow you'd still be underqualified.
  9. Football is going to look very different anyway, even before this. Brexit and the probable work permit regulations will essentially wipe out the ability of UK teams to sign players outwith the British Isles for all but the biggest clubs. I for one am all for clubs in respective countries having a better chance of keeping hold of players going forward. Maybe then, the elite clubs will not hoard players and young players from places like Holland, Netherlands, Belgium etc won't be swept up at 17 or 18 by clubs in Spain, Italy and England. Dare I say we might see clubs in countries like these actually being able to build sustainable and talented squads. The bleed down of that is that smaller clubs in Scotland might have more of a chance in holding onto young talent for significantly longer and building more long term.
  10. You absolutely cannot keep a season going on the never never. There is no 100% fair outcome. Not a single outcome at this point, save for starting the season tomorrow and playing everything before contract are up on 31st May, will lead to a fair and just conclusion. And that isn't going to happen. You can only play with the hand you are dealt.
  11. This season is done. That's the long and short of it.
  12. It doesn't matter how I'd have felt. Had a global pandemic prevented the season being played to completion, we'd have had to STFU and get on with it. We can look back on 2016/17 fondly now but that's knowing the outcome of the season with 100% hindsight. I can absolutely guarantee you, this conversation of temporary reconstruction would not be happening if ourselves, Ross County or Hamilton occupied that bottom position right now. You speak of Thistle and Stranraer - please don't be so naive to kid yourself on that this is being talked about for their benefit as it isn't. Temporary reconstruction requires 11 votes out of 12 in its favour. It won't happen as it won't be voted in and nor should it be. Permanent reconstruction? Possibly, and that would be fine. Temporary is a complete slap in the face though and shows just how disparagingly folk like Ann Budge regard the smaller clubs in Scotland.
  13. So why would it be fair to change the rules 80% of the way through the season to allow for temporary reconstruction but unfair to do so for relegation? Reconstruction is a good idea, but don't the teams in the championship deserve a fair crack at it in a fresh season? Is that not equally as unfair to teams like Dunfermline and Ayr who had a decent shout of a playoff a few weeks ago to lose out to Caley Thistle going up on a technicality when they only would have had the same playoff shout? Retroactively bolting it on when the league is done (and lets be clear, the league is done) and calling it a fair and just solution is absolutely hypocritical when whining that the relegation situation is not fair to Hearts. The reality is, there's no completely 100% fair compromise. Even extending the season and ending it indefinitely isn't fair. Some squads will be more weakened by contracts ending than others. Temporary reconstruction should be punted and be the absolute last option on the table. It suits no one except Hearts who want the best of both worlds. A cynical attempt to feign benevolence of 'oh what about these poor teams in the championship?' but they'll happily punt them out in a season or two once they know that they are safe from going down and then they can get an extra OF home game back. Nah, load of shite.
  14. She's actually doubling down on her idiocy here. All it's going to do is piss off several clubs in the top flight. Her chances on this proposal passing with the favour of 11 clubs, given her recent 'charm offensive' is exactly f**king zero. If she'd returned with a bit of humility and the admission that she'd opened her mouth and let her belly rumble with regards to this f**king stupid temporary measure and be willing to find a negotiable solution, clubs might be more onside as well. Reconstruction should most certainly not be hurried through to suit exactly one club. Reconstruction is the way ahead I'm sure most folk agree but in it's current proposed guise, Hearts would literally be the only beneficiary of reconstruction being applied after the fact. It should be rolled out there as an incentive at the end of the season ahead, not the one we're still currently in. Budge is currently loudly complaining about it not being fair to change the rules part way through a season as it negatively affects Hearts without a shred of irony or self-awareness that she is aggressively pursuing a change to the rules part way through the season to benefit her club.
  15. Unless a vaccine is developed and distributed before then, I'd be very surprised indeed if anything but essential international travel was approved by the end of the year. I really do hope I'm wrong though.
  16. I've actually written off 2021 for foreign travel as well. I was planning to go to Orlando in October of next year. In a very (VERY) worst case scenario, there will be no flights to be had yet and restrictions still in place. In a very best case scenario, a massive amount of those who didn't get in 2020 have rebooked for 2021, flights are a fortune and hard to come by and going over there, park queues, even in the relatively quiet time of October are several hours long. Nah, I'll hold off on that.
  17. Dickson is fair scaling down the operation of which organisation he tries to take down as the years go by. He gets progressively smaller with every attempt. 2002-2016 St Mirren FC 2017-2019 - SMISA/buy the buds 2020 - Blackandwhitearmy 2021 - The 1877 club 2022 - The panda club 2023 - Stabs the airdome with a pair of scissors.
  18. You would think eh?! In any configuration the required percentage of 75% < 85% already approved but as it doesn't appear that the correct spread of clubs have voted the correct way, 85% of clubs voting in favour may well be worthless. You'd think that those squealing about 'integrity' would take stock of that. That a vote that 85% of clubs want, several of whom where this vote will help them survive this crisis, may not go through as 6 clubs... Clubs who for various reasons have failed themselves all season in not being good enough, decided it didn't serve their best interests to look at the bigger picture.
  19. Whilst that is correct, I'd say a lot of our team and almost all non playing staff are covered by the £2.5k per month cap. Of course some higher earners will be getting topped up by a greater amount but I don't imagine it will be that many. Whereas clubs like Hearts will struggle a lot more to top up the wages to 100% as the £2.5k per month will be a small percentage of their highest earners salaries.
  20. Best goal for us I've ever witnessed live in terms of pure quality (and not the emotion tied to it) is either Yardley vs Morton in 2003, Carey vs Hearts in 2013 or Mallan vs Raith Rovers in 2017. All three have been spoken of on this thread. Goals against us, though three really spring to mind. Zerouali's free kick for Aberdeen in the Scottish cup in 2000, Charlie Adam from inside his own half for Ross County in 2004/05. Though probably the best one (and I don't think there were cameras there that day) was when Hartley scored one for St. Johnstone on the opening day in about 2002 and it was ridiculous. He'd made his run into space and a St. Johnstone player tried a through ball - it was pretty garbage and hit straight towards the back of his legs at about calf height. Hartley though, saw it and backheeled it over his own head and brought it down into his path, leaving 2 defenders dead in the water with one move and finished it brilliantly. Hated the wee shit but he was absolutely quality when he was on it.
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