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  1. mair for player manager ,20 likes and its a done deal

    Where's they red dot thingys?.......No matter what he is bad news for our club.......An average player at best ....Mairzo an uber fans best mate?.....Get him tae fcuk!

  2. we won the cup last year which wasn't budgeted for ,but still seems to have cut our spending ,so what would we have done if we hadn't won said cup ?got rid of 3 more ?

    Never easy as a fan saltcoatsbuddie.....Never know the real ins and outs......Think we made £600,000 from the Cup but we never get anything official. Our squad budget has been cut and our income may have come down.....But we set our budget pre season and the Celtic CL is extra....no doubts about that!.....So pay Danny what he should get without fcukn' around then we can move on.

  3. I'm sure Thommo has his sights set on the job but It's too early....Not sure about the info coming in that Tommy Craig must stay thing.....My solution would be Thommo getting the back up gig to a new upcoming manager......Paul Hartley?....fcukn' knicker wearing Celtic Cnut?........He'd be my favourite to work with Thompson.

    My own guess like I've said elsewhere is that he's got 4 games till the next international break to turn things around.

    Motherwell (h) 14/9

    Hibs (a) 21/9

    Aberdeen (h) 30/9

    Hearts (a) 5/10 bag.gif

    Can you check that Hearts one again Bud?

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