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  1. Yep.....100% E=Mc2 ......Already called out ......Free publicity for the Bakery ....Made up nonsense for advertising. .....ASA? .....might want a look.
  2. I agree....good fun though?.......East Fife going all out against the mighty Rangers in div 2......Who's next?
  3. That is a joke ? right?.........Strange days
  4. Great wee side story .....If you wrote this as fiction you could be accused of taking it too far from reality ........Novo for East Fife!
  5. Not that great Ross as I'm sure you will agree for a £25M deficit .....I get the point of Rangers cheating to win but to cheat so much and lose is quite frankly embarrassing
  6. It's strange to think of why Hearts spent so much money they didn't have. Rangers did it and won titles and played in Europe latter stages. What in real terms did Hearts achieve?
  7. Caught behind at 3rd slip while looking for the century ......Fair innings ......Follow on?.......It's up to god....Or the Blues Brothers.
  8. and I have nae idea how to lock it?.....you can tell me the morra if I need it,,,,,lol
  9. Truth is ...big story for me from the beeb ....maybe not for you ...no worries ....No one interested here is my mistake ....I'll block the thread so you and Faraway can talk about more important issues.
  10. Kinda the main story on the fitbaw twitter threads? ....But fcuk that......Don't tell Shull or Faraway......Ohio for me now....How many died?
  11. More to come I think Bluto......My main point was that BBC SCOTLAND will stand their ground no matter what.....I really don't care about new club old club shite but to uphold a complaint like they did is pathetic .....Easy to say It's a bit up in the air and no one has made a case one way or the other. It makes me question BBC itself and feel good about BBC SCOTLAND....that was my ONLY point!
  12. Yep zebra...........The deal is if you read some tweets(major BBC Scotland men!) and look at the position retained and argued by BBC SCOTLAND as in they DON'T ACCEPT IT! then you might get my drift.
  13. No probs sweetheart.....Rangers(fans) had 2 complaints against BBC SCOTLAND........They were that the club was being called "old" and "New". The complaint rested on the reason for calling them as such and the chaps at the top(UK BBC) agreed. BBC SCOTLAND are now ridiculing the judgement which lets face it is Masonic,
  14. You make good points Bud .....I always thought Hearts would avoid Admin and I was wrong. £1millon minimum cost for this process is now guaranteed for a tax bill of £100,000. It's now clear they can't pay the wages and overheads for this month which means a cull of players and other staff. 6500 season tickets have been sold and they can be cancelled tomorrow. My point is Hearts will not be liquidated as there will always be more money in a cva...ie Tynecastle is worth He Haw in real terms.
  15. BBC Scotland has been for me an important station for information and as I listen to radio more than TV... BBC Sportsound has been my choice over the last few years for sport. Clyde used to be my favourite being more dynamic and not having a depressive voice like James Traynor who I always switched off on "your call". Clyde have gone to a place where I don't want to visit and I have no time for people moaning about that station as it is what it is now and always will be. BBC Scotland on the other hand is supposed to be impartial and I have been feeling a little bit unsure of that in recent months, It took too long of course to call out Jabba and the stinking smell from an institution of cover up on a more serious issue still rots the air. There is always Stuart and Tam and whether you like them or not they share the same non old firm believes as you and I and points we can argue will be on the level. I was pleased today with my station (proud in fact!)......A complaint was upheld by the top chaps in the good old UK BBC.....I find their reasoning astonishing! and to be honest I don't give a fcuk if Rangers are the same club or not. What I find great is the answer from BBC Scotland to the upheld complaint and the follow up from guys like Douglas Fraser!,,....My faith is restored in BBC SCOTLAND and for that I thank you.
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