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  1. Come to think of it Maybe this has more to do with the loan/grant senario. If the initial criiteria has been met then maybe the delay is due to getting the best deal possible?
  2. That post is just a lot of crap.....with no information whatsoever...thought you were meant to be in the know?
  3. Well as a supporter of the cic it makes a huge difference to me. There seems to be no reason for the delay as the criteria for the completion was set down in advance. I have imagined some difficulties which could have led to delay but 10000hrs have dismissed them and I am quite happy to take them at their word. This can only be about the funding bodies timescales which have no relevance in the modern world and makes it look like we are begging for their approval which is not the case. I repeat again set an end date or walk away.
  4. Fed up with the delay Richard...season starts soon .....Get it done or walk away, Set a deadline for goodness sake!
  5. A fanzone with conditions of grammer..... ye coudney make it up! I know YOU are at the madam but there are plenty on here who are not....and they all share one thing in common ....Fannies
  6. Well yea i guess... I didn't realise communication would be lost on here by a few spelling mistakes but now I know better. So to all the wisely world of Paisley and Renfrewshire I salute your Indefatagability.
  7. Just read your post again... Sid I know Cic's are the future to reverse the impact of closing public Amienities and the whole idea is to create a sustainable future for any funded facility. CiC's don't close services.....they provide new ones
  8. Cheers for the reply to my rant.......I'm glad to see everything is still on track and i still think the people you are dealing with should have come to a decision by now. If it is not the special case of St Mirren becoming a 52% cic then I have no idea why (as the criteria you set has been met) there is a delay.
  9. As a supporter of 10000hrs cic taking over the 52% shareholding of St Mirren FC I am now dismayed at the lack of progress made by the orginization. Momentum is a key factor in a takeover like this and to be frank REA and the team have been woefully short in communicating the current situation. I have dealt with funding bodies in the past and I accept they work to their own timescales which are not relevant to the modern buisness world. As it is in the interests of the funding bodies to secure the best asset in Paisley to meet a variety of needs, we in Paisley and Renfrewshire will require answers in the unlikely scenario it dosn't go through. What I think now is REA should show some Balls and set a final date for completion or walk away. The delay is all about the cic not owning 100% of the club and how the money can be legaly spent...Get it done now guys or just keep closing public amenities with nothing following on.
  10. Sorry Slapsalmon ....I was not making a serious reply to your post and I know you were not suggesting a potential buyer would gain anything from the posts of Yule and Animal. My post was not meant to undermine your point which as it stands we are all in the dark as to what the cowboy wants to acheive.
  11. Well that would be some story if a potential buyer resorted to a double alias as a cowboy and a puppet! .... I can see the interview in print now...."At what time David did you decide to pursue your interests in the takeover by becoming both hairy and bald at the same time?.
  12. I think I will leave you to whatever it is you want
  13. To be honest Stuart it seems you have a vested interest in Juvenile football which I'm sure you are proud of and rightly so. As your location is Motherwell why would you consider moving to Paisley?. I think all the individual members of the cic will want to contribute in some way to making this a success and will be open to any suggestions which can generate profit. I don't think your plan for creating a Juvenile league has any chance of success at St Mirren park and you should now move on to what you can contribute as an individual member.
  14. The answer is No and I respect your right to become a member. The reason you might be different is that you have signed up on an individual membership which I think will be unique. The community/ Buisness deals are not all St Mirren supported and will depend on what they can achieve for themselves on a win/win scenario. I personaly think REA is one of very few people who could achieve this and we are fortunate to have him. My concern is he must stay on board for at least 5 years which as you have already picked up on might not be the case. I know Juvenile football is your scene but it might not fit in with the plans to use the resources at St Mirren park. The point I am trying to make is it might not suit your needs.
  15. Stuart, all your posts on here seem to involve your commitment to the juvenile leagues you are involved in. 10000hrs is much bigger than this and as St Mirren are already very active in the footballing sense regarding community projects I think you are better staying where you are. This is not about creating a juvenile football environment, its about creating a facility which can be used by all. It does seem you have your own objectives for the cic and as a non St Mirren supporter I have no idea why you wish to get involved. I would be very surprised if there are any other non St Mirren supporters signed up.
  16. This is really the point of a MOU. The church will have discussed all it's individual needs regarding the times of use required from the stadium and the facilities it needs. Only then would a financial package be offered to them which will be at a profit for the cic but not more than the church could access elsewhere. You are right these churches in particular have youth clubs and need exra times to facilitate them. As you have already highlighted a shared resource such as street football sounds ideal. The point that seems to be missed on here is that cic's are NOT charities and are activley encouraged to make profit. The point is that the profit can't be taken out by any individual and is used to increase the facilities already on offer which will in turn benefit the club.
  17. Agree strongly 10000hrs need to post an update.
  18. As there seems to be alot of discussion on one small aspect of the cic community membership regarding the church i think your post says it all. The costs of operating in a run down building are truely massive. Whether they own it or rent it is of no consequence as they still have to maintain and refurbish it when needed. Now what better to relocate to a brand new facility which more than meets their needs. For £500 they get their MOU and agree a fixed cost rent which I would estimate between £5000 and £10000 per annum due to the fact it is used for 2 hrs per week. This cost I am sure will be much more affordable to them than their previous arrangement and give them long term security for their orginization. They will gain an added benifit as the amount of people traffic who will be using the facility may feel they want to find out more about them and as such can add to their congregation. St Mirren can also benifit from some of the kids attending , looking out onto the park and asking to go to a game, some becoming season ticket holders. The events , Weddings , Funerals and parties they will hold...say 3 per year will be a small part of the bigger picture of generating the major amount of income through the stadium becoming a true multifunctional facility catering for a wide range of events.
  19. Sorry Stuart, I can see why you get the figure of £26,500 per annum which is not the case.The application to hire an Amey school was for 4 weeks in the summer which would have been for the whole day and was priced at £2000. The orginization which I am not directly connected with had used another school in the past and had put on a summer programme which was free for all and a big hit for the local kids. They had previously paid a fee of £60 per week. The point i was trying to make is that things like this are changing fast.
  20. Here's what you can buy for £30.......A loud Hailer for Sid to shout at the far away Saint , 10% towards the individual annual payment of Motherwells overdraft for Stuart Dickson , a 10% deposit on shoes for Tracy barlow, 10 warm beers from Campbell Kennedy or a player for Mort*n
  21. For what you are paying Stuart the deals you are getting are very much cheaper than the norm. As you seem to have acheived a link up with churches ( fair to say they want to help the community and are not for profit). A miners club that hopefully generates a good profit and is keen to help the local community and a school which is obviously not an Amey construction and is subsidising your payments through the local council, the reality is not the same elswhere. I have had recent experience of a "happy clappy" church wishing to use premises in a school and being quoted £500 per week. The point I want to make is the church using St Mirren Park will be doing so in their own best interests. The £500 per annum commitment will be to secure the so called MOU and they will pay a rent to the club. This will not make the club rich and will also not bankrupt the church. I wonder what their costs would have been to stay at Stock St or to find an alternative arrangement?. It all has to be win/win or there would be no deal. ......That reminds me I owe someone on here £30 and can't be ars*d searching through the many forums.....can you tell me who it is?
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