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  1. 5 Weeks of hard slog has finally come to an end. Great to get home to the family and the start of the season.

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    2. Kendo


      He has bought you a lovely new dress. You would need to be careful not to spill your super lager

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Oh goody, pink? ;)

    4. Mr Panda

      Mr Panda

      Aye, just like the cigars you like ;)

  2. Greig - Your in box is full you need to empty it.

  3. Don't understand what the big concern is as it is widely known the waiting game is for the last bit of founding. Would understand if the CIC was injecting £2 million in to the team. Things will be much the same for the next 10 years. Then when the loans are paid of we should see progress.
  4. First time around they made for funny reading even if you agreed or not with them. Now it's simply boring so much so I gave up half way through reading it. What I don't get is if they feel so passionately why did they not stand up and be counted under their own names before Direct Debit forms were filled in by fans. They are now blowing out hot air at a time when CIC is about to kick in. I don't get it to be honest. At the end of the day we all love the club so lets hope things move forward.
  5. Was thinking the same Mr Zoo an up-date on where things are would be welcome Edit to add Most contact with CIC is through computer. However I know a few Saints fans also who have computers but don't bother with Saints forums. These same people don't get the PDE ether so fore sure there is scope to get more onboard.
  6. Any sort of feed back on individual member numbers. I see from the 10,000 hours web site that it reads 736 is that the number is DD forms returned if not is it possible to give us numbers as it would be interesting to know how many actually signed up
  7. 30 odd day's left before my return. Finished off reading Gun Powders last night. Gangster importation of the white stuff not a bad read. Tonight back to the gym with loud pounding music from the iPod

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