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  1. Lets sack the manager, that has worked SO well in the past. The problem is not the manager, the problem isnt even LordLookAtMe The problem is a lack of investment. Mihai Popescu being an obvious example. For 30 years now we have scraped the bargain basement, for 30 years our fans season ticket money has returned little, for 30 years we have merely survived and very rarely thrived. 30 years of underachievement. 30 years of our club exploiting the good will of the Paisley public, 30 years of failure. We were outclassed yesterday and it is no wonder. We were up against a team whom invests in itself and as such got what was desreved. On that cheery note, Im away to the cenotaph
  2. We are underperforming, underperforming indeed, We have been since 1988......time to face it, we are not well run
  3. Was that your latest hire?....good fare that, good fare indeed
  4. Actually he has a point. Your reaction is entirely predictable. I firmly believe that we are indeed a bigger club then Accies or Livi, of course I do but other people outside of "the Paisley bubble" do not. Why would they? Most men of working age do not remember the last time we finished in the top half of Scotlands top division. They will remember our club dispensing with manager after manager but finishing in the top half of the top division, no. You see our club have not been well run for a long time hence the reason why we have achieved very little since the 1980's. Contrast our performance over that time with say...St Johnstone. Now thats a club who are well run and have enjoyed much of the successes that our fans were starved of for so long. Add Kilmarnock into the mix and we have been positively eclipsed by those around us. We are seen as small club, a small club who try and repeatedly fail and that is because since the eighties that is largely all we have done.
  5. Perhaps you should tell us about it. You see I wouldnt wipe my shitty sphincter with the Dailly Mail let alone click on a link taking me to the Dailly Mail website thus boosting the website traffic and assisting with advertising income. The Dailly Mail,. The Sun, The Dailly Record and The Scotsman are all in the "wouldnt wipe my shitty sphincter with" category.
  6. I have watched the first video for 1 minute and 46 seconds. So far it is a video of a striker having multiple shots at goal and failing to score with any of them. Sign him up pronto, sign him up indeed. PS I am not watching any more, I am off to take my pills
  7. Kirk Broadfoot Special mention to big Kirk today. I thought he was magnificent in the centre of out defence. The pass he played to begin the move for the second goal was subllime. The big lad (and he is a big lad now, mind the twig we first signed?) not only failed to put a foot wrong his creativity was first class. Take a bow Kirk, take a bow indeed.
  8. Cup final goals were never that well celebrated, too busy hauding my shiter to really let go. Same with Hugh Murray against Stirling Albion, I hardly mustered a smile that day such was the fear gripping my bowels. Billy Mehmet v Falkirk (to keep us up) was a good one though, Billy Mehmet V Celtic (penalty) to knock them out the Scottish (I think it was the Scottish) was a stoater, Billy Mehmet v Hearts to take us to the 2010 League cup final was a beauty. The best was probably the 84th minute great escape goal v Motherwell by John Sutton, Christ I don't know how I managed not to pish ma'sel that day. In the famous 1999 season I recall being carried away somewhat when a young Mr McGarry scored a stoater at Almondvale on our march toward the premier league. Kevin McGowne humphing the ball over Andy Goram at Ibrox as was Kenny McDowall knocking the ball and Chris Woods into the net were superb moments. Davie Elliot scored a diving header away at Dunfermline and a magnificent 30 yarder by Martin Baker also away at Dunfermline in two respective one nil wins. Junior Mendes away at Raith Rovers really tickled my sphincter. Paul McKnight when he scored at Ayr and for a moment we thought we had won the league, Billy Mehmet (again) on a day when we actually did win a league. All three goals by McGarry, Trigger and Yardley when we also won the league. A Jim Hamilton header vs Ross county saw me beside myself in a league winning run in. Kyle Magennis vs QOS away in the latest league winning run in fair warmed up an otherwise cold day, Rory Loy away at Hibs to avoid the play offs was a brilliant moment. Frank McGarvey to get us to the 87 cup final still makes smile as does Jimmy Bone vs Aberdeen after running half the park. Paul Lambert putting us 0-3 up at Parkhead. Another one from my now chaotic recollection was possibly the best goal I have ever seen, John Hewitt scored a winner at Love Street v Kilmarnock after something like 18 passes. That was a great goal and I danced a merry jig at that one. A young Barry Lavety running onto a through ball at Cappielow, colliding outside the box with the Morton keeper (the boy Watt I think) sending both arse over tit, Lavety rising to his feet first and stroking the ball into the top corner was just, oooh yes. Every goal scored by Eddie Gallagher, loved that wee 70's porn star looking man. I could ramble on all day, all day I could ramble on indeed.
  9. Danny McGarry Came to us on loan from Barnsley and formed an integral part of the Summer cup winning side of 1943. A bowdy leggit inside forward he was like a wee skilful wasp, cutting inside from either wing and laying the ball off to the likes off Alec Linwood or Johnny Deakin. Wee Dan really ought to have played for Scotland, it was obvious to anyone who saw him what a fine footballer he was. Every time he picked up the ball and ran with it an air of excitement filled the pish stained terraces. I could hardly hold my pish can still at times such was the excitement. In the semi final against the Greenock underclasses he was magnificent. A time when the Greenock ne'er do wells were expected to beat us (Stanley Mathews and Tommy Lawton were playing) he never stopped, that was some game. The final though against the then Rangers football club was awesome and wee Dan worked his rolled down socks off, us beating the Ibrox menace by a single, magnificent Alec Linwood goal. Wee Dan was an amazing player, the type of player Scotland once produced consistently. The most modern equivalent for you young whipper snappers would be much better version of Pat Nevin. I cant think of a player like that currently playing. Very sad, wee Dan was small and probably wouldn't make it through the half witted "yer no big enough" academies of today. Skill and character in abundance I give you Danny McGarry. A good memories, good memories indeed.
  10. What can they expect Wilbur? I have never actually been arrested but a man with your colourful past will surely know the procedures, what happens next etc? I recall the day in Aberdeen you got locked up, mental you were! Im sure these two "ballers" are mere pussycats to an old casual like yersel. That pub would be a mere shell if the old "Wilbur rocket" had let off eh? I am somewhat glad those days are behind us, mental guys like yersel were pigeon chested heroes back in the day but to be honest the world has moved on. I always wonder how alpha males like yersel let go, like Sting in the Tommy film you were but an icon, although minus the Vespa but clearly a heid case nonetheless. What a character you are Wilbur, I often wonder when these young upstarts are banging drums and waving flags if they have any comprehension of the mental legend in our midst. Pure mad mental Wilbur, pure mad mental Wilbur indeed.
  11. You will be a man who knows his rights Wilbur.......You will know indeed
  12. That post of yours boils my piss. Well it would but you know...... My piss has been boiled, boiled it has been indeed
  13. They were going to, in fact I believe they were going to announce it on this very thread. However they read the hateful, childish, bickering and decided against it. In other news what I just said was utter pish but dearie me the f**ktards are in full swing, the f**ktards are in full swing indeed.
  14. The Labour party are the epitomy of shame in modern day politics. From old Anthony "the liar in parliament" Blair to daft Gordon "wannae buy some cheap gold" Brown to Jeremy "lets pretend the anti semitism isnt real" Corbyn I must say it takes a special, very special type of idiot to vote Labour these days. The Tories are bastardo's but it must be said they make no attempt to hide it, Labour are a far more dangerous and vile beast. They pretend to be "the good guys" but are in fact the most dangerous, power hungry, idiot ridden party of them all. In all honesty I would rather see Morton beat us in a Scottish cup final than see those treacherous b*stards ever preside over me and my family again. So in case I have not made myself clear, I am no fan of Labour and I simply have no faith in anything anyone from the Labour party says ever, PS Diane Abbott as home secretary, are you having a laugh? Q) Whats 8 x 8 Diane A) Turnips
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