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  1. There is a reason why aggressive hard men like yersel are known as a "heid the baw" Head that ball Wilbur, head that ball indeed
  2. Wee Gus is all over this. If we don't get Glen then we will go for Hutchison and if we cannae get Hutchison we go for Robertson and if we cannae get Robertson we will bring in a big lad called Stepek, So its Glen, Hutchison, Robertson or Stepek! If we were to get all four I would go pure Radio Rental! We don't need to buy any of them, you essentially "loan them" by paying £5.65 per week, so in essence you rent them, like a rental boy or whatever the proper term is for a boy you rent.
  3. In answer to the OP's question Not me, I was going to nip out earlier for a pint but its far too cold so I am staying in.
  4. Better than that He was brought up in Inverclyde...........
  5. Good for Harry, his dad James must be very proud.
  6. And for us the transfer window finally opens. The first signing of the decade has been made, Jimmy Goodwins chequebook pen has finally scribed and we are off and running in the Jnauary sales. Top of the morning to you Conor, top of the morning indeed.
  7. The window is almost upon us, the time for action doth approach. What positions will be stengthened? Who will come ? Who will leave? All questions that we could start to discuss/answer from today. Meaning that everything typed in this thread up until now is and alwayd was irrelevent. Happy New Year when it comes Buddies, im away on a wee pensioners trip for the bells, happy new year indeed.
  8. Merry Christmas every Buddie Merry Christmas indeed
  9. Oh and I forgot to add Merry Christmas every Buddie, Merry Christmas every Buddie indeed
  10. What an outstanding achievement. Well done SIr, well done indeed. PS I read the thread, the human race is a strange old thing. So many good things going on and one massive bell end. I suppose the character scrooge has to be based on someone!!!
  11. And while I am worth my room on this earth All Tories are cunts And Labour and Labour they are useless cunts Lots of cunts, lots of cunts indeed
  12. The Island of Britian and the smaller Island off "the big wan" will be unchanged. I simply fail to see why tonights result may mean some sort of seismological event resulting in geographical change. Bizarre. Politically however we in Scotland are a kinder, more concious folk than those Tory voting f**ktards south of the border. Time we shook off the shackles of oppression and left this daft union, time to leave indeed. PS Only kidding about the seismology thing
  13. When did cheesy stop getting the blame? The day Alan Stubbs handed a 2 year contract to Cole Kpekwa
  14. I find some of the comments difficult to comprehend, some of you were at a different game. We played well and were the better team for most of the game. As is our way though we gave away the softest of goals which was very frustrating. I thought Ryan Flynn was superb, best player on the park. Big Jon Obika was certainly involved in the game and did well at holding the ball up/letting It bounce off him in an occasional advantageous way. Unfortunately for us big Jon Obika cannae shoot nor make good decisions o a football pitch with any consistency, that said though his hold up play did give us something. Big MacKenzie had a mare by getting caught under the ball for the pishy first goal and of course the penalty. I thought Durmus did well, reducing Jason Naismith to a big wean with his tantrum style antics. Our manager seemed to put out a decent starting eleven but what was he thinking when he took off Flynn and Obika? We could hardly keep a hold of the ball since he did that. That's the kind on snappy decision making that makes me worry. Poor management. What is disappointing is that we will rarely come up against such a poor Hibs team, what an opportunity we had to send Jack "the money grabbing judas" back up the road to wherever he lives with a good arse skelping, but alas we never.
  15. The opening post is somewhat underwhelming. This is a momentous moment in the history of Scottish football, the last bastion of the amateur game "in the big leagues" has been extinguished, the last flame of a bygone era has finally burnt out, the opening chapter of the Scottish game has finally closed. A sad day for all Scottish football enthusiasts a sad day indeed. Queens park have brought so much to the game, not just in Scotland but the world over. Arguably the Spiders have contributed more to world football than Real Madrid, Juventus and Johnstone Burgh combined (for the ignorant amongst you see crossbars, offside and international football). Sad news
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