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  1. I agree with your sentiment For no reason whatsoever other than maybe boredom I shall relate your statement to myself 1) Look at me - If you wish you can, whatever floats your perverted boat 2) I'm great - Yeah I am very much so 3) I go to games - Yes I do, I go to all home games and the very occasional away game. I used to go home and away for many years but I am no longer able to and I may as well as when the michty Mirren are playing I sit at home nervously watching the score! 4) For the love of the ......tooth fairy. She doesnae exist if she did the cow would owe me a fortune. Unexisting bitch! Again your statement was not aimed at me and I had no reason to reply but alas it would seem you don't need a reason to start a bloody thread never mind reply to one!!!
  2. To answer the OP's boufing original post I shall contribute the following So Jim Goodwin is like Jack Ross? Let us examine the similarities 1) Both were professional footballers 2) Both played in league cup finals with our glorious club 3) Both manage(d) our glorious club in the top tier of Scottish football. 4) Both have first names that start with the letter "J" 5) Both have English as a first language 6) Both are male Let us now examine the differences 1) One played at full back the other in midfield and occasionally centre half 2) Only one is a league cup winner 3) Only one currently manages our glorious club the other pissed off at the earliest opportunity for some extra coinage 4) One has a last name beginning with "R" the other a "G" 5) One is Scottish the other Oirish 6) Whilst both are indeed male, it is beyond doubt that Mr Goodwin has the largest walloper 7) One has hair the other has not Conclusion So you can see that both men have 6 distinct similarities but 7 differences so on balance they are NOT that similar, NOT that similar indeed.
  3. This little forum of ours is some achievement. What a fabulous legacy to leave, take a bow Div, take a bow indeed.
  4. Thank goodness for that. An appalling decision that caused fun to be poked at our national game , the world over. One must of course express concern over this debacle. Whilst I applaud Ian Maxwell's handling of this one cannot help but wonder just how often club's appeals have been treated with such derision in the past. Of course this didn't happen to an old firm player, that would be unthinkable however is this clear evidence that the old playing field is not and never has been level?
  5. Liffey Wanderers and Crumlin Utd 0-0 at the break, A tense affair, a tense affair indeed
  6. St Johstone a goal up at home to Motherwell
  7. Celtic a goal up on Hearts
  8. Westerlo now 3-1 up, Lokeren come back short lived
  9. Westerlo now 2-1 up against Lokeren, is the come back on?
  10. Always Ready 4 Potosi 0 at half time, this one looks done
  11. Bangu 1 Oeste 0 Bet you never saw that coming!
  12. Westerlo add a second, 2 - 0 v Lokeren
  13. Hibs a goal up against Cooonty
  14. Thats Honved a goal up against Haladas Saarbruken 1 Pirmasen 2, looks like that one will be a final score
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