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  1. Ah so we havent signed anyone today Well not yet anyway...unless we really have and your keeping it from me...
  2. No FTOF posted "we have just signed.." Perhaps FTOF should answer For example I have just had a massive shite, I am of course referring to the massive shite I just dropped into the pan and NOT a massive shite I may/may not have had some day last week. Christ almighty!!!!!
  3. No that was last week.....the chap/chapess posted today, deadline day. Is he/she confused?
  4. Is the window finished yet? Edited to add: Deepest sorrow fellow foum user's. Is the window closed as yet?
  5. Contentment, just like every other day Well that and a superstar striker, a winger silkier than a high class hookers stockings and a midfielder with more tackle than the Glasgow angling centre. Players that we have actually heard of is often a good start, good start indeed.
  6. £17 is not too expensive for an adult. That is all, all indeed
  7. I do believe that answers your question, answers it indeed
  8. I am with you on that my forum friend, my gibbet will be flibbertied on that very point. Now I must say I am pleased to see thon Cole Kpekewa leave the club. My goodness that boy was never a footballer, whoever saw him and decided to pay him money to play football at my club needs a slapping around the sack. PS Quality quote
  9. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the game, problems that cometh with age. Anyway I managed to watch the game on an illegal firestick in a social club that I shall not name. It is a very short walk from my house and has no stairs so that I could do...good news is I shall be fit for our next match!!!! The illegal firestick need not be deployed on my behalf again and I anticipate it shall be used for old firm games and blue movies in future as I wont be requesting its use. First time I had ever watched St Mirren TV. Now to get to the point...........the quality was bloody awful, the constant shaking of the camera and distortion of the out of focus images started to make my head hurt. You could not tell who the players were and if the ball moved quickly you actually missed some of the action. So after all that......I am still to get to the point so....the images were so poor that you could not see the incident in sufficient detail. I was left wondering why a player would dive so far from goal but I could make out that the referee was in a good position. I was not even sure who the player was!! Still a pretty weak sending off though, the referee could easily have given him a warning in lieu of either of the cards. Strange watching an incident on TV and being somewhat less informed by those who attended the game.
  10. Great news to see young Kyle back
  11. This is either an unfortunate accident OR The car crash causing unit of MI6 (otherwise known as the Lady Diana disposal squad) are becoming very sloppy. Either way I sure the rampant auld bigot will survive to insult another day
  12. Sorry to interject in this high brow conversation...... Has anyone got any news regarding January arrivals perchance?
  13. Unless they buggered off back home in order to fetch pyjama's, toothbrushes and an ample supply of underwear before coming back to light up Paisley with dazzling displays of skill as they become the backbone of a trophy laden Paisley footballing dynasty that lasts for years and years and years (even longer than this sentence).
  14. Good stuff Who did you play with then?
  15. And an opportunity Welcome to big thingmie
  16. Must be right quiet at training though. The very few that are left must be dreading a tap on the shoulder.
  17. BEST Charlie Adam, Esmael Goncalves, Connot Newton, Paul Dummett WORST Alan Stubbs selection of defecate
  18. I see Pod wishes to extend pantomine season. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/st-mirren-football-club-ditch-single-use-plastic?bucket=template--2_1_2019_&source=facebook-share-button&time=1546449630&fbclid=IwAR1AH-R6zxNAARG9tWs77BCwfV_JrrMGDTUYo02IeJ-bsEu0iavvCL-Nta0 Oh yes they are!!!!! Note: What nosense, what utter nonsense indeed
  19. The single use plastic arguement is a very real one but I am sure that our wonderful club does not deserve to be singled out, at least not yet. As such I will NOT be signing this daft petition. As a personal protest, railing against the idiot who started this petition I shall purchase a bovril, use TWO plastic stirrers and also take a straw that I shall dispose of without EVER using it. Just to be safe I shall have to bring a couple of plastic stirrers and a straw with me in case such products are replaced with tree hugging models prior to my next attendance at the hallowed ground. Of course I shall make sure that the stirrers and straw have never been used before (as that would defeat my personal protest). Actually fellow Buddies lets all bring plastic stirrers and straws to the game, disposing of them in such a manner as to make this idiot pish themselves with rage.
  20. My views on Smisa being a well intentioned but ultimately fraudulent scheme are well kent on this little forum of ours. I appreciate your efforts to inform the wider Buddie community as to your findings, unfortunately many will fail to listen and will conduct themselves like Labour voters justifying illlegal war by refusing reason and resorting to insult. Good work. Smisa are evil, evil indeed. Happy new year Buddies, happy new year indeed
  21. Happy hew year Buddies, have a right guid yin, a right guid yin indeed.
  22. I must say, Flareybobs lunatic rantings aside it has been very quiet on the old speculation front. Normally our wonderful club leaks like a seive with the identity of transfer targets well known to all and sundry (often to the demise of the deal). Now that leaves two likely scenario's 1) The management team we have in place are highly professional and such news really has stayed with those who "need to know" 2) We are doing absolutely f**kall I choose to believe the first likely scenario and as the New Year rapidly approaches I yearn for an exciting intake of new talent to finally deliver some value for this season's season ticket purchase.
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