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  1. Can we expect to see Andy Millen come is as assistant technical director? What does a technical director do? How have we managed without one since 1877? With wee Gus's love of the movies shall we have overpriced but fresh(ish) popcorn being sold in the pie stall?
  2. I have just watched a wee video of David Rhys George Best Cotterill on the youtube, or as they call it in Ayrshire the ewepipe (boom tish) Anyway, his highlight reel indicates he has a touch of the Mallan's about him. Good standard of signing it would appear......it seems English non league is not where it is at
  3. Gus McPherson has left Queens park Campbell Money and John Hillcoat occasionally go for a pint together
  4. I think that last sentence sums it all up perfectly. Its just like our club to soil what was really such a great night with such utter stupidity.
  5. The forum user is just hilighting his very personal reason for finding the chants of these mindless sub human bigots as offensive. A bit of context is always good.
  6. Disgarceful behaviour by jobsworth stewards. The club owe a grovelling apology to the fans for this embarassing amatuerish display of utter nonsense. Some clarity should be offered on 1) What power were the stewards relying on when seizing the private property of someone else? 2) If such a power relies on "offence" then what exacly is offensive about this banner? 3) Identify the individual who made this moronic decison Furthermore If the lads in w7 were to make some t-shirts stating "fans not criminals" please let me know as I would happily buy one and wear it at the ground. If a jumped up stward wishes to rip my t-shirt from me he/she will have a walking stick firmly lodged in the rectum. In conclusion, this is a crock of excrement. We do not need such small minded idiots in the employ of our great club.
  7. Ignore it and move on, its upwards for us!!!! Often Chris Sutton is a good pundit who speaks the unpopular truth. For example he was spot on when he referred to Derek Johnstone as nothing but a Rangers apologist. On this occasion however he has opened his mouth and let his belly rumble uneducated bile. Treat him like Katie Hopkins, ignore him and he has no relevance, no relevance indeed.
  8. Big fellah strolled the game. Great performance from oor Anton, already he is one of our own. Welcome Anton Ferdinand, welcome indeed.
  9. I have the fear on this one. I cannot think of a worse way to spend my Friday night than to watch those sub human bigoted scum balls di diddly deeing there pish at our wonderful community stadium. Of course I am going though as one must live in hope! Oh and to welcome Oran
  10. Is that the factory thats on the road up to the new school? In my day Zavaronni's cafe was the place to be, I see its still going but I liked the new Syrian patisserie. The pink place, might be called Helmi's but everyone referred to as that. Anyway naw, sounds rotten.
  11. I am more than happy for people to reply to my posts. It is a discussion forum after all. I enjoy discussion. I was having a discussion with you (or I thought I was) but you tried to turn it into an arguement. Not interested in such an exchange with you, not interested at all.
  12. You have a point. Lets hope the lad has a great career, whatever he ends up doing
  13. Agreed, good positive article. Oran will get time. He seems very popular and whatever happens on Friday, we cannot say in any way that this is Oran's team. Oran will just have to get the best out of what he has until January. Good article though
  14. and I am unsure why you suddenly feel the need to reply to my every post. My posts are actually self explanatory, no harm to the lad, I blame Stubbs but he cannae play football. Simple, perhaps not enough. Try and expand your horizons, expand them indeed.
  15. Dearie me Scotty. 1) This is my account 2) I was not aware we were having an argument, merely a discussion 3) No attempt at comedy. I saw him play 50 minutes. The lad is not a footballer. If you saw something different then you clearly have what the travelling people call "the second sight". I saw some bloke who cannot play football, trying to play football. Unfortunately it was for my team. I think you are misunderstanding the art of simple conversation, misunderstanding the art of conversation indeed.
  16. I just cannot believe that someone who is clearly not a footballer, not by any stretch of the imagination, was allowed to wear the black and white stripes. It is actually one of the most ludicrous things I have ever witnessed in my life.
  17. One thing about Gary Irvine though is that however he played, well or poor no one can doubt that he did have the ability to simply kick a football. Cole Kpekewa is not a footballer, Christ you could play Eddie Gallagher at centre half and as hopeless such a wee guy like that would be in that position (unless he was playing in some sort of pygmie league) he would still be able to simply kick a football. That's the thing about footballers, they all possess the ability to simply kick a ball, except goalkeepers like Jame Langfield. I hope you get to judge Cole Kpekewa playing at left back in a reserve game somewhere, I doubt you will. The inability to kick a football, position oneself, jump or head a ball are rather important requirements to play football in any outfield position. The big lad is not a footballer. Perhaps we could use him in some other capacity whilst we run his contract down. The pie stall could certainly do with another pair of hands or indeed a big lad like him would make a great doorman for the 1877 club. I think you are underestimating the simple abilities required to become a footballer, underestimating them indeed.
  18. Lets be honest here, is he better than Cole Kpekewa?
  19. I would really love to able to say "I hope so". No harm to the lad. However in the Livingston game he was clearly not a footballer but rather some bloke we pulled out of a nearby pub. Any player can have a bad game, however when one cannot position oneself, nor jump for a baw, nor head a baw nor even kick a baw then one should maybe not play the fitbaw. Alan Stubbs may well have been responsible for demoralising the players but to make any ability at all dissapear completely he must be an evil wizarrd. Alan Stubbsaldore, Alan Stubbsaldore indeed.
  20. Agree totally. I have a lot of faith in wee Gordon with the daft car. A decisive man and decisive men are always better than those who sit on the fence. Anyway, back on topic. If Gordon with the daft car and Oran Kearney want Brian Rice to stay at the club then that is absolutely fine with me. The only thing I would like the club to clarify (a statement would be fine) is as to whether Brian Rice was in any way responsible for the signing of Cole Kpekewa? You know a wee statement such as The Saint Mirren FC board of directors are delighted to announce that Brian Rice will be retained in his capacity as assistant manager/moved to coach. In addressing the concerns of fans the board are keen inform our wonderful support that Brian was in no may responsible for the signing of Cole Kpekewa. The board would like to thank Brian for hard work during this tumultuous time and look forward to his valuable experience as we move forward with Oran Kearney. Oran said "Yes I am delighted that Brian will stay on, a great guy whom I look forward to building a new powerful team alongside. Especially without Cole Kpekewa whom I can confirm was signed entirely by Alan Stubbs and Darren Jackson, clearly why they lost the honour of leading this wonderful team
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