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  1. I would agree with young Callums statement above if....they weren't such scumbags It is true that our lower class and almost but thankfully not quite neighbours do indeed reject the ugly sisters but I must say the vitriol they show toward us is quite disgusting. I recall our great club playing them in a friendly and letting them keep the gate in order to help them survive, did we get a thank you...not from those scumbags. The people of Greenock are are a somewhat vitriolic spunkbag of unemployed leeches who give nothing to society except scabies, hepatitis, aids and a welfare bill. Imagine if planet earth was entirely like Greenock...I could not tell you if it was as the computer would never have been invented, neither would the typewriter nor even the written language. The planet would be covered by workshy illiterate buffoons wrything about in filth demanding free things whilst consuming every and any drug available in order to free themmselves momentarily from the perpetual misery of being from Greenock. I agree that we should look favourably upon those less fortunate but in the case of Greenockians we must regard them as useful as the novovirus and avoid at all cost (also it is spread by filth). So Callum they don't support the ugly sisters, neither does Rolf Harris, Katie Hopkins or Philp Schofield but I dont feel affinity with them either!!!!!! Greenock yuck, yuck indeed.
  2. Not really folowed this thread but I am begining to warm to Oran Kearney, I think we should offer him the job!
  3. This lot seem pretty sure its a done deal. Again I am not getting carried away but I think I will buy two new goldfish and call them Oran and Kearney
  4. The first Scottish manager to take our national team to the European championships was a teacher The second Scottish manager to take our national team to the European championships was a teacher The man who lifted our team from relegation fodder to promotion to the premier league in the wonderful 1999/2000 season was a teacher What on earth are we doing employing a bloody teacher!!!!! Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok Pizza hut hut hut....oh hang on!
  5. Welcome Oran Give it doakey young OK Welcome indeed young lad, the futures bright the futures.......black and white I wonder if he has viewed any houses in Ralston yet?
  6. When things are going well its the bloody universe, when its not too bad it's Scotland and after the Livi and Hearts games I would have struggled to say Paisley But yes...the world
  7. OK OK OK OK Oran Kearney As I say I am not getting caried away
  8. Thats an excellent point and I for one am old enough and experienced enough in the following of the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team pleaying squad to know much better. That said "Yahoo Indeed, welcome Oran you lovely man, Oran Kearney's black and white army" and I sure under Oran we will have tirty tree points in the bag by Christmas. Love you Oran, your my new hero, you are our saviour and I am so very happy indeed. But I won't get too carried away now!
  9. I am genuinely pleased, pleased indeed. Welcome Oran and also well done to Gordon and the board. It is a true test of a persons character to admit a mistake and huge credit to them for doing so as quickly as they did. This is a good day, a good day indeed.
  10. This week saw the end for more than just Alan Stuubs, surely Cole Kpekewa will soon be on the hunt for a job as well? No harm to the lad, like me he just cannae play football!
  11. Is the Thommohawk interested? That would excite me. Is jim Goodwin interested, he wasn't before? That would raise a smile Jim McIntyre, lives in Paisley, has the experience..does he want it? I would nod approvingly Oran Kearney, we knocked him back when clearly we should not have, might we be able to bring him back to the table? I would smirk admiringly Gary Teale anyone? I liked him, I would stoke my chin thoughtfully Gus McPherson being quoted? Nah, not for me
  12. I somehow believe you to be somewhat misinformed as to how an organisation such as a football club works. The players taking the huff is unimportant to the career of a manager The fans taking the huff is unimportant to the career of a manager The board taking the huff, well don't let the door hit your sizable arse on the way out. Perhaps you critique would be better aimed at the board thus allowing people like me to reply in support of the board with praise of oor Gordon's ability to be decisive. I have never met oor Gordon but I do like him, like him indeed
  13. Alan When your inevitable sacking by oor Gordon occurs, what career advice do you have for Cole Kpekewa?
  14. If we, the supprters set up a crowdfunding page, how much money do we need to raise to get you to eff right off? And would it help if Shull picked you up for free?
  15. Who signed Kpekewa? Sorry I am still struggling to believe that any football team would field such a non-footballer let alone pay him money as well. Astonishing, astonishing indeed
  16. I want the man to succeed but what we saw on Saturday was disgraceful. The centre half (I won't name him again as I am unsure I am spelling it correctly for starters) debacle is beyond ridiculous. I do hope he shrugs off these idiotic tendancies and makes it work but I already have the fear.
  17. The original poster does have a point However I am terrified by the fact that someone on our coaching team saw Cole Kpekewa and thought has was a footballer AND that he was good enough to employ as a footballer AND good enough to play in the first team playing squad AHEAD of Jack Baird. Also if you recall we have been lead to believe that Gary MacKenzie was told he WAS NOT good enough and yet Cole Kpekewa IS! On Saturday Cole Kpekewa looked entirely like a bloke pulled of the street and asked to play, he is not a footballer and whoever scouted him and whoever signed him should not be employed in the football industry. Cammy Smith is also a cracking player, only a complete idiot would drop him (also only an idiot would allow Cole Kpekewa to play as detailed above).
  18. He only touched the ball on second 8 and I glanced away between second 8.0 - 8.5
  19. Yes To give you an example in support of my "yes" I can give you a player called James Gardner. Now James Gardner was signed by our club as part of the deal that saw Paul Lambert pack his bags for Lanarkshire. James was signed as a first team player and hopes were high that James was "better than what we had" and all the usual quotes that surround such a signing. Anyway I did not need 90 minutes to judge the talent of James, It was nearer 9 seconds. James Gardner lives long in the memory and has made many a "select 11" along with other legends like Bobby Law, Gary McVie and the such like. 9 seconds in this case, 9 bloody seconds indeed.
  20. It is a very good point that is made by our mutual forum friend, very good point indeed. Be under no illusions that many of our "fair weather" fans will dissapate into the wilderness as the season progresses if we do not look like securing top six status. As it stands we do not look like we will be able to secure top six status.
  21. Yes along with Jim Gardner, Gary McVie, Stephane Bahoken, Bobby Law, Robert Dawson, Cristopher Wreh, Lex Baillie and Mo Camara. Quite unfortunate that quite unfortunate indeed
  22. I didn't know one posted tunes any more. Was it Brittania that was the club where ne could mail order records and compact discs?
  23. Israel Campbell Money Tommy Wilson, Jackie Copeland, Norrie McWhirter, Ian Munro Paul Lambert, Billy Abercrombie, Dan McGarry, Archie Gemmill Tommy Bryceland, Gerry Baker Subs: Francis McGarvey, Francis McAvennie, Lex Richardson, Davie Lindsay, John (Cockles) Wilson, Jock Bradford, Arthur Dickson, Hugh Gilshan, Davie Lapsley, Alec Linwood, John McGinn, Gordon McQueen
  24. One does worry about the way football is going when we seem to be building a team of "borrowed" players.
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