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  1. TediousTom

    John McGinn

    No, no and no Lets enjoy this little windfall and hope that it brings us some quality on the park as well as other improvements in and around the club. Keep that crazy nonsense for your inside voice. Let us hope that Smisa run out of steam and the "impending doom" of squabbling Smisa ownership never comes to bear upon our great club. Let us not be the turkey who votes for Christmas.
  2. TediousTom

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    No I probably would not Unless he did something outrageous like slapped me with his walloper but I cannot forsee that can you? Also it would need to be some walloper slap to break my glasses!!!!
  3. TediousTom

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    The offer of a season ticket really is generous, generous indeed. Unless one is an absolute halfwit of the highest order then one really ought to be aware that being struck by a football that is being kicked in your general direction is a possibility. This wonderful club of ours are NOT to blame for this incident. In order to be blameworthy one must prove some form of liability. How can our club be liable for an event that was entirely foreseeable? Especially at his age he really ought to have known better. Incidentally if I get hit (again) by a football I WILL not petition the club for any form of compensation as I know better, that is unless a player clearly kicks the ball at me deliberately as that would be different.
  4. TediousTom

    Welcome Matty Willock

    A song for Matty Matty Willock, Oh Matty Willock Play against him, look like a pillock Please don't take oor Matty Away Another song for Matty Matt, Matt, Matty You drive me batty Matt, Matt, Matty You like to drink the latte Matt, Matt, Matty Your better than Massimo Donatti Matt, Matt. Matty You like to eat the pate Matt, Matt, Matty You play for the Buds
  5. TediousTom

    Welcome Matty Willock

    I see that some people (other forum user's) making statements such as "he did well" and "decent". I disagree. Big Matty was excellent, rare, gallus and fanf**kingtastic Really liked the big fellah, strong, tall and yet skilful. Well seen he has not been around Scottish football as a youth as we would surely have turned him into a centre half by now! Anyway really liked the big fellah, really liked him indeed!
  6. TediousTom

    Sign Shankland!

    A little quick with the gloating...even IF a plan to sign Larry is afoot then we should all know by now that such plans often don't go to plan. As often happens a "big" club like Arthurlie or someone might come in with higher wages!!!!! If I were minded like you I would wait and see if Larry signs for us and then post a "told you so" type retort and if he doesn't sign then you won't have posted anything thus you won't look daft. Constraint I say, constraint indeed
  7. Smith was decent but give young Paul McGinn every chance. Also Liam Smith was a little lightweight and did find himself caught out on more than one occasion. I give you Dundee Utd's goal in the last game at Tannadice when Liam Smith was well and truly skinned rotten for the Dundee Utd goal. Otherwise we would have won the league that night. Anyway keep your Liam Smith worshiping to yourself, Paul McGinn is OUR player and as such is more important than anyone else. If Liam was to return then he would command the same respect as our Paul but as he is not our player then he is in effect a second class citizen. Mon the young McGinn, mon the young Mcginn indeed.
  8. TediousTom

    Flag Day 2018 - Back the Buds

    Oh what a miserable individual that is behind that online personality, miserable indeed. Winning the championship was indeed an achievement and some of the more light hearted Buddies amongst us will rightly wish to celebrate in an appropriate manner. To think where we were almost headed to starting a new season back at the top table of Scottish football is really quite remarkable, remarkable indeed. If the youngsters wish to mark the occasion then bloody guid luck to them. One imagines that almost every supporter of our club will raise at least a smile when that hard fought for flag is unfurled. I can only state how utterly sorry I feel for people who are so devoid of joy in life that they would wish to demean the achievement of winning the right to unfurl that flag. Some people really do revel in sucking joy from wherever it can be found. Well go suck your joy from elsewhere and leave our joy alone you joy sucking ghoul.
  9. TediousTom

    Speculation Thread

    Did anyone see Clyde yesterday? Ahem...David Goodwillie looked top drawer and his goal a thing of beauty. Yes he is a bit rapey but we are in need of a decent striker!!!!!
  10. TediousTom

    Sign Shankland!

    Do you know what else we need, threads like this to have been entered correctly in the speculation thread. Keep our forum tidy, keep it tidy indeed.
  11. TediousTom

    The Forum

    Shull appears to be returning to his old sane self. Welcome back Shullster, nice to have you back in the room, welcome back indeed.
  12. TediousTom

    What happens if we raise the funds early?

    1) I know, but changing any "ring fenced" promise shows a weak organisation that are not to be trusted. I don't trust them one bit. 2) You are partially correct. However you also have to accept that not everyone is a Smisa convert. I can voice my disapproval of Smisa as much as I want (the wonders of living in a free country) 3) I don't wear knickers, I wear Y fronts that were white when I bought them but are now a light grey. In any case one being mistrusting of Smisa has no connection to any bladder problem. 4) You are probably correct but I find it arrogant in the extreme if any Smisa follower thinks that everyone who follows our beloved club will bow to Smisa with unquestioning loyalty. I cannot be the only one who does not trust them. 5) Let's hope so. Initially I am sure it will. I am also sure that before long petty divisions will occur amongst people who couldn't keep a "ring fenced" promise and hide behind "but we voted on it" nonsense. Smisa is doomed to fail and I hope against hope that my beloved club is not damaged beyond repair whilst Smisa collapses around it in a web of jealousy and infighting. Now lets crack on with the rest of our Tuesday, crack on with the rest of our Tuesday indeed.
  13. TediousTom

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    Now there is a term I have not heard in a long time!
  14. TediousTom

    What happens if we raise the funds early?

    I am fully aware that Smisa changed it's own goalposts. Worrying trend is it not. The only saving grace being that for now Smisa is currently a harmless entity with a pipe dream, let us hope against hope that this pipe dream never becomes a reality. One really worries when an organisation makes a cast iron promise only to change it, perhaps Smisa should be negotiating Brexit!
  15. TediousTom

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    Sanctimonious, sanctimonious indeed
  16. TediousTom

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Our forum friend made a highly relevent point. Your typed attack on our mutual forum friend was unjust, unjust indeed. PS: I have recently learned of an organisation called "the open university" give it a try.
  17. TediousTom

    Jordon Brown

    Not more common, just more medical awareness now. Anyway good news for him and his family, good news indeed. Play on lad, play on indeed
  18. TediousTom

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    I remember this well..... I recall sitiing in the waiting room with one of my former wives around 1967/1968 when a well kent Paisley alcoholic (Jeanie the bag was her name, she always hadnbag with her and a dug, a wee Jack Russell) had a shit on the platform. Anyway it was exceptionally funny because she squatted down, released her turd and then fell back on it thus squelching said turd into the crevice of her skinny arse. The turd as I recall was rather large, enough to imprint a butterfly effect on her arse along almost refilling her bony crack. She then shouted abuse at a tree before standing up and pulling her trousers up, which now contained said turd almost in it's entirety. Has anyone else witnessed a female shitting on a train platform? I count myself lucky, lucky indeed.
  19. TediousTom

    What happens if we raise the funds early?

    A suggestion. If funds are raised early why not give the extra monies to Gordon Scott who has been and clearly is a wonderful chairman. Then fcuk off and give us all peace. Smisa are a shitpot of altering opinions who are already going back on ring fenced promises. The "look at me" wall is a disgrace that should be torn down and the class split between premium and normal members identifies Smisa as...well..a shitpot. Smisa have been a great organisation in the past that did very good and just things for our club when the club really needed it, well done. Now it it is time to halt your dreams of domination. The moment premium members were offered an invite to any event before those who perhaps could not afford it identified you as an organisation of spunkstains. I have zero faith in you and I view you as a great threat to Paisley's greatest insitution. Piss off Smisa, piss off indeed
  20. Great discussion my forum friend, great discussion indeed For me it is a top six or not far off. My reasoning behind this is that we have a great chairman who backs his manager (I evidience this by the fact that we signed 11 players during the January window last year, what great confidence to show) . It will be a great season, even if I dont knowwho the majority of my team are come kick off versus Dundee Come on ye Saints, Come on ye Saints indeed PS Smisa are Cnuts...now we have a great Chairman let us trap him forever
  21. TediousTom

    St. Mirren Park.

    No they did not.....well spotted young man, well spotted indeed I am off to slap myself hard on the ballsack as a punishment for my stupidity
  22. TediousTom

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    There you go staunchly defending old Smisa again. One must admire your total unwavering dedication to "the cause". You could be useful, you could be useful indeed..
  23. TediousTom

    A positive suggestion (Fan engagement)

    TF: Hello Mr Tedious it's Tony Fitzpatrick here, I just want to thank you for renewing your season ticket Me: What's that son I cannae hear you TF: Hello Mr Tedious it's Tony Fitzpatrick here, I just want to thank you for renewing your season ticket Me: No son ah'm no hearin you TF: Hello Mr Tedious it's Tony Fitzpatrick here, I just want to thank you for renewing your season ticket Me: You want to thank me for renewing a treason picket? TF: I just want to thank you for renewing your season ticket Me: whit's that fur TF: From the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co, thanks very much for your continued support Me: No I do that online, who is this TF: Its Tony, I know you do it online Sir, I was just phoning to say thank you Me: No mate, I do it online TF: Yes thank you, goodbye Me: Who is this, hello, Netta is that you hen, hello TF: (hung up) Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Me: I never meant what I said Netta, we will be together again soon TF: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Me: Netta, Netta can you hear me TF: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Me: Netta, Netta, Ohhhh Netta I cannae lose you again, Netta TF: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  24. TediousTom

    St. Mirren Park.

    Yes I do. The day we beat Rangers on Christmas eve and the day we beat Celtic 4-1 as well as Billy Mehmet slotting home a penalty to defeat Celtic 1-0 in the Scottish cup were very special occasions. Also the day we lifted the Scottish Championship trophy to return us to the top division, all of these occasions culminate in making our wee stadium very special, very special indeed.
  25. TediousTom

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    I reckon he is basing that upon your rampant support of all things Smisa. Me he is having a go at for comic value. Clearly you are ripe for the brainwashing and as such you will be a worthwhile foot soldier as I command you to commit various atrocities in the name of Smisa. Yes a fool man who carries out orders without question is useful to maniacal overlords like me. Smisa will adorn your walls, adorn you body (by means of tattoo's) as it already adorns your mind. Smisa own you boy and Smisa demands your service. Your in the Smisa now! Vote Tom and I will promote you to the rank of Bobby Dawson.