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  1. Or a Parducci or a Jaconelli? Anyone mind Jaconelli's café in Johnstone? Now they served good ice cream, now they served good ice cream indeed
  2. A wee bit lazy, let me improve it for you Worst: A.Bone, Gardiner, Archibald, Charnley, Gow, Baillie, Kpekwa, Camara, Willock, McVie, Dawson, Bahoken, Twaddle,
  3. Was Mo Camara worse than Cole Kpekwa? I remember Mo Camara kicking a ball straight once so in my opinion h wasnt as piss f**king poor as Cole Kpekwa
  4. Its goes great with the tune in my head.
  5. Oh big Jon Jon Obika nearly made me a streaker When big big Jon Obika put the ball in the Hearts net Oh wee Annie Anne She said she widnae Budge But along came Jon Obika Her plans did turn tae fudge Big Jon Jon Obika of Hearts he did get rid What an assist by the old Covid Now Hearts they are full of intrigue as they try and fix the league But chances are rather sparse Cos big Jon Jon Obika he dumped then on there arse
  6. That made me laugh young man. Well done well done indeed
  7. Often it is yes Here is a typical example of the common bigot "Ah support the mighty Glesga Sellick, Im fae Johnstone and they urr the only team fur me" Okay, why do you not support a local team like say Johnstone Burgh or St Mirren? "Mah great grandfaither wiz fae Ireland and he supportit the Glesga Sellick, its mah heritage" Really, and what team or teams did your other 7 great granparents support? "eh whit" Another one is this Rangers died in 2012 "naw they didnae, wee arra peeeppell" Also see members of the orange lodge, the knights of St Columba, Hibernain clubs, the KKK, the Nazi party, Wellmeadow bowling club, the Conservative and Unionist party and readers of the Dailly Mail
  8. Ah the annual Flareybob pishflap season has started He/She/It is right on time as well. Many would have thought that the pishflap nonsense could have started early due to covid 19 induced boredom, but credit where it is due, the pishflap nonsense was delivered right on time.
  9. It was also in the Dailly Record, so its probably a lot of pish Labour voting people read the Dailly Record......it neednt be be well written
  10. Naw Its completely new. and its smashing. Trip advisor is a website, its the chef that cooks. Its the chef that makes awesome curry. I agree with you mostly btw. Pretty sure Gordon Scott wsa NOT chairman in 2007. That was the good ship Stewart Gilmour that you refer to. So it IS a new management team (mostly, Campbell Kennedy has somehow remained). Just allow a little praise to go our clubs way, it really doea appear to be deserved.
  11. To be fair thats speculation. It is a bit like saying "that Indian in Rankine St, Johnstone is rubbish because I had a bad curry in 2007" when in fact it is now under new management and the best bloody curry known to Renfrewshire. Gordon Scott, Alan Wardrop, Tony and the rest have done a fine job. I refer to te Spicy Garden, a fine curry, a fine curry indeed.
  12. Thats correct, I remember that well. However, that was then and this is now, that was then and this is now indeed
  13. Good to hear, good to hear indeed. PS fixed it for you
  14. Not really, the pies are dear as f**k and not that good. The Wee Bakers in Govan does a michty guid pie and its only about 50p or so, I cannae remember the price but its as cheap as something that costs 50p. I miss nothing about the pie stall. It has the most inefficient system of operation I could imagine. You stand in a queue about 4/5 deep, you wonder why a queue exists at all as the ground is not that busy and a wheen of staff are on duty behind the counter. Eventually you get to the front. The lassie with the black fleece and red hat on takes your order. She then walks to the back of the stall where she asks another lassie in a black fleece and red hat for whatever item you asked for (if your item is not available or she forgets what you asked for this journey is repeated), The lassie with the red hat and black fleece on passes your hot item to the other lassie with the red hat and black fleece on who walks accross the stall and places the item in front of you. The lassie with the black fleece and red hat on then walks to the drinks machine where she asks another lassie with a black fleece and red hat to pour your drink (this part of the journey is often repeated your beveridge is unavailable or has been forgotten). The lassie with the black fleece and red hat on then hands your beveridge to the other lassie with the black fleece and red hat on, who then crosses the stall to place your beveridge in front of you. The lassie with the black fleece and red hat on then quotes a ridiculously high price that you are then obliged to pay. You hand your £10 note to the lassie with the black fleece and red hat on who once again crosses the stall but this time approaches the till, where, inevitably a queue of lassies in black fleece and red hats has formed. Your lassie with the black fleece and red hat on eventually gets to the till where your overpriced order is processed monetarily. The lassie with the black fleece and red hat on the crosses the stall AGAIN to bring you your small and now insignificant amount of change. You turn round to see that quite the queue has formed behind you and you wonder why in the name of f**k anyone would allow a business to run so inefficiently. At this juncture you walk to the steel pole type shelves that dont really hold anything and are a bit pointless where you skillfully balance your drink in order that you can free your hands up to use the mustard/sauce dispensers. You then skillfully retrieve your expensive and weak beveridge from the precarious position you left it on the steel pole shelves and make your way toward the seating area, where, unless we are playing Hearts, you are likely to be dissapointed. No I do not miss the pie stall at all, do not miss it at all indeed.
  15. If Div is seriously thinking about giving up the forum, I'll take it on. Shull, your barred
  16. I was thinking the self same thing. A number of squads could be starting the season on the light side (we always seem to regardless) meaning a wheen of players could be left without contracts. It would be nice if we could breenge In early and snap up some decent players, but alas we all know finances dictate otherwise.
  17. Perhaps ST holders should be allowed in the ground to sit on that sit where they could watch the live stream from! Season ticket holders are awesome.
  18. I have no idea (because I cant be arsed reading too far back) but how did we end up taliking about Gerry Cinnamon? Anyhow he is a talented lad and you have heard of him you ignrorant pigs. Carpe Dieme was a big song at the time of the referendum. Anyway he is NOT the biggest star to come from Castlemilk. I mind Donovan very well. His maw used to receive tatties every Thursday evening and the well quiffed boy would answer the door and pay his maws Tottie bill. Stardom and all that, stardom and all that indeed.
  19. Behave yourself you smelly, unwashed nonce. The lad made a good point, no one needs you noncing hate all over it.
  20. Thats a bit strong. I mean unless its Oaksoft was that realy warranted? Oaksoft is a jizzy nonce rag that has been left to turn in the sun, so Oaksoft is a smelly jizzy nonce rag that has been left to turn in the sun. But it wasn't Oaksoft so maybe a bit strong? Anyway I love my ST. no Smisa member will ever part me from it!!!!!
  21. Vaclav did not earn his reputation just on one game though, he only enhanced it. The boy is a damned good goalkkeep. damned good goal keep indeed.
  22. Oooh Bettty Little bitch are we not? Smack my wrinkly arse you foolish effeminate nonce. Now go forth and proclaim your anger you irrelevent tadger. Have I run out of insults. no I have not. no I have not indeed Prick
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