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  1. Did SPS not explain the point to you once before? If that is true then you have brought shame upon the forum, shame upon the internet, shame upon society and shame upon yourself, shame upon the forum, the internet, society and yourself indeed.
  2. If only we hadn't sold Kyle Maggenis eh? Perhaps by selling more of our young talent for peanuts and if Tony keeps up with his outlandish statements then it will magically happen eh!
  3. I was in Darlington recently. In the square there is a wee pub called "the hole in the wall". Its next to the Dolphin centre on market square. Anyway I was stood at the bar and I overheard a couple of English unemployed having a conversation. It went like this "Eeeh pet mind that St Murn geme when out them from Paisley cam doon here and beat us t'football well there was a bray up at t'market square y'knaa and all them St Murn fans were braying and all and a couple of lads from Darlo got brayed in like but many more Paisley lads got brayed in more like cos they cannae fight man. Anyways I was happy that big lad Wilbur weren't there like he'd have brayed us all in once it started like. Ah heard like that lad Wilbur y'knaa he is proper mental like, yeah divvun want to bray head to head way him man he would bray us all in like and piss pissy English lager doon wurr b'astad Englush necks like. Right bahman a pint o' pissy English lager over here and a vodka for me pet me here like y'knaa". I made this up, I made this up indeed.
  4. Will you batter the heids in of those who offend the common decency? Will your brogue stamp on the windpipe of the Hampden blazer? Will your defecate find it's way down the throat of a weak scrawny bigot? The Wilbur I remember was a maniac, a one man army, a prowling alpha intimidating its bait by showing its unshaven baws. Like Sting in Quadrophenia you were an icon amongst the violently minded....a well dressed thug for a certain generation and an old fighty pish smelling cuntard for others. Nowadays these young bucks with the knives and drugs and bad diets don't know what a hard man is but lets face it these lardy wobble bags wouldn't last twenty seconds with a young Wilbur thug. I still remember fondly your last stand at Aberdeen. After all those years of thuggery and skull stamping I recall your breaching of the peace at Aberdeen. We never realised that day as you were led away in handcuffs like a common whore that the legend of Wilbur had fallen. What did you get at Aberdeen Sheriff court? Were you close to becoming the first fan of our club to have a football banning order? Such a Legend..... Hey Wilbur, guys like that wee ugly fud Jake and his postman pal have nothing on you my old hero, a couple of fanny' s my old hooligan friend, my old old hooligan friend indeed.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with your post. What wording would you have used? Here is what I would have written: Dear Motherwell, Please tell that ugly bigot cast off that you have for some reason employed to keep his unqualified and ill informed opinion to his child like self. Yours In Sporting Greatness Tedium of Thomas PS: Would you like to purchase any of our academy graduates before Hibs snap them up? Good prices!
  6. Was that the whole letter? I think the last line was missed out, you know the one that Tony puts at the bottom of all his letters.... Would you like to buy any of our academy graduates? Going cheap
  7. The boy Murray really should have scored. Plastic Whistle really should be winning this!
  8. Who is the Tommy in commentary? He seems to think it's a good game.
  9. Is it aye..... What a waste of a post Pod......but it is you so hey ho, hey ho indeed.
  10. That's what I was thinking about you, genuinely I do. Christ should have a capital C by the way. Thickboy.
  11. Oh look a "new" poster spouting utter pish, just in time to defend the honour of our failing board members. What a coincidence, what a coincidence indeed. Lets deal with this keyboard boak shall we. 1) Ffs he wouldnt sign new contract, - You know that do you? Also he was our player and our Captain. 2) is injury prone and would have left end of season - Well if he was that injury prone why did JG make him the Captain? All players get injuries and Kyle has just been a bit unlucky. Again you seem to know that he was off at the end of the season. What a well informed producer of boak you are 3) Hasn't played a game and certainly wasn't going be some kind of saviour - He was our Captain so the manager clearly (and rightly) rated him. Quite the stupid point you have made. 4) Fully back club on this taking money before he walks for nothing....- Of course you do. Why type the other boak though? . Well I find your contribution to be nothing more than idiotic spew, idiotic spew indeed.
  12. During Sept the board said the club were OK and had no need to sell players. The club was in sound finance. Is that another lie. One nil to SPS. Pod was trying to be smart......he failed. We are a team of loan players, woohoo I am full of excitement at cheering on other clubs players.
  13. Time for my tuppence worth. When Tony the tache took the helm he specifically stated that we would no longer be selling off our prized young assets for less than they were worth. Well that was a f**king lie was it not? Kyle Magennis was only 21yrs old and the Captain of an SPFL club. To sell him to a league rival for so much less than an acceptable value was beyond amateur. I am coming round rapidly to SPS's assertions that we are indeed a poorly run club. Would Hibs have been able to strip a similar asset from St Johnstone, Kilmarnock or Motherwell so cheaply? He was the clubs player and it was ultimately the clubs decision to sell. The same old pish is rolled out as it is every time we cash in (cheaply) on one of our assets. We don't want an unhappy player, the players head was turned when that happens we could do nothing, he could have went for free in the summer. Such statements question the professionalism of the player and I don't doubt young Kyles professionalism for one moment. I do question the professionalism and integrity of Gordon Scott and Tony the much admired tache. I question those stupid remarks about top six. You see top six isn't that fanciful, it really isn't. The top six however will forever be beyond our grasp whilst we continue to flog such talent for next to f**k all. No amount of pish spouting from immediately below Tony's tache will change that, progress is beyond our club and it will remain beyond the club whilst we continue in this cycle of producing and selling to our rivals (for next to f**k all as well). If you want to see the success of our clubs football academy then I suggest you get a season ticket for HIbs, HIbs now boast a McGinn, a Mallan, another McGinn and now a Magennis (not to mention the Naismith that's just away back from his loan). How we could use these players now. But cheer up lads and lassies, the board love you and have already looked after us. We have signed two loan players so lets all forget about being nothing more than a highly successful feeder club. These loan players are the future and will be just brilliant and we will all be happy. Our loyalty is always tested but we are venturing way beyond the point where those in power at the club are ripping the absolute pish out of those who parted with hard earned cash for season tickets.
  14. Allude is a word with playful roots, It comes from the Latin "alludere", which means to play with, and shares the root of Latin ludere (to play) with other words in the English language such as ludicrous and delude. So in answer to your question I shall pose you a question What did the Romans ever do for us? What did the Romans ever do indeed?
  15. Well tie me kangaroo down sport tie me kangaroo down indeed
  16. The village idiot. An attention seeking fool. The forum pest. The community dunce. Bit like yersel since you are the dribbling halfwit, you are the dribbling halfwit indeed.
  17. I like Jack, I really do think he is a decent player who will only get better with experience. He does have a decent amount of experience already........he could easily be a good player for us with a long career. I do hope that Jim see's sense and plays the lad on Saturday, with McCarthy beside him I would not be overly concerned. Actually Jack could easily give Jim a selection problem when Shaughnessy is fit because he could be difficult to drop! Alas he will likely go elsewhere, to a rival team and carve out a good career, you know evolve into the type of player that we wish we had but can't afford! Mind the Dunfermline game? what a performance, what a performance indeed.
  18. I am not sure that is what he meant.....but hey, I could be wrong, I could be wrong indeed.
  19. Do you mean the same Gus that released Kenny McLean only for Danny to sign him up?
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