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  1. I try not be someone who gloats but on this, Monday the thirteenth day of February 2012 (two thousand and twelve or 13/2/2012) I will ignore my normal persona and treat myself to a right good gloat! Truly I must thank the Govan tax dodgers for the joy they have brought me this day. The smile on my face is the brightest and most joy ridden it has been since we beat the same tax dodging criminal's on Christmas eve (the 24th day of december 2011). Could this be the begining of a renaissance for Scottish football and Scottish society? Could this be a "levelling" of Scottish football's playing field? Could this be a bright new dawn (not a literal dawn but a euphemism) for our beloved sport in Scotland? I would enjoy expanding on these point's that I have raised but for the time being I shall refrain from doing so. I will however express my utter joy and leave you (my fellow forum user's) with a few point's to ponder: Think of all those years when the Govan tax dodger's beat our beloved professional football club with player's they could not afford and should never have had! Think of the utter reprobate's who taunted us with the "Paisley loyal" banner and ask why they have abandoned the club that they the claimed to be so passionate about? And finally, when the reprobate's speak in defence of the tax dodger's of Govan and profess loyalty to Queen and country, ask them just how many bullet proof vest's the British government would have been able to buy our troop's (fighting for Queen and country) with the 42 million pound's that the tax dodger's have fraudulently witheld from HMRC? Rejoice fellow football supporter's REJOICE!
  2. On this short quote of yours Shull I have to voice my complete agreement. The fortunes of the Saint Mirren professional football club plc are obviously at stake here and with the recent developments at the Govan tax dodgers and the Midlothian overdraught extenders the risks of the preverbial knight in shining armour (an expression and not literal, if the new owner wishes to dress in shiny armour this is unlikely to have any effect detrimental ot otherwise on that persons ability to run a football club). The good news is that the current situation for the Saint Mirren professional football club plc is indeed a very healthy one and I sincerely hope that our situation does not differ in any great detail from the situation we currently have. If the supporters are ultimately able to purchase the majority of the club then I will be confident that the prospects of the Saint Mirren professional football club plc will remain positive. I do not want to see anyone come into our beloved professional football club and run in any way that puts our beloved professional football club at financial risk.
  3. I appear to have started the same thread twice, this was not my intent!

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Oh Tom, do not worry, we all make mistakes, none of which really matter.

  4. This is a very un-tedious subject and I also had the same reaction as you upon hearing that very interview, my mouth opened and an almost silent "wow" was produced. That Johnstone fellow is a very clear speaker and I was happy to listening to him, The bit nearing the end of the broadcast wherupon Mr Johnstone sighs as he speaks then goes on to state something like "as someone with some knowledge about this, I cannot say I am comfortable that further revelations will not come out"! Putting the double negative aside that was quite a statement and If fans of that dank and fowl club had brains, they would be worried. I do have a brain and Im rather chuffed! Indeed im giggling into my cremola foam as I type.
  5. If St Mirren fail to sign a centre half by midnight then we should bomb Argentina to cheer me up!

    1. TediousTom


      It was between them and Russia, I need something to cheer me up!

    2. ewanst.mirren


      its a complete disgrace why we arent signing Anyone

    3. TediousTom


      A small Sherry would be nice but I prefer Whisky. Now we still need a centre half!

  6. I may have made my most tedious post to date, you are of course all welcome!

    1. Tracy Barlow Loyal

      Tracy Barlow Loyal

      TediousTom = Blackandwhitearmy.com Legend.

    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Tedius Tom, you are, indeed, a fine upstanding gentleman.

  7. Have a Tedious New Year celebration my fellow Saint Mirren supporting patrons

  8. I dont know why someone would say such a thing about a fellow fan who wants to use the same forum and comment on the same things that that person does in a very similiar way. Nothing tedious here buster, its all go go go with the big Tee Tom.
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