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  1. dayton got pass marks, caprice the same old. being a saints and orient fan can be hard sometimes.
  2. going too the game but its more for the beers and big day oot than anything else
  3. they should have been down too 9 men that fowl on mcmullen was a stright red and there was one in the second hgalf that should have been a second booking. ref was so inconstitant. shankland had hands on his face and neither the Ref or linesmens seen it is a joke
  4. Got kicked up and down today and got no protection ref was a disgrace
  5. im selling something i should get paid for it. i worte the songs and recorded them. i ha\d too pay for strings, picks, leads, amps and everything else we need too record as well as studio time and time for rehearsals. if you a signed too a deal with a record company and they pump £100,000 in to you and you make and album and only make £10,000 more than the £100,00 then the band will only get the £10,000 as the record company have too recoup there money. and anyway most recording legaly belong too the record companies who in them selves are stealing from musicans with the crap rates of royalties some bands get. if its an artist who finance everything them selves i pay a bit more for there record as i feel they deserve it for the amount of work thats needed too do that.
  6. What about songwriters who dont perform? what about producers, these guys dont play live and have too be paid. and anyway for most musicians now the biggest earner is live work and festivals. so many people steal it as well and thats an abomination. i love live work and i love playing live but i enjoy recording and writing songs. i put a lot of work into my writing and writing the best songs possible and i feel i should be paid for the sales of the recorded work i have written.
  7. Was mallan injured yesterday. seems strange him being on the bench. also midfield was too light weight and didn't track back quick enough
  8. Would support any other club in europe except for sevco and celtic. i just cant do it
  9. we would sign messi and youd still hate it
  10. no but orient do, having a season a bit like the saints are. if we had the orient players at saints we would be top 6
  11. barry is a legend, the job he done with the Os was fantastic just a shame our new owners dont seem too care what happens too us.
  12. now bands need to make money from there live work its just the way it is, too many people are downloading music illegally and its driving up the ticket prices at gigs, older bands you could say could afford to not charge through the roof for tickets as they have made plenty of money but for younger bands its the only way they get paid any more.
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