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  1. I spoke to Ross earlier on today who runs the community stuff at the club. He said the type of goals they have are rare and it takes time to get the correct parts. Apparently it's just a couple of clips the goals need. Same problem as last time so don't get why they don't just order more than the required amount of clips so they always have spare. I agree it's a game for St mirren supporters and it's great that we can support the club financially every week, however surely there comes a point where it's simply not good enough. The done must have been down for 6/7 weeks now.
  2. It's still the 5 aside goals in the dome. Would rather be playing at Linwood that into wee 5aside nets.
  3. Agree with Nicky, when the dome is fully functional it's great. However last night it was baltic, 5 aside goals, corners were caving in and puddles were gathering in the corners!! Bit of a joke to be paying full price for that.
  4. Got to love Dougiys reason for declining on teamer, "will be hungover" for a 8pm game game of 8s hahaha
  5. Think for the night out we just have to pick a date like Dave says the 20th of February sounds good. Doubt we will ever get one where everyone can go so that give time to try get it off work etc. Also Happy Birthday Monty!
  6. Is it worth getting another night out arranged? Was a good day/night last time. No idea how much is in the kitty but last night out was beginning of October so should have some in it by February time!
  7. It's a friendly game of 8 asides. We've not got a ref to give fouls, people do it 3/4 times a game which is a sending off. It's ruined the game for me recently and to be honest it's not enjoyable anymore. Going by people who are on the ground and they kick you for no reason, that's not a professional foul. Same people every week and everyone knows who these people are. A lot of past regulars don't even play anymore. I wonder why...
  8. I probably didn't word that correctly, I didn't mean hard tackles. Not got a problem with that at all, that's part of the game. However it's the "professional fouls" that are annoying. Getting ankles clipped for no reason gets frustrating after a while. Not going to name names but it's the same people every week.
  9. What's happened to this game? Used to be played in a good spirit now it's full of bad tackles and people ruining it. Intentional fouls and handballs every week, spoiling the game. What's the point in playing when everytime you try beat a man you get kicked or pulled back, not mistimed just trying to stop the game. Not even convinced some of the people in the game are St Mirren fans anymore like it used to be.
  10. Actual give up when I read things like this, Mallan is the most talented player in our squad by a mile. Only reason he doesn't shine even more is the ball gets lumped over his head repeatedly and when he does have it the movement ahead of him is shocking. He's meant to be off to Fleetwood in January anyway so I'm sure he will flourish down there.
  11. What's confusing? You declined the invite? Yes the game didn't go ahead but the people who accepted should surely get priority! Like Bryan above who is £70 out of pocket to get home. If you don't like how it's run how about you volunteer to help out? I'm sure David could do without the hassle.
  12. How about we arrange a night out with the kitty money? Must be building up again. Night out in Paisley after a St Mirren game or something, not like we've got 7asides to stay "fit" for!
  13. Maybe time to refresh the list and take people off it who never play/respond, just wastes your time chasing people who don't want to play.
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