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  1. Goalkeeper. For an undisclosed fee.
  2. Daily Record reporting that he has signed. Two year deal. Pictured at Ralston.
  3. It's been announced on the Derby website. Derby County have completed the signing of promising attacking talent Kyle McAllister from Scottish side St Mirren. 3 and a half year deal. Undisclosed fee.
  4. Accepting that he will not be sacked and that he is operating with players that he didn't sign, this doesn't mean that he is beyond criticism. Play two up front and don't bring on Clarkson. No idea what he is thinking with his selections and tactics. By moving Morgan and Magenissues so early he was admitting his starting line up was wrong and meant two players playing out of position.
  5. Seriously Jack. Get 2 strikers on. It's Queen of the South!
  6. Which is all good and well but it's not what was sold to the members.
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