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  1. Showing my age but I remember her in The Upper Hand with Honor Blackman and one of the McGann brothers. Played Del Boy's mum in Rock and Chips the prequel to Only Fools and Horses. Also in Eastenders as Danny Dyer's mrs according to my wife.
  2. That you're celebrating a win against a team of nobodies as if you beat Real Madrid. Hope that penetrates wee man.
  3. Nope but as a bunch of full timers who do nothing other than play football you should be beating part timers but then you know that already.
  4. Having stayed and worked in both I know which area is full of junkies and other undesirables and it's not the Garnock Valley.
  5. True so a big well done on your team of full time pros beating the plumbers and postmen of Alloa.
  6. Nope her shift finished at 6. Watch your wife hasn't pished the bed grandad. Next question you pathetic old man?
  7. Old man is it not your bedtime?I know more than you about the junkie ridden hellhole your club come from. I also know you are an old man who is no use to anybody.
  8. You really are an arsehole old man.I would far rather be from Ayrshire than the junkieland area you call home. Dickhead.
  9. Where was the inward investment in Auchinleck, Cumnock and New Cumnock dullard? They are now ghost towns thanks to their one industry being taken away. Pricks like you only care about themselves which to be fair is a typical right wing trait.
  10. Not often you've been able to say that is it?
  11. That wasn't funny the first time you said it. Is that the Alzeheimers coming in old man.
  12. So you don't support the country which has given you so many opportunites. No doubt you support England instead.
  13. Thanks. To be fair if I start supporting Saints or vote Tory then I'll know I've lost it.
  14. Can you tell me where my certificate is as I must have misplaced it
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