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  1. And hopefully his last , which sadly won’t be the case. Precursor to their goal, the goalie runs out the box carrying the ball, with a little help from Andrieu. Either free kick to them- probable- or us- less likely . But you can’t just carry on as if it didn’t happen, contravening the rules of football. Then, ball up park, waters gets head injury, and play not stopped, they score. As for last 15 minutes, along with his prancing walk off the park, less said the better. Had to apologise to my son for my swearing tonight, primarily at the referee, but also at our players, especially first half .
  2. Having watched it on alba, can we expect moyo to be retrospectively charged for the elbow. Was a shocker
  3. Am I in a complete minority here in that I managed to log on yesterday , reserve the usual 2 seats for me and junior ( which website said would be added to smartcard ) or was it some kind of outer body experience that didn't actually happen ? Starting to worry ....
  4. Lay off the guy ! Scored one of - the most ? - important goals in our history at Easter road . Not a waster like Hutton and carswell were .
  5. Maybe not the best place to bring his name up, but Greg Wylde v Ross co was quite tasty too
  6. Just discovered it's got its own thread now . Doh!
  7. Still can't decide between Carey v hearts or Mallan today as best goal at the ground . But wee Stevie's was a stonker!
  8. Referee is going to be Kevin Clancy. I'm sure there are worse around . No , there ARE worse around
  9. Just says jacket and tie . No mention of a shirt .....
  10. Re the M74 roadworks - has anybody had any recent experience of how long it is taking to get through the roadworks on a Saturday , or is East Kilbride route a better option?
  11. It's been the A380 only once . So you're probably right [emoji51]
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