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  1. I'm sure I recognise this poster. Aren't you the guy who spat the dummy recently?
  2. What about Matt cardle? He could sing at half time.
  3. The letter is posted 3/4 of the way down this page....... http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/33289-club-sale-developments-very-soon/page__st__380 It was animal who posted it, his post is below but don't think the attachment is shown in quote.
  4. Who cares, we should thank him really. If he had signed we would never have been blessed with Mo Camara………
  5. Could you no have quoted a shorter post to call him that?
  6. I've been biting my virtual tongue.
  7. I've not been wanting to say but, £17.50 & £17.500 are exactly the same figure. Seventeen pounds and fifty pence. Not a lot of sausages and most have lost more running for the bus.
  8. Do you think the club is worth £4m?
  9. In my opinion, and it's only an opinion so please don't sue me. I don't think it really matters what new bidders materialise, the consortium have they're prefered bidder and so far it looks they only want to thrash out the sale with them.
  10. Any Viagra left? Seriously, when will the website be fixed?
  11. Used to be really nice, everyone took pride in their gardens and verandas. Bute, Skye, Glenburn, and Fairway were all streets people really wanted to live. Went right downhill but has improved millions in recent years.
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