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    Bus Members

    I love how utterly absurd this thread is. Testimony to how a consistently dire St Mirren can affect ones psyche. Bravo sir 🤗
  2. Mistermark75

    Qos V St Mirren

  3. Mistermark75

    Qos V St Mirren

    Raving about a bit of skill from Goodwin on the radio there.
  4. Think he took a knock in first half
  5. Although it wouldn't augur well I think it's way to early in the season to be "kissing goodbye" to anything. I hope 😁
  6. Mistermark75

    Crucial Next 4 Games

    I'm still more excited about this season than I have been in a good while though. There is even a strangely enjoyable novelty about being pretty rubbish in a different league once more 😋 We'll come good again and hopefully whilst wearing this brilliant strip too.
  7. Not great today by any stretch and I hope Naismith isn't too badly injured. That Gallacher miss with the header was a big moment in the game... Liked Morgan's running in second half and think McMullan will really shine for us in time too. Still think there will be more highs than lows this season. Love the strip too 😁
  8. Does the new strip have stripes on the back or a panel?
  9. Mistermark75

    Scottish Clubs In Europe 2015

    Three nil dons Kenny Maclean! 😳
  10. Can you pay at the gate today?
  11. Didn't really hurt me too badly tho despite its undeniable torridness. Cup final 2010 however. Not a stinking performance granted but that's easily the worst I've ever felt after watching us.
  12. Mistermark75

    Some Atmosphere Please

    The atmosphere on Saturday got at least a slight boost from the league cup final highlights being shown at half time instead of the reverend "I.M Fergie" droning on about death/suicide etc. Good work mister screen person
  13. Looks as though we're going to have to roll over and lay down to these Argies after all. Saints are in real danger of burning bridges with us fans here.
  14. Mistermark75

    F.a. Cup - The Road To Wembley

    What a buzz watching the Bradford fans at Stamford bridge.. Great stuff!