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  1. if you remind me in a few weeks I will donate a few quids... maybe it will be good maybe crap but at least you are trying.
  2. welll that is just counting ticket sales and ignoring any other match day income from them too(any merchandising sales, programmes and other nonsense), over the course of however long mallan stays at saint mirren, it isn't that far fetched at all, its around 90 people a game for two seasons. Goals encourage people to go to games and also stop them from not showing up at games too.. Also you would have to add in the improved league postition and cup games that his goals and performances have helped, prize money and so on.. I really don't think it adds up to sell this guy for 60,000 quid.
  3. not that i watch too many games anymore, seen a few though, you could well be right about how good mallan will turn out to be but I think you are way off by saying 60,000 was a great offer.. goals win games and bring fans in(although not so much in scottish football), I do think mallan is worth more to saint mirren than 60,000, his goals have gained points and people really do like to see impressive looking goals which mallan seems to be scoring this season, so I would suspect his goals have helped attendences too.. I would guess that if you did some calculations it would not make good sense to sell mallan for that price ...
  4. I thought he left there, is he still playing for new england ? if he is i will go and stalk him when they play the whitecaps :S
  5. According to tommy craigs wiki page he has a better record at saint mirren than he did with charleroi after the same amount of games.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Craig ... 15.79 win percentage.... Seems like he was in charge of the belgians for 5 months and 19 games, and he has had 19 games with saints now and it must be around 5 months he has been the manager... It's a sign !
  6. at least the championship sounds better than the first division...............it's been fun and i'm sure in the next 5 years we shall celebrate a (lower)league title victory....
  7. He was playing in the 2nd tier of malaysian football, that can't be a good standard... 28 goals is pretty good though but still, it's not even the top league in malaysia. Although if Mehmet was available on an affordable wage I'd want him back in paisley he was never great but still pretty handy.
  8. A team the size of saint mirren thatis in a location like paisley, considering the current climate of world football... I don't see any interesting profit being made for business men so unless there is some crazy rich man out there who feels like wasting money I dont think saint mirren will be going to the ownership of someone with good intentions for the club...I am very apprehensive about the sale but I guess it has to happen
  9. He is only on trial too... so if he is signed I would guess he impressed the coaching staff and that'd be good enough for me !
  10. is djemba djemba coming back?..... Haven't watched the cameroon game yet but i assume eric was there, thats why he came to paisley isn't it ?
  11. the 15 minutes or however long it was between the two saints goals v the **** was some of the best stuff I have seen saint mirren play, we were running rings around, rangers did have a man sent off but still the play leading up to the goals was brilliant
  12. Rory fallon has around 20 caps and has played at a world cup, surely a player like that could never turn out to be a bad signing.........................
  13. Lost away to celtic 2-0 ...... http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1985&GameID=2119 but the day before I was born saints beat slavia prague 3-0, not bad http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1985&GameID=2118
  14. I have to agree as awkward as it is for saint mirrens chances of spl survival the play off really has made it very interesting/stressfull this year... Just about all of the bottom 6 are in danger of finishing 11th... well done spl..
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