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  1. Can anyone shine light on why the Naismith fee is supposedly so low. I've had a look at the policy for development fee and it says up to and including 24 year old which he falls well within. So surely a player thats been at the club all through his youth would command a significant amount of compensation? Surely there must be a sell on percentage or some kind of future incentive or it would appear we have been completely low balled. Is it because we didn't offer him a new contract and if so surely we should of made a nominal offer with a year extension when we first found out about Ross County to protect our development interest?
  2. I believe it's only a matter of time before Scotland gets independence. It's a ticking clock and our Stuart is probably aware of this and fuming. Difficulties the SNP have had pale in comparison to the red and blue Tory and the constant scandals/ handling of home and international affairs. 'Vote No to protect Scotlands place in the EU,' cough... I'd say blaming the SNP for things that aren't perfect in this country is ludicrous. SNP 'Give Scotland the full power to run itself and control it's own finance and destiny. Then the people of Scotland can vote for what political party they want and hod them accountable' Scottish public 'No we still want Westminster to control your budgets (and cut most of them) and power levels... But we're still going to hold you accountable when things go wrong.' Nae bother.
  3. What absolute rubbish, Alloa were down when he took over Sir Alex wouldn't of been able to save them! Ross took them straight back to the top of the league and he's had this team of duds and boys playing much better than Rae with the exception being last two games, not sure why. Give him a chance to bring in a couple of players and see what happens. Even if we go down no one can place all the blame on his door. I think he'll come good and should be given the time to build a squad. If that's at league 1 level next year it'll be unfortunate but it'll be down to a lot of factors he hasn't had control of.
  4. Good luck to him, no hard feelings towards him. Just didn't work out and he had the character to resign. (maybe should of done a bit sooner) Alex Rae on the other hand, no idea why he gets jobs in football as a pundit or anything else. His opinion means zero, to think he can make any kind of living out of football is crazy. Despicable human being, the way he acted at end of Dumbarton game was a disgrace.
  5. Right okay I'm done. Let's call a cease fire [emoji23][emoji85]
  6. i stand corrected... Airdrie, Coatbridge, East Kilbride are all full of nothing but Airdrieonian, Albion Rovers and EK fans. never heard of anyone supporting a Glasgow team there... (I am assuming your post is sarcasm obviously)
  7. And you're expecting a new board, new management team and SMISA to all be absolutely perfect within six months and not make mistakes as well as guarantee every single penny of hardworking fans pledges to go to community programs despite 88% of voting fans wanting money to go to player budget, I'd be more concerned if SMISA ignored the wishes of the majority of people paying them money. Going round in circles yet again but this is not SMISA's decision, 100% of pledges to buy St Mirren football club into fan ownership do not have to go to the community (Otherwise surely the £10/ £23 would be going in as well instead of repaying Mr Gilmour) we still do great things for the club, people pledging monthly direct debits have not made any promises the money would all go to community, SMISA haven't made that pledge either. It's a fecken democratic vote on where the money is going. I actually hope you've went looking for legal advice, you'll be laughed out of any solicitors office and everyone else will think you're an even bigger tool than they already do.
  8. A lot of times it's a fools errand liaising with schools. 'Oh look kids here's some St Mirren players you've never heard of.' That won't change even if we had £90,000 a quarter to spend, majority of school kids will support one of the Old Firm and that's the way it'll always be. that's not just paisley that's this country over. No community work will change that, certainly not £9,000. The money in this time for St Mirren is better going to the team to help (not guarantee and not the only thing that'll help) secure our championship status. St Mirren in the community are stronger the higher up the pyramid we are. There is some great community work we do, sadly it won't generate us more fans and more footfall at 2021 on a Saturday.
  9. It proves a lot harder to ignore this self righteous troll than I first thought. Just wants to watch the world burn, so stubborn and not willing to acknowledge any views that are not identical to his. Now to add to the equation (and his attention seeking) dropping hints that he's taking further action that would be detrimental to the majority of fans and their views on SMISA and St Mirren. Complete joke of a man. Is he actually Lee Wallace in disguise that's the question. Dicky is a grass [emoji23]
  10. That's good news because I'm sure most of the fans aren't either. Hopefully it gets knocked back in the 11-1 vote before it even reaches our level.
  11. Does anyone know if the subject of Old Firm Colts was brought up and if the club indicated how they would vote?
  12. Has anyone contacted the club/ SMISA to see if they would canvas supporters before voting on this subject? Surely they would and surely it would be an overwhelming no.
  13. respect is earned, why would anyone respect a small man that calls anyone on a message board with a different opinion to his stupid.
  14. So it's not SMISA's money, it's the money of paying members that pay £12/ £25 a month and have voted for how they want it spent. Again what's wrong with that, I pay my money I would expect a vote on how it gets spent, exactly what SMISA have done. SMISA raises money in different ways for different projects but at no time have they hid the fact that they are there to support St Mirren. There advertising posters around the club even state funds have went towards youth development and even players wages. That isn't community related, you don't seem to be grasping that Community Benefit Society does not mean every single penny, SMISA are there to benefit St Mirren and the local community. You see a clue in there? Probably not. They aren't doing anything wrong or illegal, I think they've been perfectly transparent but you know what if you don't what power do they actually have? All paying members have a vote on how funds are spent. The £10k was a loan as well, money will be returned! 'If they were smart' yet again with the put downs. No one is under and illusion at how tough the job is SMISA GS and the board have got. This season has been very poor a big part of that IMO is the hangover from Alex Rae and his signing policy. In regards to board members and your laughable comment about breaching constitutions I couldn't care less. I feel fan ownership is a long term gain for the club and I appreciate we have an inexperienced board that are learning as they go along. SMISA is not for profit, GS is a St Mirren fan trying to do his best for the club and will hand it over to the fans of St Mirren in under 10 years in what is a very transparent finance deal. Maybe you have the expectations that a small Championship football team will be ran like Bayern Munich 6 months after a new board has been put in place but other fans have more realistic expectations that it'll be a long bumpy ride until things settle out. The £10K is a loan, SMISA made the choice to act fast and far from being stupid most fans are in agreeing that was the right call. You clearly think anyone with a different opinion from you is stupid, I don't think anyone (even Shull) thinks that What I do know is a significant number of people think you are an a*se hole for the way you treat fellow fans. Must make you feel so good about yourself calling people stupid, can tell you are an upstanding member of the community you are so desperate to support.
  15. A very sensible post from someone that has a difference of opinion. Everyone has an opinion and respecting that should be part of being a fanbase. Can completely understand your reasons for voting no and I would probably of done the same if we were mid table or even fighting for play-off/ Championship. Thing that made me vote yes was it's a relegation dog fight now. Any amount however small I'm happy to go towards that fight. Does raise more questions though if we get into SPFL again, chances are every season would again be a relegation battle... Do we then always give the January money? Ideally not.
  16. So if it isn't benefiting SMISA members why would they do anything to the determent of the club? If they aren't lining their pockets what's your actual argument about them not doing the best for the club? For the millionth time they do a lot for the community, they have never set themselves out as 100% of all money raised will go to the community, if they have show me where?. A community Benefit Society don't have to give every penny of hard working fans direct debits to community funds so what's your point? News flash these fans can vote how they want their money spent and SMISA have never hid that fact. They went out with a clear diplomatic vote, yes to player funds no to player funds. Hardly a manipulation, you again don't give your fellow fans enough credit, says more about you to be honest You genuinely have no idea if another ballet option would win? I actually believe that but that's probably down to how stubborn you're coming across. Money to the player fund would of won every day of the week. Your claim that they manipulated the ballets is so far off the mark it's hilarious. To imply St Mirren fans are not smart enough to know that voting no would of meant the money would be carried over and used for something else is ridiculous. Show me where it says they have a legal obligation to the community to give them every penny in the discretion fund? the £9k will not be but if it's the difference between one or two players that's what fans have voted on. If you're chasing a player and can offer them and extra £200, £300 a week are you saying that potentially couldn't be the difference between a signing or not? If you think without the £9k we would be getting exact same signings and players you're tuned to the moon. It's not everything but it is still considerable money. Would you turn your nose up if someone offered you £9k over the next five months? I never said it was essential you are clearly clutching at straws. Your idea for the £9k is a great one, no one can argue about it but just because other fans think we're better spending the money on the player budget, the club want that, SMISA are happy to put that to the vote and they aren't doing anything illegal even as a community benefit society what's the big deal? SMISA do and will continue to invest in community. You're been so petty and putting your fellow fans down because they have a different opinion to you. Get off your high horse, you've cancelled your membership and made a significant song and dance about it. It's over, decision made and the right one in 88% of voting fans opinion. You are the adult equivalent of a boy that takes his ball home because his mates want to play HORSE and he wants to play records!
  17. Okay your first paragraph, SMISA do lots for the community have you missed that? Are they applying for community grants/ loans whatever to line their pockets or give the money to our budget? Pretty sure the answer to that is no. I'm pretty sure any community loan that was then used for a different purpose would be found out. They have a tough job on their hands but if you think any SMISA representative is getting a quick buck and taking the club for a ride would love to see your evidence for that. SMISA has a goal to strengthen the bonds between club and community but they also want the strongest most competitive St Mirren in the league. They don't have to give every single penny to the community they can do both without 100% money going into community funds. They put it out to a vote to fans, what about this are you not getting? What isn't going in? This wasn't SMISA this was a fan decision. If you think any other option on that ballet would of won you are more delusional than it comes across on here. On the budget, no one is saying this money is the be all and end all of our season what it's continuously been flagged as is a way to help. Any funds that are available will help in bringing in player. Whether this forms 100% 10% or 1% of the player budget for rest of the season who cares? Fans have spoken that they want to do everything in their power to help. They've voted overwhelmingly. What's your problem with that? If you think any fans believe this £9,000 will be the be all and end all of our season you are the biggest fool on this forum. No one has said that, myself included believes we have a duty to follow the clubs wishes in whatever small way we can. If you like figures how about this if we take an average of 1,300 paying fans a month that's £31,200 a year in the discretionary fund, £312,000 over the course of the buy-out. £9,000 of that is less than 3% of the overall funds that could be spent on community, improving the experiences of our vulnerable fans, funding grass routes and youth football. yes £9,000 won't make a massive dent to a wage budget but it also isn't a massive dent on money that could be spent on the good of the club and local community. (again not SMISA's choice all use of the funds will be put to the vote) Fan ownership will work for St Mirren, SMISA have no power outside St Mirren fans and supporters of fan ownership. They can make some local level decisions yes maybe, they can have someone on the board but bottom line is long term it will be the St Mirren fans that have the power to steer the club in the direction they want. You've been exceptionally impatient, short sighted, put down your fellow fans and downright foolish in your unfounded criticism. Do you really think you're right, can see all the facts and everyone else is blind to big bad SMISA? My god what a world you must live in.
  18. Stuart I really don't know what your deal is with fan ownership and calling other St Mirren fans stupid. SMISA have at no time said every single penny of the £2 discretionary fund would go to community projects and whereas it's a great thing to do the majority of fans have had their say. To say fans are stupid for wanting to spend these funds on the player budget just isn't right. It's a different opinion from yours that's it. SMISA and St Mirren have done so many good things in the community and that will continue. Right now we have to get ourselves out of this bottom of the league mess we're in. £10,000 is a drop in the ocean compared to what could be raised by the direct debit scheme. Get off your high horse about cancelling your membership and self righteous about how community orientated you are. It's done now, fan ownership will happen, the money will go to the player budget and St Mirren & SMISA will learn together on the way with every single person having the best intentions of this club at heart. You aren't better than anyone else and the way you've went about this forum (like so many others) you certainly aren't smarter than anyone else. Take your £25 a month and do with it what you will but I'd suggest don't try and rip apart the team you (apparently) support in their attempt to get better and stronger as a fan owned club.
  19. Centre back I'd say is a must, don't trust Baird or Webster playing regular. Both have been very poor this season, choice between the two would be Baird but purely out of necessity. Naismith has also had a poor season, couple of better games but nowhere near his best and even recently he's only looked like a decent lower Championship level player. My priority would be a left back then let Irvine and Naismith fight out the right back (Irvine right now) space, a center back and a striker so pretty happy with this. If we do get a midfield injury we could revert to a 4-4-2 or maybe drop Gallagher back (and hope to god he improves) to bridge the gap.
  20. Completely agree, no point dilution the options. Bottom line is as good as community programs and the likes are great, need to believe the club will put forward what's best for the club. Right now that's survival.
  21. If anyone thinks that any other option on the ballet would of won other than player budget they are very naive. 80+% is a landslide and I don't imagine many of them would of changed to a community vote or they'd of voted no. Can say we'll never know but common sense says it would of been player fund. SMISA have clearly known this and that's why they've only put two options on the vote. No big deal in my opinion, a fraction of the money we will raise over next 10 years £500 to a local food bank this week among other great things they've done. Few people spat the dummy because things didn't go their way. Like someone said earlier you're always going to get people that don't play nice when things don't go their way. It's now none of their concern the rubbings of SMISA and the fan buy out.
  22. Now now we can't be agreeing on too much, I hear the universe will implode!
  23. To be honest best case scenario for me would be them Leaving. A lot of people say it would be the death of Scottish football and we need their Tv money and blah blah blah. We would adapt to life without them and actually have a competitive top flight. Our league is on level with Irish or Welsh leagues (maybe slightly bigger) just with a wee bit more interest because of Old firm. They're not needed in this league, drag all the other clubs down.
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