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  1. For a Saints fan he was f**king gash. Cost us a fair few bob iirc.
  2. Hey @Wilbur any more betting tips? You got one correct score right.
  3. That’s the time we need to be at the ground to get into the stadium for kick off. 😂
  4. This is nearly two weeks on. Surely the club could have issued some kind of formal explanation by now.
  5. Regarding entry to this match. Has the club made an apology or explanation for the delays getting into the Dundee United game? I find it incredible that something as simple as barcode technology which has been around for decades would cause so many delays. I never remember any such delays with Interstadia system in the previous 10years. Like many others I missed the first 20minutes of the United game despite getting to the ground in plenty of time. No doubt the club spokesman apologist will be along to defend the indefensible. We have one more home game before the blue bigots arrive. Better get it fixed or there could be trouble outside if they don’t delay the kick off for the blue hordes.
  6. Oh we won something! https://offthepitch.com/a/pitch-crowns-st-mirren-best-run-club-financially-201920 ”Off The Pitch reached out to St. Mirren on several occasions for an interview but did not get any response.“ Well the club is certainly consistent in not responding to emails and telephone calls.
  7. You are into necrophilia then. Weirdo.
  8. Next meeting registration here https://members.smisa.net/events
  9. Hopefully yer mammy will let you attend this meeting. 😂
  10. A few errors in that article. Starsky never played in Aberdeens European win and McGarvey never played for Liverpool’s first team. I’m sure Frank regrets that decision to leave. He would have been a Liverpool legend. He was an unbelievably good striker.
  11. If it were not for Fergie visiting my primary school and encouraging us all to follow St Mirren, I would have likely followed in my fathers footsteps and ended up supporting Rangers. I will be forever in his debt. Thank you Sir Alex. Season 76/77 will remain etched in my memory. He laid the foundations for the next decade.
  12. SMiSA already fund a number of seats grouped together that local organisations or self help groups can apply for.
  13. That’s a very generous offer on your behalf. Nice one. You must be minted.
  14. Our club are selling tickets direct to away fans. It’s not difficult.
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