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  1. We’ll probably meet in the aisle and bounce down the stairs. COYS. Hopefully it’s an injury time winner. Goodwin knee slides down the touch line.
  2. I’ve known a fair few Rangers and Celtic supporters in my time. Some friends. Some not. Not once would I call them those derogatory terms starting H & T to their face. If I can’t say it to their face I would not be cowardly using it on social media. If we are to stop sectarianism we need to rise above this name calling pish.
  3. Problem with social media is that once posted it is extremely hard to “erase” all trace. So many employers use social media now to assess whether potential new employees or existing ones meet with their views. That’s why it’s so poor to see our chairman making such posts. It would not surprise me to see a tabloid publish this story on Sunday. There are other allegations out there if you google his name. Unfortunately we know the Red tops love that sort of bin raking.
  4. It is his account. He was told by other members of the BoD to come off social media.
  5. Yes it would be inappropriate for other clubs too given his position. I thought a judge in Scotland had defined its use in that was a sectarian.
  6. Why should they be playing the victim. Stop bringing our club down.
  7. A guy in his position as a SMiSA appointed St Mirren director at the time of the second tweet should not be making such statements about those Rangers fans on that bridge. Totally inappropriate for a director of a community/family club. Referring to them in a derogatory term in 2015 on a social media platform was also very poor given how we should all be rising above using sectarian terminology. It only brings us down to their level.
  8. It certainly is. I used to work busy pubs many moons ago alongside my full time job, and I thought nothing of being able to pull multiple pints and being able to speak to the next customers to get their orders while calculating the cost of the current round. It’s very frustrating now to see bar staff unable to pour more than one pint at a time. They don’t even need to add up the cost. Not long to go until Buddy’s Bar opens. I wonder if old age has finally caught up with me. 😂 🍻
  9. That reminds me. How is your wifi in your garden room? 😂
  10. Moss Street Siege 17th June 1984 The Centre of Paisley was sealed off around Gilmour Street and Moss Street after one of the most dangerous, surprising and yet oddly amusing events to have taken place in Paisley occurred on the evening of Sunday 17th June, 1984, when three schoolboys broke in to Pitchers Sports Shop in Moss Street and Police were called. When the boys realised they were cornered in the shop they laid siege to it and began firing an arsenal of weapons indiscriminately into the street. Over a Five Hour period the street around the shop was peppered with shots and an armed intervention unit from Glasgow, protected by Flak jackets and helmets, rushed to the scene. Apart from the large number of Police on the scene, Fire and Ambulance crews were also called and trains services through Gilmour Street Station were halted. The shooting started around 20:30 when the fire alarm in the two story building was set off and Police cars were fired on as they arrived at the scene, one Bullet smashing the Blue Light on one vehicle and other cars and property were damaged. Shots were being fired through the First Floor Windows at everything that moved from the array of weapons which included Shotguns, Bolt Action Rifles and Air Guns. It was thought also that Elephant Guns were in the shops stock but it was believed that these weren't used. The stream of shots continued until 23:30 when there was a lull in the firing and Police attempted to negotiate by Telephone and Megaphone, however shooting began again just before Midnight. By 02:00 Police had successfully negotiated surrender and the boys were taken into custody. No shots had been fired by Police. When they appeared at Court some months later Lord Wheatley , Lord Justice Clerk, sentenced two of the boys, aged 15 at the time of the offences, to three years and described the case as "almost unbelievable". At the time of sentencing one had turned 16 and was sent to a Young Offenders Institution, another to an Institution to be designated by the Secretary of State. The fate of the third boy, who was aged 14, was not reported and their names were withheld because of their ages. Charges against them had included escaping from Paisley Sheriff Court by means of climbing through a skylight whilst at an earlier hearing.
  11. “6 foot 2, eyes of blue, big Jim Holton’s after you!” Passed away aged 42.
  12. You could work it out from here. http://www.stmirren.info/managers.html
  13. He who should be ignored will be along shortly calling you a Boo boy. I’ll say him the bother. Boooooooooo.
  14. We proved we could outscore them last season in the LC at home. We were the only team last season in Scotland to beat Rangers over 90minutes. I agree that we will probably need 2 or 3 goals. My fear is that JG reverts to the usual league tactics against the OF and sets in to defend then counter. Hopefully we can have a real go at them. It’s a free shot. Most pundits and bookies will expect us to get humped. Gerintaethem.
  15. Would be great to see Arbroath play them in a last day playoff shootout with Broony scoring a game deciding OG in injury time.
  16. 5 straight league losses for the Dons. They are walking on broken Glass.
  17. Shall I start a new thread? 😂
  18. Or perhaps he stays until the end of the season and signs a PCA in January which will be worth more to him and his agent.
  19. Denmark only won 1-0 away to Faroes in September thanks to a late goal. No doubt there will be Danes demanding the sacking of their coach. 😂
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