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  1. Right, i now realise i am officially the jinks and the reason why we have no won many games this season. I have attended every league game this season except the Aberdeen game and today's game due to work commitments. For everyones sake i really should stay away more often, however im sorry to report i will be at Killie next week....
  2. Disappointing result, but can't be too surprised. We did not compete in the game much at all, however virtually no team has gone to parkhead this season has been able to do that. Celtic have a 100% record at home this season, we've seen Dundee and Motherwell go there recently and lose by 3, Hearts lose 5-0 and Killie lose 5-1 in the not too distant past, so it isn't much of a shock to see that we weren't able to compete much at all either. They are just streets ahead of us (and just about every other team) in terms of quality and it just makes it so difficult to try and keep them out. We are just gonna have to take this one on the chin, forget about it and move on and not judge how the rest of the season is gonna pan out based on a heavy defeat at parkhead which we have all seen plenty times before.
  3. Absolutely atrocious tonight once again. I don't think any player gets pass marks to be honest, collectively they were all dreadful. I appreciate that Oran has taken over a team that severely lacks quality at this level, but tactically we are all over the place. Every time we get the ball in an even remotely attacking area there is a look on all the players faces like 'what do we do now?' We have absolutely no idea what we are doing going forward, and at the back, well that speaks for itself. Every single time we have a goal kick, free kick or a ball played out from the back it is being played long up to Jackson who, if i'm not mistaken, is our smallest player on the park. Can the players and manager not see that this guy has not and is not going to win any headers from long balls, yet continuously time and time, game after game that seems to be our only tactic going forward. I genuinely wonder and would like to know what we do all week during training, cause game after game absolutely nothing changes, the players still look clueless, we are completely devoid of any tactics, and despite that we know that come Saturday they are gonna play the exact same way as we did tonight as we did against St Johnstone and Aberdeen and Hamilton and...etc.
  4. Not long back in from that today. Once again another absolutely hopeless performance today. Going forward we were a bit better than we were last week (which tbf is not a difficult task) and did create a few chances but defensively once again we were shambolic. Kpekawa very poor again and Baird really is not any better, technically Baird is shocking and you could literally count on one hand the number of forward balls he plays during a game and actually make it to a St Mirren player, and at the back positionally he is all over the place, look so nervous every game, plays like it is his first ever game and has been at fault for so many goals already now. With these 2 guys at the back we are going to ship an unbelievable number of goals this season. Not many if any positives to take from today. We need to get rid of Stubbs as soon as we can, we can already see the writing on the wall with what is gonna happen should he remain in the managerial position for the next few months. It is as clear as anything that he doesn't know what he is doing and never mind a plan B he doesn't seem to have any plan what so ever for each game. We need to get a new man in before real damage begins to start
  5. Of course he can set players out in whatever position he wants, he is the manager, but that does not make it the correct decision. Cammys best position is attacking through the middle and we have seen over the past year or so that he is very effective there. Stubbs can ask him to player wide right, wide left, defence wherever he wants, but that doesn't mean he will be capable of playing these positions just as effectively. We can see that cammy is not a naturally wide playing player, thats clear from the games he has played, but yet Stubbs has continually played him there. This in turn has caused cammy to have poor game causing him to then obviously feel very frustrated by this.
  6. I really hope they come good honestly but I just cant see it. From what i have seen so far i have not been impressed at all. Rangers was going to be a difficult game for him but up in Aberdeen last week he was bullied off the ball with ease and won next to nothing n the air, looked slow and off the pace. And nothing today seemed to suggest much different to be honest
  7. No of course he didn't, But what Stubbs failed do was tell them what they should do when we get possession in different areas of the pitch. The players were playing today with no game plan at all and that was clear for everyone there today to see. Every time we got the ball its almost like they were thinking *right what do I do now*. Everyone knows livi play a very physical game and win a lot of headers, however dispite this we continually lumped balls up to Madsen (Another masterclass signing it appears from Stubbs) who didnt win a single one. The players played like they had no idea what they were meant to do, and not once did stubbs leave his dugout to give any orders to the team.
  8. Ross lost those 6 games with Alex Rae's assembled squad that's why nobody was calling for him to be sacked then. As soon as Jack was able to bring in his own players and coach those players to play the way he wanted look what happened! Stubbs has had almost a full window to assemble the best team he could which has just been shambolic. He clearly doesn't know how to set the team out aswell as the players don't seem to have any specific game plan or plan of what to do in different situations. And positionally the players are all over the place. There were point today where Kyle was playing on the right, then on the left and then through the middle, all over the place. He has Coulson playing the entire left side, he is expected to push forward for every attack but also be back every time we defend, that is just appalling man management.There is no structure to the team what so ever, and to think that somehow it is going to get better or not gonna continue like this for the foreseeable future is crazy
  9. It was those flame things in front of the main stand on Saturday that finally did it for me.
  10. Tbh up till todays game i thought stelios would have been a possible squad player for next season, but having seen the reactions of both Jack and James throughout the game tonight im not sure, looked like they were just furious with him. About 20 mins into the game Jack absolutely screamed at stel 'Get into the f*cking game!' a number of times aswell the 2 of them just looked at each other and shook their heads after a couple of misplaced passes. Then after his mistake for the second goal Jack booted the advertising boards next to the dugout. As much as I like the guy i cant help but feel like that was probably his last appearance in a saints strip.
  11. Wasnt the best performance tonight but that was to be expected after the game at the weekend and the antics that followed. Disappointed for Sammy conceeding tonight, but what a save it was from the penalty none the less. About 813 minutes without conceding a home goal is an outstanding effort!
  12. Yeah they can actually. If Dumbarton win their remaining 3 games and Falkirk lose their 3 games Dumbarton will leap frog them into 8th place
  13. Sammy really has been instrumental to us winning the title this year. Over the piece he has been fantastic. He has 14 clean sheets in the league so far this season which is an incredible return. Well done Sammy, really does deserves all the praise he is getting!
  14. How does a manager go about signing any players at all then. Managers look at players at other teams they are interestied in and think "hmm is that player up to or better than the standard of our current team and would he be better suited to players currently playing in those positions" they compared the players in the current positions to those they are interested in signing and if they feel they are better suited they would try and sign them
  15. Terrible day at the office today. Tactics were were a bit off, continually lumping balls from the back up to Reilly or Morgan out on the wing which 9 times out of 10 was easily mopped up by the Livy defence, if we were going to be doing that throughout the game we should have started Hippolyte up alongside Reilly to provide a bit of an aerial presence. Still no clue why Jack always seems to hook Reilly after 60 minutes or so in the majority of games for Mullen, he must have his reasons, but in my opinion Mullen is just not up to the same quality of Reilly, hopefully he proves me wrong but so far Mullen has done virtually nothing in a st mirren shirt and just seems to be very of the pace of the games he has been involved in. Defensively today we were all over the place, the first goal was beyond laughable, Baird was under pressure but was getting to the ball before the striker, no clue what Sammy was thinking coming out for the ball miles of his line. No communication between the 2 at all. The 4th goal was just horrendous aswell, took an absolute age to clear our lines and eventually played a slack lazy ball to the keeper before being intercepted , although the game was long gone by then, the complete lack of effort at the time once the Livy player got the ball to either close him down or for Sammy to get back on his line was poor. Put it down to the team having an off day, and hopefully if we can manage to beat Brechin next week the confidence will return, but today was not a good display at all.
  16. Yes and when was the last time there was a manager that was employed at the club for more than 1 or 2 years?
  17. The reason a team like Barnsley are apparently so keen on Ross is because he took over a team that looked dead a buried last season and according to every pundit and majority of opposition and our own fans were absolutely certain to be relegated, and transformed them into a team that are now sitting 14 points clear at the top in only a single season with relatively limited resources. Barnsley themselves are having a poor season and sit in the relegation zone in the championship and would have said to themselves, if Ross can do it at st mirren he can do it with us aswell. It is no surprise at all that they came in for him. In my opinion tho i dont think he will take the job. Yes the money he will get down there will be a lot more than we could offer him, but i think he is a smarter man than to just immediately jump for the money. Barnsely have had 8 managers in the last 8 years, and in the past 20 years they have had 21 managers. It is clear that managerial stability is not one of their strong points. However he is in a very comfortable position here and no doubt will be offered a significantly better deal to stay. Just like st mirren last season they are potentially on the brink of relegation in this case to the 3rd tier of English football. However in this scenario their is no transfer window for Jack bring in his own players, he has to work with what they have right now, which so far this season have been fairly underachieving for a team like Barnsley. I wouldnt begrudge him for taking the job, they are inevitable a much bigger team than we are, however i just dont think the timing is right for him to move. With a league win under his belt in his first full season with us , and then even potentially a good season in the top flight (should we get there) and im sure he will get much better offers than from a struggling Barnsley side.
  18. Great signing in my opinion. Always looked like a very dangerous player whenever he was up against us, And a player i hoped we would sign.
  19. I sit in the main stand and had a perfect view of the penalty decision and it was a clear dive from the Dunfermiline player, absolutely no contact what so ever and just went down as soon as he saw Eckersley start to slide.
  20. I think the ticket prices are ok. The same prices for the game up in Inverness a few weeks ago
  21. Absolutely, Its a good idea, a good cause and i hope you will be able to contribute money to that. I was just letting you know why you might not be getting as many bids on the top as you thought it would
  22. Yeah i am sorry to say aswell but I think what you have is probably one of billy's league game tops with that printed on the front about the final. This was the top billy was actually wearing on the day. It is a good idea to raise some money for a good cause tho, hopefully you still manage to do that!
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