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  1. he could double that in the english premiership, at least. definitely sta clear of Millwall, they don't like "sweaties" in them parts
  2. I find the use of the m*t*orit* metaphor offensive. I know people who have claimed to being stuck by m*t*orit*s and there is nothing funny about that.
  3. no, they would only end up playing secod fiddle to someone worse
  4. Is it really sound logic to suggest he will get a ban for his blandfest?
  5. Maybe it's time we prized Love over Gold, but we are overdue a communique from our brothers in arms. The could be making movies about this affair in the future and talking about it on every street. Anyway, isn't it time Kibble took a walk of life and disappeared up the tunnel of love (st).
  6. A guy who seized his moment and found fame-not a terrible singer by any means. very young at 41
  7. there is definitely a difference between choosing not to and refusing. I said my piece, you obviously are wedded to your viewpoint and i have no plans to try and win you round. What you said goes without comment from me. Sorry if this disappoints.
  8. People need to tell you they dont want to engage rather than just avoid? Really I just need to add that i don't know how you got off my ignore list, easily rectified.
  9. We might need him for a benefit to pay Robinson's salary the way things are going
  10. I think you need to get over yourself a wee bit with that last line.
  11. My view invoking the tragedy of a club legend as a way of attacking another poster was vicarious offence in the extreme. Saying something is about as funny as a very bad thing is not belitting the suffering of others or laughing at a very serious event. You would need to be looking for offence where there is none to take that view and to be honest, I would suggest an apology is in order to the person you levelled that comment at. There is irony and there is vicious intent to upset and i dont think there is ANY doubt which side of the line the original comment fell on Edit And W6er never referred to Dawn French in the context of her gender, his insult was personal rather than targetted at her gender. Mentioning you find someone visually offensive is not an attack based on gender.
  12. Cant find a non-derogatory use of the C word. Otherwise, my comment is Get aff yer knees ya snivelling offence-hunter.
  13. extremely honest article on Scott Allan. Definitely worth a punt on a shorrt term contract https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62543432?fbclid=IwAR1__9Be_72DOhTMcyUtYhTQqrtjvqLIWduBr7570YsEQJSMKwevuTvB-Vo
  14. you can't pronounce something that you write, dick.
  15. Yet the Scottish government have previouisly stated that we need to increase the working age population via immigration to help fulfil our economic potential.
  16. triple whammy or what? Married persons need to be pretty low earners to get that allowance. I know younger singles at work, especially student placements, who have a network for multi buys especially on perishable foods to reduce the bills. Not much help all the time but possibly somethig that could help.
  17. Luckily, i reacted to Martin Lewis' warnings last year and fixed for 2 years at the end of November Not on quite as low a tarriff as i previously had but with monitoring energy use i have actually reduced how much i pay per month. My direct debit was raised by by £100 my supplier to the level of the increases in January, as if i was on a variable tarriff but i brought the DD down to reflect what i was actually using. I reckon i am costing my supplier about £3k/year just now and that will go up. So for a change, i am almost unscathed, as are my kids. My daughter didnt fix until January and complained like hell about her new price, but has been quiet about that since the spring. despite working in the energy sector, i dont have a full appreciation of how the consumer market works but it seems we are selling energy into the market as a producer then buying it back as a retailler. That must be inefficent and it seems the market is constructed to shaft the end user. Despite protestations to government it is not in our interest to lower prices as the shareholders demand, so we are told, that we take what profit we can, whenever we can. My CEO's great idea for the poorer families was to set a new tarriff for the middle and higher earners that covered a discount for those on benefits. Not only would customers have to prove their income status to their supplier, but all of those who are struggling and not on benefits will get double-shafted. there is also the question of who will pay for the extra admin. It seems state ownership is the only way to protect consumers.
  18. i dont see us getting anything from this one and struggle to see a side in the whole league who are less well staffed and led on the playing field. The only games where we might get something are the ones where we make ourselves hard to score against. Other clubs know we can't score and will press us more than they might do in other games. For me, it's a 10 and sometimes 11 players behind the ball kind of season
  19. Well all home games are too expensive as well, but the reduced attendance away at Glagow grounds pre-dates the big price differentials that have arisen in the last decade or so. Prices have been slightly higher for as long as i can remember, but the much lower attendances are as much due to the poor allocation and the positioning of away fans since the increase in advance ticket purchase arrived. they also only offer visiting fans a few hundred seats. In the 70s and 80s gate money was split which meant a much larger travelling support at almost every ground than we see today as fans knew their own club was benefitting. Without agreeing with the cost, I reckon that if the experience is good then people will accept higher prices, the issue in Glasgow is that the away fan experience is toxic in every sense. the prices of football matches are on a par with almost every other form of mass entertainment barring the cinema, which will maybe catch up once post-covid attendances increase
  20. more to do with the areas we are coralled into and the increasingly obnoxious support. I'm not saying i am happy about the price but the negative experience is the main reason why i am unlikely to attend the bigots stadiums in this lifetime
  21. Levi Stubbs is probably my favourite ever vocalist in any genre. Arguably better than Marvin but then Levi didn't marry Berry Gordy's wee sister so guess where all the profile went
  22. Unless you read the record labels you might not have realised he was there. An absolute giant who drove the Motown machine https://news.sky.com/story/legendary-motown-songwriter-lamont-dozier-has-dies-aged-81-12669210 When you look at the list of his work, it probably sits up there with just about anyone in popular music
  23. the company i work for is making 300 redundant and hiring twice as many
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