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  1. Who said a faith is required? doing something good that happens to coincide with your religious beliefs is no different from doing it because you have been taught. you are only talking about someone following an example. I dont belong to any religion but respect the fact that so many people follow their teachings and help others. the relevance lies in the point made by Gilhooley, basically dissing a whole swathe of people because of the misdeeds of someone who purports to follow, but clearly doesn't subscribe to the values, of a particular belief. Wiles is an opportunist playing on people's fears and prejudices and might as well have worn the clothes of a politician or social activist as those of a christian. His behaviour shouldn't reflect on the millions of decent people that call themselves christians
  2. That is a bit of a broad brush statement a lot of christians, and other faith followers, are doing their bit to deliver care and administer vaccines as they follow their beliefs.
  3. I’d be surprised if he is an initial target but we might end up there if other targets don’t bite for us probably his agent trying to start some interest
  4. It was a humorous comment based on Oaknob's usual comeback. jeez
  5. Thanks for mansplaining that 😮
  6. Still struggling to see anything anti-English in Ruth Wishart's tweet. Anti-Telegraph readers/Tories (that's just about the same thing, after all) yes, but that's not a bad thing imo. a very "woke" response from the anti-woke brigade
  7. dull as ditchwater probably a nice guy though.
  8. great for his development and a knock-on benefit for Saints
  9. He's not a twat, he's a blowhard. Sorry, he is also a twat!
  10. Why say “ok, I’m a dick” in four simple words when you have 5 column inches kicking around spare?
  11. Vaccines are preventatives, not treatments. Nobody ever recovered from an illness by simply taking a vaccine once infected. Ask a scientist, if you know one. They should be able to explain. The last few sentences are just plain daft, surely you remember the effect of the explosion of cases last year? There are still millions of people at risk who have had no or only one vaccination.
  12. I think Regan has demons and will turn heads Very good with a cross though and able to communicate on a number of levels
  13. I guess that you are implying that COVID isn't the big killer that we have been told? Apologies if I'm wrong there. It would be great if it were that simple, but i think it is probably not
  14. Good luck with that strategy
  15. Hardly shitting the bed when an epidemiologist has this warning "This is what early exponential rises look like and we're seeing loss of control of the pandemic in many parts of Scotland, and the situation is likely much wider and other places will follow unless action is taken to actually prevent this and pre-empt this now."
  16. The vaccine will reduce your chances of contracting the disease ad might reduce your symptoms should you catch COVID 19 By no stretch of the imagination will the vaccine "end serious illness" amongst the vaccinated, nor will it end deaths a quick look at what Chile has suffered should relieve you of that notion Ask a scientist, if you know one, who can explain the way it REALLY works to you.,
  17. I was amazed last week to see English politicians and voters roll up in front of cameras and declare that last week's vote was for change. Not one person seemed to get the irony that the Tories have been in power for 11 years now. What kind of positive change do they expect? BJ' s greatest success seems to be convincing voters that he is the ultimate protest vote. It doesn't matter what the difficulty is, BJ can fix it. Hard to see how they get themselves out of the fix they are in
  18. I'm in total agreement, maybe i don't read the game very well but I saw EE covering a lot of ground on both sides of the park and making good interventions to break up play. He didn't get support from midfield colleagues and the back 3 that isn't really a back 3 left us exposed behind his area and he constantly had to backfill. I dont want to be critical of JDH, I would say that he hasn't impressed me that much in the few games I've watched in their entirety since Christmas but maybe I've missed the good stuff does.
  19. cant see how you can criticise Ethan, he put a lot in today, he needed more support from others in midfield.
  20. Very strong bench, but keeping things square or in our favour into the last 30 mins will be crucial to getting the benefit of the bench and possibly the difference between win and lose Or we might be coasting by 3 with 30 to go😃
  21. That game today will be serious encouragement to both saints united all looked like they were trying to pull caravans yet they almost came back into contention in the last 30 Hibs look spent and for the second cup tie in a row faded towards the end Whoever wins tomorrow needs to target the petulance of McGinn and Porteous, 2 players who habitually sail close to the wind if we win tomorrow then our name is on it
  22. worth looking at the series "from the vault" on sky. arts voiced buy Guy Garvey. The programme on 1975 was excellent and they are doing a late 80s show tomorrow I missed the previous but will look them up on the sky hub when i get a chance
  23. La cage au folles? That seems to fit.
  24. I've never been unhappy, not recently anyway. Even so, I'm fair cheered up now that we have sorted all that out. Call it what you want.
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