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  1. Stated today his reps were still negotiating with club. Says he has just recently became a dad and has to make sure he gets a the right deal.
  2. I remember years ago we played a "friendly" in Gr**nock and let them keep the gate money to basically stop them from going under. Any one have any details of when the game was and crowd etc? My memory is pish.
  3. Selling a ticket if anyone interested?
  4. You realistically think that we have a chance of either cups with the season we"ve just had,.....or the task facing us in the league???
  5. Eh check the other results. Other teams results not great either. I'm not interested in LC. 3 points against Falkirk what I want.
  6. All the years that you have passed on your "football wisdom" to the rest of us and it turns out you're still just a clueless banger.
  7. I think Mr Rae would have something to say about it.
  8. Anyone know if North End Travel Club bus sold out? Can't get a working phone number for The Brewers Tap.
  9. Selling a pair of tickets for this game next Sunday 7.45pm KO. £50 the pair if anyone interested.
  10. She ite. Must have read it wrong and thought Tile were putting tickets on sale THIS Saturday and all buses sold out. Well looks like the 4 of us will be going by car :-(. Whit a fud.
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